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Enemy Information
Games Fable Legends

Goodfellow is one of the enemies in Fable Legends.


Pucks and Pipers are types of Goodfellows, and villagers agree that the Goodfellows are sadistic, goat- legged criminals. The giggling, dancing face of fairyfolk, the Goodfellows live for drink, dance and song seasoned with lethal practical jokes, siring of changelings and all manner of well-planned death and disaster. Physical strength mixed with Will power makes Goodfellows a cunning and worthy foe.

Villages on the outskirts of the forest tell terrible tales of unwary children snatched from leafy dells and seemingly deserted groves. Heroes speak of catching sight of hunkered figures lurking in forest foliage only to find nothing there on investigation. This has fuelled rumours that Goodfellows possess some kind of power of invisibility and can creep up on unsuspecting adventurers, swiping them with deadly claws before a hero even knows they’re there.


To worry the maids of the villagery;

They skim the milk and steal the seed

They maketh the noises of the night

They twist, deceive and causeth fright

These knaves, misleaders, these robbers of toil,

These laughers at harm, are Goodfellows all

The stinking, vicious, goaty bas beggars.



Return to Albion - Pucks04:26

Return to Albion - Pucks

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