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Species Human
Gender Male
Home Silverpines
First Appearance Fable III - Stolen Statue
Last Appearance Fable III
Status Decision-based

Jacob is a character in Fable III who is involved in the quest Stolen Statue. When the Hero enters the Silverpines camp in pursuit of a thief who stole a priceless statue, Jacob fires his rifle at the Hero, mistaking him/her for a balverine. Upon realising his error, he apologises and explains that the village is under constant threat from balverines, which is why they burn silver nitrate in lamps near the entrances and set watches. He remarks that a man named Connor was recently exiled into the dangerous forest for falling asleep on watch, a sentence which would likely mean his death.

After leaving the village behind and continuing deeper into the forest, the Hero runs into Connor himself, who stole the statue and apparently used it to turn himself into a white balverine. Eager for vengeance, Connor offers to hand over the statue if the Hero agrees to destroy the silver lamps, leaving the village defenceless against an attack from Connor and his balverines. Alternately, the Hero can choose to rebuke Connor and help the villagers fend off the attack.

If the Hero chooses to destroy the lamps, Jacob will warn the Hero to stop before opening fire with his rifle. When Jacob is killed, by the Hero or by the balverines, a slow motion effect will draw attention to his death. If the Hero opts to help the villagers, Connor will arrive, transform, and attack the Hero. Once Connor is dead, Jacob will retrieve the statue from his corpse and present it to the Hero.

Notes Edit

  • Jacob lives in the house called Finkelhouse Farm. Once Stolen Statue has been activated, Jacob will be listed as the owner of the property for the duration of the quest. If alive, Jacob will disappear and the property will become vacant once the quest has been completed.

Trivia Edit

  • Jacob is one of only two characters in Fable III who use a rifle with the same appearance as a completely unmorphed Hero rifle or legendary rifle, the other being Bernard.

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