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Greatsword is a type of weapon in Fable and Fable: The Lost Chapters. They are larger than regular longswords and are thus stronger, but also slightly slower. They also require training in strength to use properly.

Master Greatsword

Iron Greatsword Edit

Gold Value: 238 gold

Augment Slots: None

Damage: 48

Class: Heavy

Description: "Perhaps more than any other weapon, this type of sword is the embodiment of the classic warrior Hero. Though sharp and well balanced, wielders often rely on its vast weight to cut right through an opponent. Examples of these blades can be found throughout Albion."

Obtained From:

Steel Greatsword Edit

Gold Value: 713 gold

Augment Slots: One

Damage: 72

Class: Heavy

Description: "An ornamented weapon, it is marked with the symbols and patterns that single out as belonging to a now forgotten Hero. Its well oiled and polished blade bears evidence of numerous sharpenings, indicating it was used frequently, and handled with meticulous care."

Obtained From:

Obsidian Greatsword Edit

Gold Value: 3,820 gold

Augment Slots: Two

Damage: 142

Class: Heavy

Description" "The re-forging of this weapon has left it almost ruined, its surface pitted and marked. The coldness of these weapons seems particularly pronounced here. Its taint chills the very blood of its user, and brings swift death and destrution on all who stand in its way."

Obtained From: Bowerstone: Purchased from blacksmith

Master Greatsword Edit

Gold Value: 33,131 gold

Augment Slots: Three

Damage: 214

Class: Heavy

Description: "The rarest of all weapons and honoured in more tales, stories and legends than any others. These golden and black swords are warm to the touch, as if left out in the afternoon sun, and seem to almost sing as they cut through the air. Like all Old Kingdom weapons, they are unbreakable and deadly."

Obtained From:

Solus Greatsword Edit

Main Article: Solus Greatsword

Gold Value: 69,900

Augment Slots: Three

Damage: 314

Class: Heavy

Obtained From: Bowerstone North shop or Lady Grey as a gift (if married).

Description: The legendary Solus of the mystical dragonknights, this weapon is held in awe by swordmasters and combatants of Albion alike.

The Bereaver Edit

Main Article: Bereaver

Gold Value: 69,825

Augment Slots: Health Augmentation + Two Open Slots

Damage: 285

Class: Heavy

Obtained From: Necropolis Demon Door

Description: The origins of this broadsword are soaked in mystery, as well as blood. Though it is thought to have been wielded by one of the Guild's most evil Heroes, no record has been found of his name. Some say it belonged not to a man but to a demon, and that is why it gleams with the fires of hell.

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