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Species Wisp (formerly Human)
Gender Male
Home Bladebarrow (Location)
First Appearance Fable: The Journey
Last Appearance Fable: The Journey
Status Alive

Ghostlight is a character in Fable: The Journey. He is a wisp and the guardian of Bladebarrow.

Once a seer of the Enlightened, the man who would become Ghostlight was chosen to guard over Bladebarrow due to his "dependable disposition" and his "steadfast character." He was to watch over the temple and its greatest treasure, the Willstone of Stone, who was one of the greatest of the Three Heroes of the Old Kingdom before sacrificing herself to imprison the Crawler within Shadelight Dungeon. Ironically, while chosen for his dedication, Ghostlight eventually developed a horrible duel personality: sometimes he was helpful and a little shy, while othertimes he was aggressive, rude, pessimistic, and obsessed with death.

Fifty years after the defeat of the returned Crawler at the hands of the Hero of Brightwall, Ghostlight met Gabriel, a Dweller recruited by Theresa to retrieve the Willstones to ultimately defeat The Corruptor, who was using the Tattered Spire to enter Albion at long last. Although one part of Ghostlight was more than willing to serve as an able guide to the young Dweller, offering words of encouragement and helpful advice, the other side of Ghostlight believed that Gabriel was doomed to be torn apart at the hands of the many challenges of Bladebarrow, mostly in the form of the Hollow men that called it home. At the excitement of one side of Ghostlight-and the disappointed surprise of the other-the Dweller was able to claim the Willstone. He then departed Bladebarrow, leaving Ghostlight alone with himself once more.

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