Ilona Pureheart
Species Human
Gender Female
First Appearance Fable III
Last Appearance Fable III
Status Deceased

Ilona Pureheart is the author of The Pangs of Sunset. Her novel seems to be a 'dirty' novel relating to the other Heroes who accompanied the Hero of Bowerstone on his quest to exact revenge on Lucien. However, her novel seems to go into a more fictional and sexual direction.


  • Her surname is an obvious ironic pun due to the nature of her books.
  • Her novel could be making fun of 'Adult Fan-Fictions' that are often written about video games and other forms of entertainment.
  • She wrote another book involving Lucien and Jack of Blades, which Samuel finds odd due to Jack being defeated over 500 years before Lucien. Little does Samuel know, it is a fictional "love story" about the two.
  • She is buried in Mourningwood. Her grave reads "This is my grave. Please leave feedback." (This is most likely a mockery of the various fanfics that can be found saying 'please leave reviews' or something along those lines.)
  • A nearby grave will read "You finally wrote a worse one than Megafowl" (a reference to a hated book in Albion)

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