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I, Robot. You, Idiot
3Icon Huxley
Achievement icon Achievement Information
Gamerscore 20 Gamerscore
Description Help Huxley end his Loneliness Mode.

I, Robot. You, Idiot is an achievement in Fable III that is added by the Traitor's Keep DLC. It requires the player to complete the quest Reconstruction by helping a robot named Huxley to construct a companion.


  • The name of this achievement is likely a reference to I, Robot, a collection of nine robot-themed science fiction stories from author Isaac Asimov. The name could also be a reference to the book I, Leonardo by Ralph Steadman, as Leonardo da Vinci is referenced in a loading screen; and he has also envisioned 'Humans as machines'. However, it is most likely a reference to the Buffy The Vampire Slayer first season episode, I, Robot. You, Jane., given the prevalence of other Buffy references across the series. The episode's title, in turn, is a reference to the the phrase "Me Tarzan, You Jane", created by Edgar Rice Burroughs in his Tarzan novels, as well as the aforementioned I, Robot short story collection by Isaac Asimov.

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