Heroes of Dark Millfields
Achievement icon Achievement Information
Gamerscore 20 Gamerscore
Description Complete Millfields in Dark Albion without being hit!

Heroes of Dark Millfields is an achievement in Fable Heroes.


Complete the Millfields level in Dark Albion without being hit or taking damage.


  • Select a character with a ranged attack (Reaver, Garth, Ben Finn, and Maze) and stay in the back of the group far away from the enemies you encounter. This strategy works best if the other players select characters with a melee attack (Hero, Hammer, Lucien, and Scythe).
  • Taking damage in the Chicken Bomb Mini-Game the end of the level does not affect completion of this achievement. However, if you avoid taking damage in the mini-game it will unlock the Puppet Beats Chicken achievement.

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