FableII Granny Miggins
Granny Miggins
Species Human
Gender Female
Relatives Charles (Grandson)
First Appearance Fable II - Rescuing Charlie
Last Appearance Fable II
Status Alive
"Charlie? Charlie, is that you?"
— Granny Miggins

Granny Miggins is a character featured in Fable II. She is the tremendously overbearing grandmother of Charles, a would-be adventurer.

Granny Miggins is first encountered atop the hill within the Gypsy Camp in Bower Lake. She explains to the Hero of Bowerstone that she has taken her grandson, Charlie, out her for a picnic for his birthday. Unfortunately, he has wandered off. Distraught from losing him, she sends the Hero out to find him, thus starting the Rescuing Charlie quest.

After locating Charles, as he prefers to be called, inside the Tomb of Heroes, the Hero has numerous options. Firstly, the Hero can protect Charles and rescue him from assaulting Hollow Men. Once out of the tomb, Granny Miggins chastises Charles for being a very bad boy, and gives the Golden Burden augmentation, which was meant to be his birthday gift, to the Hero as a reward. Alternatively, Charles may die, either at the Hero's hand or the hands of the Hollow Men. The Hero can then present Charles' hat to Granny Miggins, causing her to mourn her fallen grandson, or equip the hat, causing Granny Miggins to mistake the Hero for Charles. Either way, she gives the Hero the Golden Burden augmentation.


  • Interestingly, this quest is reminiscent of the Fable quest Hobbe Cave, where the Hero of Oakvale must enter the Hobbe Cave and save an elderly woman's grandson from the inhabitants. However, when the Hero saves the grandson and returns him home, he finds that the grandmother is abusive and overbearing, so the grandson runs away.
    • Granny Miggins and the elderly woman from Fable also share the same voice actor.
  • If Charles is killed and the player is playing as a female Hero, attempting to deceive Granny Miggins by wearing Charles' hat may not work, unless the Hero is also wearing a moustache.

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