Ignatius Boatload
Species Human
Gender Male
Home Chillbreath Caverns
Relationships Myra (Friend)
First Appearance Fable III
Last Appearance Fable III
Status Deceased

Ignatius Boatload was a hermit and the author of "The Book of Mysteries". He left his life in town to go live in Chillbreath Caverns as a hermit. According to the book, he stayed in the cave for 313 days, trying to find enlightenment, when Myra, from the village, dropped in to see how he was. When he replied that he was fine, she left. Afterwards, Ignatius could only think about "becoming one with her." According to Samuel the librarian, Ignatius was eventually killed by a group of mercenaries.


  • After Myra leaves, it is unknown what Ignatius does. Whether he left to go to the town or stayed in the caverns is not known.
  • He is buried in Mourningwood. His grave reads "Ignatius Boatload. Really did take leave of this world."
  • Samuel the librarian remarks that Ignatius is considered the "holiest man ever."

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