FableIII harry
Species Human
Gender Male
Home Bowerstone Industrial
Relationships Nigel Ferret (Boss)
Keith (Friend/Fellow Mercenary)
Enemies Hero of Brightwall
First Appearance Fable III - Kidnapped
Last Appearance Fable III
Status Deceased

Harry is a minor character in Fable III. He is a Mercenary working for Nigel Ferret. After Ferret's gang kidnaps Laszlo's fiancée, he confronts them with the help of the Hero of Brightwall. Once inside the headquarters, Ferret orders his men to attack. Harry is one of the mercenaries that attacks Laszlo and the Hero and is killed in the ensuing battle.


  • Harry made a bet with Keith, another mercenary, betting that Laszlo would bring the money in time. While Harry wins the bet, he is killed before he can enjoy his ten gold.

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