Holy Vengeance
Holy Vengeance
Weapon Information
Type Pistol
Damage 16 - 75
Base Value 2100
Augmentations Paragon, Paladin, Avenger
Acquisition Weapon Shops
Rating Common

Holy Vengeance is a legendary pistol in Fable III. It may be found in one of the three weapon shops.


The noble Marcus the Pure crafted this line of extraordinary pistols in his war against evil. He was forced to use one on himself after having impure thoughts one morning.

Base DamageEdit

Star Level012345
Damage 16 2128 34 55 75

NOTE: This is based on the star level of the weapon. Does NOT factor in Strength (Swords, Hammers) or Stature (Pistols, Rifles) multiplier and/or bonuses from Augments.


Bonus Name Objective Reward
Paragon Increase your moral standing. Earn Guild Seals Faster in Combat
Paladin Drag 10 (5) criminals to Jail. Gain Health with Each Hit
Avenger Kill 200 (150) evil enemies. + Shotgun Spray

Any figures in brackets are where the PC version has reduced requirements.