Species Human
Gender Male
Home Knothole Island
Enemies The Chieftain
First Appearance Fable II
Last Appearance Fable II
Status Alive

Gordon is a shy inventor and submarine captain, who lives on Knothole Island. Introduced as 'Gordon the Ship Captain', he can be found standing on the docks of Bowerstone Market, pretending to be an average citizen of Bowerstone until he notices the Hero. When the Hero first approaches him he will greet the Hero and ask for help on behalf of the chieftain of Knothole Island; he was sent to find a Hero to save the island from the freezing weather. At this point he offers the quest Knothole Island's Big Freeze.

He spends most of his time creating incredible items such as the Axe of Disharmony,and having spent all his life on a small island, is amazed by the bridges and cranes he sees in Bowerstone. He dislikes The Chieftain so much that he regretted the fact that the assassin sent to kill the Chieftain had slipped and impaled himself on a silver toothpick.


A shy, clever, and slightly eccentric inventor.

  • Gift: Concentrated Apple Juice
  • Expression: Lute
  • Gift: Balverine's Spleen Beer


  • Gordon's personality is similar to that of Barnum, in the sense that they are both eccentric inventors.

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