Species Human/Shapeshifter
Gender Male
First Appearance Fable II
Last Appearance Fable II
Status Alive
"Gorgoron wants his mummy."
— Gorgoron

Gorgoron, also known as The Soulslicer, Scourge of All That is Holy and Pure, is one of the combatants waiting to enter the Crucible in Fable II.

Gorgoron appears as a little villager girl with pigtails and a very deep voice who reveals he is a master of disguise who is able to take any form, to trick any enemy, and to win any fancy dress contest. His voice coupled with the fact that he says he wants his mummy, indicate that Gorgoron is male in his original form.

Despite his appearance and his love of fruit gums, pigtails, and teddy bears; Gorgoron insists that he is very evil, even to the point of claiming he is "malevolence made flesh". In conversation, Gorgoron states that he does not care for the prize of the Crucible; instead, he only wishes to cause harm, havoc, and hallucinations.

Like the the other waiting contenders, Zachary, Bessie and Meatbane; Gorgoron will make excuses to not enter the Crucible first. His excuse is having an evil ingrowing toe-nail.

Quotes Edit

  • Fruit gum? Actually, I'm down to my last few. I've been saving all the black currant flavour ones.
  • Your foolish actions please me.
  • Hmmm... Perhaps you will not be destroyed when the day of global massacring arrives.
  • Are not my pigtails convincing?
  • Gorgoron wants his mummy!

Trivia Edit

  • Gorgoron's voice also sounds similar to that of the Commandant.
  • Gorgoron's info screen reveals that he dislikes the gift Quality Banana Juice and prefers teddy bears instead.
    • Despite this information, it is not possible to give anything to Gorgoron. Any gifting attempts produce the error: "You can only give gifts to targeted people who are standing close enough to you and who are willing to accept gifts."

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