Ghost Brothers
Ghost brothers
Achievement icon Achievement Information
Gamerscore 10 Gamerscore
Description Make sure Sam and Max get home in time for tea.

Ghost Brothers is an achievement in Fable III. It requires the player to complete both of the game's quests involving Sam and Max: Bored to Death and Gone But Not Forgotten.


  • Once the main quest has been completed up to The Bowerstone Resistance, the quest Bored to Death will become available in Mourningwood, which involves retrieving the Normanomicon in Millfields for Sam and Max.
  • Once the above quest has been completed, allow approximately one in-game day to pass for Gone But Not Forgotten to become available, also in Mourningwood. Complete this quest by venturing into the Ossuary and dealing with a hard-partying Max. Once this quest has been completed, the achievement will unlock.
  • An interesting thing to note is that if Bored to Death is finished at night, Gone But Not Forgotten will automatically unlock upon leaving the area.

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