Species Human
Gender Male
Status Dead

Holdr was a great warrior and a legendary Hero. It was he who tamed the last Dragon seen in Albion, and he who rode it into countless battles. As the Commander of the Dragon Knights, he kept watch over all the men and women of the Southern lands.

His grave can be found in the Heroes' Guild, in the courtyard outside Maze's tower, beside the tombs of other great Heroes. Right next to his grave, you can see a statue of him wearing platemail armour and holding two swords. Holdr and Twinblade are the only two Heroes seen in the Fable series wielding two swords. In the arena and the walls of Heroes you can see patterns on the walls that looks just like Holdr's tomb in the guild. This could mean that Holdr was seen as the greatest arena competitior of all time and one of the Hero statues in The Hall of Heroes may be of Holdr. Oddly there is not much resemblence between his tomb and his statue and even more oddly is that the statue of him in the Guild seems to have a trader moustache.

According to the description of the Solus Greatsword, most dragonknights wielded these swords. However, neither the statue nor the arena patterns of Holdr holds a Solus Greatsword as the statue of Holdr in the guild wields two smaller swords and the patterns of him wields a large broadsword.

Here rests the body of Holdr, the great warrior who tamed the last dragon seen in Albion and rode it into countless battles. As Commander of the Dragon Knights, he kept watch over all men and women of the Southern Lands.

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