Village in Albion
Location Information

Gunk is a small hamlet in Albion located east of Brightwood. "Gunk" is not the actual name of the village, but is rather the derogatory term bestowed upon it by the Finn family. It is mentioned in the autobiography of Ben Finn, the youngest of the Finn family.

This unknown boyhood home of the Finn family earned its unflattering name from both the infamous uncleaniness and the crippling poverty. This unknown village had little in the way of available jobs in the small town, especially for the Finn family, who tried to sell novelty toothbrushes. The size of the village, coupled with "a conscious effort to avoid any form of oral hygiene," saw the Finn family desperate for income.

Although it was a small and poor village, Gunk still boasted a regular fair in the town square, where the Finn brothers engaged in the activity of picking the pockets of the locals.

As a small, poor, and seemingly unimportant village, it is unknown what became of Gunk during the rule of Logan and the subsequent rule of his sibling, the Hero of Brightwall.

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