Great Trade Road
Trade Route
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Featured in Fable: Edge of the World

The Great Trade Road is an essential trade route and prominent part of society in the desert continent of Samarkand.

Starting off in the main port town of Fairwinds, found in the Samarkandian southern border to the sea, the Great Trade Road then arcs away to the west before finally curving around and ending in the capital of Zahadar to the northeast. In addition, many of the Samarkandian desert oasis villages, like Sweetwater Trees, are concentrated near the route of the Great Trade Road. Before the Empress corrupted his mind, Emperor Zarak ordered soldiers to continously patrol the Great Trade Road in an attempt to protect it from brigands, Sand Furies, and other potential dangers. After his death and the ascension of the Empress, this policy was abandoned.

Seven years after the revolution and the death of the Crawler in Fable III, the darkness has returned in Samarkand. Resolute in protecting the world from the darkness, Albion's greatest Hero and King, the Hero of Brightwall, takes an expedition of the Albion Royal Army into Samarkand along with Ben Finn, Kalin, and Shan. Forced away from Fairwinds by ships crewed by Hollow men, the expedition instead risks traversing the wide open desert before getting to the Great Trade Road. Once they find it, the expedition mostly travels the length of the Great Trade Road in their attempt to reach the capital to confront the Empress.


  • Given the author's research into the Silk Road when writing Fable: Edge of the World, it is extremely likely that the Great Trade Road is meant to be similar in nature and in purpose to the Silk Road.

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