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Species Human
Gender Male
Home The Spire
First Appearance Fable II - The Journey Begins
Last Appearance Fable II - The Journey Begins
Status Deceased

Hans is a Spire Guard, who was sent to capture the Pilgrim (a.k.a Hammer). When you are on the quest to help Hammer grow the Golden Oak, and help her get to the final fountain, soon, Brother Robin comes out of the door you will have to go through, and will have to save Hammer's father. Unfortunately, you will get there too late, and Hans will shoot Hammer's father, and then attempts to kill Hammer. Hammer then kills him in revenge. Hans has the same appearance as the usual Spire Guard, but has a deeper voice than most enemy Spire Guards the player faces in the game; his voice is more similar to that of a Spire Soldier.

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