The House of Cluck is a buyable property in Brightwall in Fable III. It is initially the home of Bernard and Patsy and their numerous chickens, and the starting point for the quest Chicken Chaser, when said chickens escape their enclosure and must be rounded up. Once Chicken Chaser has been completed (and the player has left the region), this property will be available for purchase. It is the second most valuable house in the village, second only to the Spurious Nuttock house.


Base value: [...] gold
Base income: [...] gold
Location: Brightwall, Farm. On the right as you enter the farm area through the broken archway.

Notes Edit

  • After Chicken Chaser has been completed, A Day at the (Chicken) Races will become available, and chicken races, which the player can bet on, will be held in the adjacent field.
  • There is a silver key directly behind the house.
  • There is a chest in the outbuilding next to the house, behind some crates.
  • A letter to Bernard from Arthur can be found on the ground next to the well in front of the house.
  • Often a bug in the program will make this property unrepairable from the map in the Sanctuary and you must travel there, and interact with the sign directly, to repair it.
  • If you stay in Brightwall too long after you finished Chicken Chaser, the property will never be put up for sale even if you left the region. So you have to immediately leave the region after completing Chicken Chaser.
    • Personal note, I divorced my wife (other player) and the game sold the house, only to remove it from being bought forever.

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