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Gravekeeper's Note
Gravekeeper's Note
Type Book
Source Cemetery Mansion (immediatly after being bought)
Base value 5 Gold
Stars 1star

The Gravekeeper's Note is a note you get if you buy Cemetery Mansion.

Contents of Book Edit

Dear Occupier, I hope you find more happiness in this house than I did. It was far too large and empty for a lonely soul such as I, and yet I do have fond memories of the place. It was here that I discovered all my grandfather's secrets and continued his experiments, even when they touched upon matters perhaps best left alone. I enclose the key to my grandfather's scrap yard nearby, though there is little of value to be found. He made me promise I would never set foot in the crypt there, and I suggest you heed his warning too. Who knows what failed experiments lurk inside. Respectfully, Victor, the Bowerstone gravekeeper.

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