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Fred of Blades
Species Human
Gender Male
First Appearance Fable: Jack of Blades
Last Appearance Fable: Jack of Blades
Status Deceased

Fred, more infamously known through his alias as Fred of Blades, is the main antagonist in the e-book Fable: Jack of Blades.

Shortly after the Hero of Oakvale defeated Jack of Blades, Fred was a simple man who, in his darkest times, turned to worshipping Jack of Blades as a member of the Cult of Blades. Drawing strength, power, and even name from the being he worshipped, Fred became a formidable sell-sword, eventually earning enough of a reputation to create an entire army of bandits. Raiding the villagers that he despised and plundering their posessions, Fred's fortunes turned once more when he and his men attracted the attention of the Albion Guard, whose ambush decimated Fred's ambitions.

Now a wanted man, Fred threw himself into the persona of the one he worshipped, one whose reputation alone would keep entire villages in line. One such village was the rural town of Oddwood. With a small army of fellow bandits, Fred imposed martial law on the small rural town, claiming whatever he wanted and executing any who either dared to stand in his way or exposed his deeds to the outside world. It was his ultimate desire to be not only wealthy, but to be worshipped by the very people that he so hated.

Fred's masquerade as Jack of Blades ended with the arrival of the simple philosopher known as Xiro. Xiro, who came upon the town of Oddwood on his travels, chose to oppose the supposedly resurrected Jack of Blades, impeding his rule at every turn. This prompted Fred to punish him by dropping the philosopher into a cage with a Balverine, but the philosopher escaped a grisly death at the hands of the balverine and exposed Fred for the fraud that we was. After deducing the intent of Fred of Blades, Xiro confided in his derision of his fellow humans and likened Fred as a spiritual brother to Jack of Blades himself before stabbing him with his sword, killing him almost instantly.

Centuries later, during the Age of Industry, Fred's grave could be found in Mourningwood.


  • Fable III references Fred with a grave in Mourningwood marked for "Fred of Blades, Jack of Blades lesser-known brother."

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