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Disambiguous This article is about is about the weapon type. For the character of the same name, see Hammer.

A Hammer is a slow, but powerful melee weapon available in Fable II.

Rusty HammerEdit

Rusty hammer

Rusty Hammer

As primitive a weapon as one is likely to find in Albion, it still serves its purpose. If the purpose is to cave someone's head in.


Star Rating: 1star
Damage: 27.0
Damage Type: Blunt
Attack Speed: Slow
Base Value: 350 Gold

Iron HammerEdit

Iron hammer

Iron Hammer

You can try to put pictures up on the wall with the aid of this hammer, but it would be wiser to put dents in your enemies' skulls instead.


Star Rating: 2stars
Damage: 40.5
Damage Type: Blunt
Attack Speed: Slow
Base Value: 1,400 Gold

Steel HammerEdit

Steel hammer

Steel Hammer

This powerful and rather heavy warhammer might be slow, but when it connects with its target it can do untold damage.


Star Rating: 3stars
Damage: 71.0
Damage Type: Blunt
Attack Speed: Slow
Base Value: 5,600 Gold

Master HammerEdit

Master hammer

Master Hammer

An exquisite example of a warhammer, wielded in countless battles by the ancient warriors of the Northern Wastes.


Star Rating: 4stars
Damage: 107.0
Damage Type: Blunt
Attack Speed: Slow
Base Value: 22,400 Gold

The HammerthystEdit

Main article: The Hammerthyst

The Hammerthyst

The origins of this gorgeous gem-headed warhammer are shrouded in mystery. It has resurfaced many times in history, and served many masters, all of which were said to become invincible when wielding it. According to popular myth, it is the hammer that finds and chooses its next master.


Star Rating: 5stars
Damage: 78.0
Damage Type: Blunt
Attack Speed: Slow
Base Value: 4,725 Gold

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