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FTJ Harbinger Attack
Enemy Information
Type Corruption
Games Fable: The Journey
First Appearance Reaver's Reach
Related Quests Various

Harbingers are agents of the Corruption that are encountered in the late-game of Fable: The Journey.

Harbingers are first encountered when The Temptress tries to invade Gabriel's mind in the Whitespire Mountains, "battling" in the dream-version of Reaver's Reach. They are called upon by the Temptress when Gabriel rejects the Temptress' initial mental attacks, defending their "mistress" from the Dweller.

Although initially encountered in the confines of the battle of wills, Harbingers are in fact very real enemies, physically encountering Gabriel and Theresa throughout the Echo Hills of northern Albion. Although Gabriel fights them off when travelling through the area, Harbingers are found once again inhabiting Deepgorge and Kraken's Jaw beach, where they desperately try to stop Gabriel and Theresa.

Harbingers are among The Corruptor's most dangerous agents, seemingly spitting fire at their enemies from afar. Harbingers are also shielded from basic Will attacks, requiring Gabriel to use the power of light used by Sol to strip them of this protection before engaging them. These agents of the Corruption always attack in groups, and will sometimes use teleportation powers to quickly ambush their target or to regroup. Though they could not defeat Gabriel or Theresa, they are proven warriors, as demonstrated when Gabriel witnesses the horrific aftermath of their brutal purge of the industrial town of Bastion, where all inhabitants were burned into nothingness.

Like many corrupted creatures, the face of the Harbingers bears a close resemblance to that of The Devourer, The Temptress, and The Crawler itself. It is unknown if Harbingers are native to the Void, or if, like other corrupted enemies found through Fable: The Journey, they are an Albion creature that has been afflicted with the Corruption.

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