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Gypsy Caravans, as the name suggests, are caravans owned by gypsies. Some are little more than covered wagons, while others are fully covered and furnished caravans. They are considered property, and can therefore be purchased.

In Fable II, gypsy caravans are found throughout the Bower Lake Gypsy Camp as homes. There are nine of them that are all available for purchase. Once the Hero passes the Childhood phase of the game, they start off already owning one.

While the vast majority of gypsy caravans in Fable II are found in the Gypsy Camp, one can also find caravans near any Stone Cutters, and in Westcliff.

In Fable III, caravans are more common. One can find a large number of caravans strewn across the Dweller Camp in Mistpeak that the Dwellers use as homes. In addition to the Dwellers, the Eco - Warriors also use caravans as their homes, which can be found throughout their growing colony in Driftwood.

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