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I'm a big Fable fan, and I've always loved the three Fable games from Lionhead Studios. I was a little skeptical to Fable 3 at the first place. I was afraid it would be too far ahead in time. The one of the Fable games I like the most is Fable: The Lost Chapters. ' is in the..."old times". Crossbows, blades and knight armors. I also like Fable 3, ' lead a revolution against the egoistic tyrant, ruling Alboin. We could actually say, it's like Communism against the Capitalism. The rich people got everything they need, and the poor ones will rebell against them, so everyone can have money to make a good living. And I think...if the Fable games continue...will it end up in our age as we know it? with cars and everything? Would that ruin the game?

I think it would be cool to have dragons back like you could be a kid in town cause i miss seeing why you want to do what your doing in fable you sister was taken and your dad killed in fable2 your sister was shot and so were you but fable three tried to hard it jumped stright in to the story and then you were just doing what waltor told you. so i want to see a little girl walken around helping or recking the town and then as your walken how dragons attack your town and you are raised by the girl what was her name, o right Theresa. and then you must get new heroes to come and help fight the new king witch is jack of blades

If you ask me, it wouldn't fit with Fable in our age. Fable would be ruined to my eyes. But I always think to myself..." I've got through all the Fable games, and they were absolutely great! But...what now? Fable can't just end here?" Then I think...from the first Fable game, it has always been talk about "The Old Kingdom". In all the games. Now I as many other Fable fans, have played the whole game through, and you remember in "The Lost Chapters"? Almost at the end, before you are going to kill Jack of Blades the second time? There you meet an ancient hero called "Scythe". The guildmaster tells you about the history and stuff like that. And then I think to myself now: "Couldn't, if it happens, the fourth Fable game (if), be in the past? Before the Hero of Oakvale? That would have been really cool I think. When Scythe is one of the greatest heros in Albion? And the towns and places could be like the first game? If you ask me that's a pretty good idea, and the Fable games wouldn't have been too far ahead in time? If you don't like that I've got other good ideas.

Another idea could be that: The Chapel of Skorm rises again. Mask of Jack of Blades is getting remaked. Jack is rising again, and will make Albion his. And then I think, couldn't the Guildmaster come to your bedroom, maybe..a couple of years later from Fable 3, as a ghost? And warn you about the rising of Jack of Blades and Chapel of Skorm? That would have been great? And the first thing you have to do, is to remake the Guild of Heroes! And then, your start menu wouldn't be "the Sanctuary", but The Heroes Guild. Something like that. or..keep the sanctuary maybe...I don't think that is the most important thing. And I've always missed Oakvale in Fable 2 and 3. Oakvale could be in the game again. You are going to stop Jack from ruling Albion. And the cool thing, would be, that the Guildmaster and Theresa are going to help you to stop him, and maybe you could meet Hammer and Garth again? I really miss those two, and most the guildmaster and Oakvale. I wish I could contact Lionhead Studios about this but...I don't know how :). If you think one of these ideas is really good, me publishing. I would really like a Fable game like this. I think the most important thing, comes from Fable 1. I think, if there will be a Fable 4, the most things should come from the first game. If you know what I mean. Thank you.

Hi, new person writing here! I THINK THAT'S A BLOODY BRILLIANT IDEA!!!!!!!! Jack of Blades is the greatest villian of all the games. Lucien was rubbish and there wasn't enough of The Crawler. In the end, the real villian was Walter if you think about it, although he was possessed..... ANYWAY! I'd love a ghost of the guild master to come back! And Hammer and Garth! I was annoyed to only one we got back was stupid Reaver *boo*
I played Fable 1 when I was only 10, my parents thought I could handle it, and now i'm 12 I've grown to absolutely love the series! Even though Fable 1 is the scariest in my opinion, Jack still creeps me out a bit, it's definately the best story! I think we should ALL look into contacting Lionhead with this idea! :) —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) . Please sign your posts with ~~~~ 21:37, 13 Dec 2010

I agree with the person above I loved all the Fable games, so the last thing i want to see is Fable lose its "Mojo" and fans along with it, just beacuse Lionhead made a crap sequal. I also think that Jack was F********** AWESOMMEA!!!!! So the Idea of him coming back to take over Albion gives you a sort of knot in your stomach. ya know what i mean, I also agree that Guild Master sould be back with Theresea and Hammer and Garth and Scythe, but do youknow who id really love to see come back is Thunder and Whisper from the first game (they were epic!)... OH! OH! OH! Maze should be back as well, he may have died but i think he was a great tutor... somthing is on the tip of my tongue but i just cant put my finger on it... MAX & SAM! they were really cool and so was Barnum, and the Prophets of the Fire Heart. Ive just thought up a small story line aswell that could include all the characters ive just mentioned... Maybe in the not so much further industrial age some dock workers have pulled up a large clump of coal and are looking though it when one of the workers see's somthing glint in the sunlight. he reaches over and pulls out a white mask (which remember from the end of lost chapters contained Jacks soul, or desires or what ever and it got thrown in the lava) any ways this poor bloke smuggles it under his coat and walks off, later on he decides to put it on... (ya see where im going with this) hence the return of the ultra villian "Jack of Blades" he then comes up with the crazy idea of bringing back the dragons... So Theresea finds out and awkens the Guild masters Ghost and their one conclusion is "HOLY CRAP, HOLY CRAP! HE"S BACK AND HE"S GONNA KILL EVERYONE, SO IT LOOKS LIKE WERE GONNA NEED AN ARMY AND ANOTHER HERO!" So the game could be about raising the ultimate Army with Thunder and Max and Sam and Barnum and etc... because the all have talents and significants throu out the Fable history and they have all helped the current Hero of their generation... So what do ya think of that everyone? OH! and the sword of Eons needs to come back, because it PWND every thing! —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) . Please sign your posts with ~~~~ 09:25, 8 Aug 2011

Whatever the story may be, it should be more in-depth. Rather than throwing you into a situation and then giving control, you should be involved in the beginning of the journey, much like F1 and to a lesser extent F2. But F3 showed you characters without explain their motivation or even a slight background (crawler, Walter, hero, Logan, Finn). And the story was hollow; it was without unexpected plot twist: such as every good fable should have.

the weapons were terrible, the gun would transform in to a ridiculously over-flamboyant piece of modern art. I would much rather buy a weapon that is balanced for me, or better yet crafted to my liking than crafted by my statistics.

It would also be crucial to a good game to have a noticeable and memorable soundtrack to evoke feeling, something more than just simple background music.Thedeerhunter 06:36, November 8, 2011 (UTC)

To the person who said that the third game was Communism vs. Capitalism is totally wrong. In Capitalism, everyone is given a fair opportunity to escape from their social classes and achieve success, but in Logan's case he ruled with absolute power and kept people in their social classes. THAT sounds alot like Communism to me, everyone else suffers while only the ruling class achieve success. All I am trying to say is the third game was in no way Capitalism vs. Communism it was basically Monarchy vs... well another Monarchy (a nicer one/eviler one at that) Anyway, super excited for the fourth game and i think they should do something about the "New World" like that ship you encounter at the end of the game. Fight some colonists, natives, and make an attempt to settle and survive in this world that has some cursed indian evil or whatever. —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) . Please sign your posts with ~~~~

No, that's no communism, thats a super corrupt version of communism, or what really communism ends up like. —Preceding unsigned comment added by Blademan9999 (talkcontribs) . Please sign your posts with ~~~~

Hi I'm new anyway if there was a fable 4 the idea of Jack of blades and stuff is great but Reaver kills Garth and Hammer dies of old age but their ghosts come including the heroes and you would have to stop Jack of Blades Making the rise of the old kingdom / New kingdom and Oakvale has risen but Wraithmarsh is still there. The end could be you use the spire one last time rid the world of Jack of Blades and if neccesary Albion and Aurora

Don't get too excited yet - they haven't announced any Fable IV yet. --Enodoc(Talk) (User Space) 19:11, December 28, 2010 (UTC)
The RPG formula works best in Medieval times. I don't like the use of guns in Fable but the classic Cross bows and armour worked for me. Honestly, swords weren't even used in the time of fable 3.Mastererium 10:42, December 30, 2010 (UTC)

I though Peter Molyneux said there was going to be 5 Fable games. Well to be fair, Molyneux isn't know for sticking to his own promises, so this may just be the last in the series. I don't think Lionhead really care much about the Lore. It seems that they bring new evils for every game and forget anout old. It would be nice if they actually explained some of them more. Do any of us actually know what the void is? Are their creatures in their that could be a threat to Albion? What the Hell was The Crawler? Why had it waited so long to attack Albion? Are the Crawler and Jack linked some how? I'm not sure if Lionhead ever intend to to another game but if they do I hope they answer some of these questions. I still think it would be cool if they cleaned up the mess of "Good Canon" business that everyone is so annoyed/confused about. Maybe they should make a game that runs at the same time as Fable 1/TLC to reveal what really happened. Maybe the Hero did put the mask on, but another Hero killed him. A Hero from Oakvale mayhap. Maybe instead of dying in peace, the Hero was taken from this world to the Void, to be it's new ruler. That would be pretty cool. Or maybe they will explain that note you get from Rose at the very end of the game. They said it's Sythe (I think) but where, or was that just a way for Lionhead to kill two birds with one stone. Anyway, there have been alot of arguement about speculation on this wiki but that's not always out fault. Anyway, I'm rambling again. I just hope that Lionhead try to answer some questions and not make the same mistakes, but also make something new and cool. Dellcath 15:06, January 3, 2011 (UTC)

I agree. They need to make it more in-depth with the stories of the characters. More like how Elder Scrolls has their Lore for everything. Details make a game more captive. I'd love to play a Fable game remake that was set up like the Elder Scrolls in terms of Lore, heck even the gameplay style wouldn't be a bad addition to Fable with the customization. --Alpha Lycos 15:11, January 3, 2011 (UTC)

I would love to see the dragons back. they were in fable or was it lost chapter i forgot. it would be cool if you woke in the dead of night and a dragon was burning down your home town. and then as your running theresa comes to you and takes you to the Guild of heroes ruins. then the Guildmaster apears and tells you that jack of blades is back to plunged the world in darkness. and then he leads you to a room and tells you to pick a door and what ever door you pick you get to keep the stuff inside like one room could be a dragon egg, that then you touch it hatches, and another a puppy, or a tiger, snake , the point is that a pet is in every room, the room you choose is all so where you live and as you grow the room changes how cool would that be. then when your older like 18 you are sent to find heroes and if you have a kid there a hero and must be trained and you can play as them to. how cool. i think we like need to start a website where we can share all our ideas and then get hold of lionhead right.—Preceding unsigned comment added by (talkcontribs) . Please sign your posts with ~~~~

I think its just silly to think Jack will return. In canon hes gone completely. And Lionhead already has the plans for up to Fable V so our ideas wouldn't get used by them as they already have it planned out. We can just wish and dream.--Alpha Lycos 05:51, January 8, 2011 (UTC)

If you ask me i would love to see dragons back. They were in fable on or was it lost chapter i forgot. It would be cool if you woke up in the dead of night and dragons were burning down your town. And the as you were running, Theresa comes to you and takes you the the Guild of heroes ruins. Then the Guildmaster comes to you and tells you that an anciant evil named jack of blades is now the king. And then he takes you to a room and tells you to pick a room and that is your room. in one room there is a dragon egg and a sword and bow, or a dog a gun and a hammer stuff like that. Then when you are 18 Theresa cames to you and tells you that another hero has been found and that you must bring him back but when you leave jack of blades comes and tells you that you will never win and then you fight a evil doud o fhis and when you fight him jack leaves and when you find the hero he heals your brocken leg and then as you play on more heroes that came do other grate things live fly or blow stuff up. and so on that would be cool. O and i wish you could be your pet a dragon breathing fir would be cool right.

Hope at least on of my thing is in the game. P.S sorry about the spelling eniglsh is not my best langue. :)—Preceding unsigned comment added by Photas (talkcontribs) . Please sign your posts with ~~~~

Only way one of our ideas would be in the game is if Lionhead already thought it up. --Alpha Lycos 06:22, January 8, 2011 (UTC)

New person down here. If they would make Fable IV I hope they will do something with Samarkand and/or South Islands, if you think about it there is a little to much about Albion. Fable I is only about Albion, TLC is about the Northern Wastes, Fable II is about Albion and Fable III is about Albion and Aurora. You never heard of South Islands in either Fable II or Fable III but Aurora shows from nowhere? Samarkand is mention in all but nobody really know anything about them. Or the warrior monks that Hammer visits at the end in Fable II, they could need to spice things up with a new continent to travel to, more cultures! If Samarkand or any of them doesn't work for Lionhead I think that The Old Kingdom is a good idea, give us some Albion history! But seriously the Fable series got lots of lose ends about the characters. But I really want to know one thing. I read about Scythe and William Black and the Heroes beginning and all that, and what got in my head was that William Black is the father of all heroes(?) Since they don't really mention any Hero before the first Archon.

new person down here if they make a fable 4 i think they should using the fable 3 map but ad notehole island and use the same hero from fable 3 with a save game upload option were if you played fable 3 you have your gear and family and your cash also your morality wegiht and and wepon level and you have to build the guild agian because jack is coming like what someoen esle said—Preceding unsigned comment added by Milk117 (talkcontribs) . Please sign your posts with ~~~~

I find the whole "Jack is back" idea to be a bit unimaginative. Jack is dead in canon of the games. This means he will never return. Also keeping your Hero from Fable III would suck cause you would start out too powerful and wouldn't need to level up.--Alpha Lycos 02:26, January 23, 2011 (UTC)

I hope that they will bring some old places and charachters back.I mean that I want to see brightwood,Oakvale,bloodstone and even southcliff (from a heros tale). Also some old charachters like weaver(guildmaster),scythe,garth,hammer and theresa(but she should have a bigger role again :s)ThibautB 20:50, January 25, 2011 (UTC)

How about this a new Fable game: Shortly after the events in Fable 3 a war breaks out between the Heros in the land of Albion. A war between good Heros and evil Heros, a war that left Albion in RUINS. Now this is were you come in. You play as a Hero who is to rebuild all of Albion from the ground up. And, just as your morality changes your Hero's physical appearance, it will also change the entire physical appearance of Albion. So, as your Hero turns good then, Albion's physical appearance will turn more "Heavenly" and look like paradise, or as your Hero turns evil then Albion's physical appearance will turn "Hellish". There will also be TWO guilds, a "good" Hero's Guild and an "evil" Hero's Guild, as well as other minor guilds in the game(i.e. Swordsman's Guild, Magician's Guild, Marksmen's Guild, etc). Joining either one of the two main guilds will be part of the main quest, AND whether you become good or evil WILL affect whether you become the protagonist OR the antagonist. And, because Albion is in ruins, the people have resorted back to using armor, and other "archaic" weapons. You can also access weapons from your previously saved Fable 2 or Fable 3 games. Their will be an option to become King or Queen, but that option will be more of a side-quest and not part of the main quest. Plus there will be some mini-games that can be played using Kinect. Downloadable content of course. And finally get rid of the dog and throw in a horse(one of the mini-games will be horse racing) and your horse's physical appearance changes according to your morality too. Also you use Kinect to express emotions.ChickenPaladin 21:09, January 25, 2011 (UTC)

Only problem with that idea is it took 50 years for a new hero to come, if suddenly there were loads of hero's a short while after Fable 3, there'd be another question to be answered (probably another unanswered one) I think if there was another Fable, it should be on Jack, however, like previous comments, the sequels suggests all good options were chosen so Jack would be long gone. Also, you should be able to be more evil. Fable 1 & Lost Chapters, you could be pure evil, you could turn into Jack for gods sake! But in 2, Lucien had to die and in 3 you had to kill The Crawler/Walter. There were alot more evil options in 1. And your hero from 4 should be a born hero, pure born hero. I mean, your hero from Fable 3 had to wear the gauntlets to be able to use magic, not like the other games where it was in your genes, surely if you're mum/dad was a pure hero, it shoudl've been passed onto you?! And please Lionhead, PLEASE! Answer the many unanswered or vague questions from the WHOLE series! Xxkatie wxx 22:41, February 19, 2011 (UTC)

To answer some things about your comment, in Fable II you could be pure evil as when you kill Lucien you could use the tower for your own selfish needs at the cost of thousands of innocent lives. Fable III you had to kill the Crawler because if you didn't you would have died and where is the point in being evil if your dead? As for the gauntlets, as the years progress and the bloodline thins the Heroes need something to help them use the magic within thus the gauntlets. Fable IV will come out and LH has plans for it already, our ideas are just wants that are mostly unable to happen "Oh please bring Jack back...We want Jack back" not going to happen.--Alpha Lycos 04:08, February 20, 2011 (UTC)

Personally I agree when it is said that the return of Jack of Blades is bad, he is dead and I like it that way. I think he was a great villain but what I am wondering is why the horrible villains like the Crawler and Lucien are being utilized when they have one of the most imaginative characters of evil disposition I have seen, Reaver. I would like to see a colonial era fable where Reaver and possibly the evil giving him eternal life are combated before the fifth game is made returning to the old kingdom where Jack of Blades can return without ruining the cannon and perhaps playing a role similiar to what Reavers has been allowing us to learn the character from more than simply antagonist role. —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) . Please sign your posts with ~~~~

Hi i'm new to writing on wiki. I'm in great agreement on bring back Jack ,but acording to the canon Jack is dead, but I think Jack coming back depends on how many people did the "honorable thing" and threw away Jack's mask. I being one many put on the the mask. I think lionhead should put surveys and see how many people threw away the mask and how many people put the mask on. Then when Lionhead thinks the surveys should count how many people did "honorable thing" and who put the mask on. Oh and i think fable 3 in a way ruined the fable series. 21:14, March 18, 2011 (UTC)

they need to take the history from Fable TLC and use the history from that game into fable 4 maybe you go back in time or something idk i like Fable but the maps keep getting smaller and the story shorter and the more you play the less it makes sense from the first Fable thats all i think is they should use that history that land and the other land they have now maybe even find a new island full of evil maybe the court reformed into new blades king of blades worrior of blades idk but the first fable was by far the best and lion head is just getting lazy with there ideas and they rush trough it so much i would rather wait a long time for a game thats worth playing then a game out really fast but no point to it—Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) . Please sign your posts with ~~~~

All Fable is about is the repetition of history from the lore. Fable TLC was about a Hero beating the Blades(Repeating of when William Black defeated the Court), Fable II was about the spire(Repeating when the archons made the spire), Fable III is about a Hero becoming the ruler of Albion(Repeating the rise of the archons). As for time travel that would make things too stupid. Time travel can only happen if you go back to do events that have to happen. You can't change history. Fable will keep progressing as it is and we can only dream it will get better. Although to me Fable is great as it is, I'd rather it keep going how it is instead of reverting.--Alpha Lycos 02:50, March 22, 2011 (UTC)
i dont mean time travel i mean stop going further in the futuer and go back to the past the guns ruined Fable —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) . Please sign your posts with ~~~~
They won't go back to the past. Its done and gone. Fable is about the progress of Albion as much as it is about being a Hero.--Alpha Lycos 21:41, March 22, 2011 (UTC)
I have a lot of ideas for Fable 4... Let's strat with the basics though. i think that the game should take place about 20 years about Fable 3 (so that there are no more MODERN machinery, just like it was in Fable 3). Also, there should be two parts of the game like there was in fable 3. In the first "episode", you are the Hero of Brightwall, and you have a son / daughter. But suddenly, the King is found dead in his room, murdered. Then, you continue in the game playing as the new King / Queen. For the second epiosde, it should be all about you trying to avenge your father/ mother's death, which turns into a conspiracy theme which gets be xplained kn the game. Also, i want LADY GREY BACK!! I think there should be a side quest where accidentally, you go into her grave, and there is a inscription or the wall or something. Then your character speaks the words out loud, and Lady Grey is risen again. Then you will see that Lady Grey is looking like a corpse, and that by a curse placed on her, she needs human sacrifices to make her fully resurrected again, so that she can live again forever and look like she did in Fable 1. You should then have a choice to either break the spell and marry Lady Grey as your queen, or be able to break the curse, make her mortal again, but murder her so that there is no threat to your place on the throne, and keep her dead FOREVER.—Preceding unsigned comment added by LadyGrey97 (talkcontribs) . Please sign your posts with ~~~~
I doubt they would make it so you play as the Hero of Brightwall since that would require full linking to the Fable III save to get what your Hero looked like.--Alpha Lycos 21:53, March 22, 2011 (UTC)
I reckon fable 4 should be about william black and the court if not that set it about 10 years after fable 3 and you play as the child of the hero of brightwall and theresa is once agiain your guide and scyth and the hero of oakvale make a return hero of oakvale being you mentor and scyth being a supporting character like in TLC —Preceding unsigned comment added by Dking1925 (talkcontribs) . Please sign your posts with ~~~~
It won't be about William Black and the Court cause its moving forward. Hero of Oakvale won't return cause hes dead, it was stated in game.--Alpha Lycos 04:32, March 24, 2011 (UTC)
@AlphaLycos - It wouldn't have to save the way the guy from fable 3 looked. They would just make an older looking male....... —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) . Please sign your posts with ~~~~
I was just playing Fable TLC on my Xbox 360 (never knew u could do that!) and realised just how sinister it is compared to the others once again. As I expressed in my previous comment, I would like to see Jack return, and as mentioned, Lionhead said they had plans for 4 & 5, but does that mean they have the plots planned or just to eventually release them? I don't think Lionhead are living in the past, so won't be bringing back Jack, William Black/Scythe, and certainly won't bring back Hero of Oakvale, in-game references comfirm he is dead. Xxkatie wxx 22:10, March 26, 2011 (UTC)
I'm brand new but I think a good idea would be that jack of blades comes back but in a different kingdom were he takes control and he then invades albion after fable 3 (with the player choosing all good choices) and reaver sabotages albion's defences and production capabilities before hand so when jack comes albion is virtually defenceless so reaver has bolverines and mercenaries kidnap the kings familiy while jjack captures the king and executes him while the new hero (who is a child) watches so Jack becomes king with reaver as his advisor and they bith undo all the good the old king did . The game continues as the hero grows up gaining powers and learining to live under an oppresive monarchy and slowly rebuilds the hero guild and gathers recruits with help from ben (from fable 3) and the ghost of the guild master —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) . Please sign your posts with ~~~~
I hope they dont go forward, going back to before the original fable game would be think about it, there is five hundred years between fable 1 and 2.
The fall of the guild..and the heroes. The way everything came to be after so long. Thats what I want to see. Theres a gap with so much happening, and thats where I would like the next game to be set. You could see Theresa become the woman she is, you could defend the guild from evil or you could be that evil yourself, you could go on a witch hunt for Lady Grey..and then you could sit around and experiance the corruption and eventual downfall of Oakvale followed by the creation of Bloodstone and Oakfield.
Theres just so much that we didnt get to see, that we didnt get to experiance first hand. But maybe, if we're lucky, Lionhead was planning it out that way- That way the next game could be the biggest and the most memorable yet. It would atleast make up for the imperfection and lack of the nice darker themes in Fable 3, atleast I think so. Sevias 10:49, March 27, 2011 (UTC)

Fable won't go back. It won't bring Jack back or any past characters except maybe Scythe and Theresa. It will keep going forward until the end. Lionhead has said in an interview that they have it all planned out up to number 5 and the wording they used greatly implies they have the plots planned out and everything. All they have to do is make the data into a game and ship it out for us to buy and play.--Alpha Lycos 10:53, March 27, 2011 (UTC)

Ok, I think this whole Jack of Blades returns and destroys the world thing... is rubbish, seriously. Jack of Blades is DEAD! Accept it. Oh, and by the way, what's this whole thing about the Skorm cult, they were nothing but a bunch of lunatics who sacrifieced people to an imaginary god created by some swindler. Personally I think Fable IV should play out during the old kingdom. This is what I think should be a good next fable game. After the death of the third archon (who constructered the oracle) his oldest son asks the oracle if is siblings will overthrow him in the future, to which the oracle replies that he will become archon but will be slain by the fifth one in a near future. The new archon then orders the execution of his three siblings, one of them is the player and the other two will help the player in defeating the fourth archon. The three of them escapes the royal city to fight another day. The fourth archon will then hunt the hero and his allies down and will do many tyrannical things in order to kill them and secure his power, such as employing dark will users and performing human experiments in order to create an army of horrible monsters. The hero must then convince the people of Albion to rise up against the archon and claim the throne for himself. During the course of the game, the hero will explore Albion and the player will get to see what Albion looked like at that time (since Theresa tells the hero in Fable 2 that after the Spire exploded Albion shattered, so Albion must have had a completely different geografy then.) The hero will also fight creatures that are no longer present in Albion such as krakens, dragons, summoners, the Fire Assasins, the first balverine ( or maybe the Balvorn itself if we are lucky.) And finally after a long adventure and an epic battle with the fourth archon, the first half of the game is over! After becoming archon you must secure your position through either good or evil choices, such as make use of your brothers will experiments or abolish them. You must also fight enemies who will attempt to kill you to further their own goals, like Hallik who will have an army of summoners at his side. Later in the game one of your siblings betray you, kills your other sibling and will cause a new civil war. After defeating him in another epic fight, your brother will tell you that the mask told him to betray you. After accidentily summoning the mask using a strange tome (the same one that William Black found,) it told him that it would grant him power beyond his wildest desire if he killed the last descendants of William Black. In a last attempt to kill you he will put on the mask and become... yes, you guessed it, Jack of Blades. You must then fight Jack of Blades and destroy his new body. After the final battle of the game, the hero throws the mask in to a ravine (since there's no lava pit to destroy it in) hoping that no one ever finds it again...... But we all know that someone will eventually.—Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) . Please sign your posts with ~~~~

It would be awesome if fable IV was set in the past before the hero of Oakvale because i didn't really like the fact that the game started to get modern. The reason i like this game is because it is set in the past, but it would be really cool if you can play as the original Archon it says after he stopped jack from getting the sword of Aeons he dissapeard and was never heard of again—Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) . Please sign your posts with ~~~~

It won't be in the past cause its moving forward. I'm betting it will end at like either present day or around the beginning of the 1900's.--Alpha Lycos 09:19, March 30, 2011 (UTC)

To the person who said "I think this whole Jack of Blades returns and destroys the world thing... is rubbish, seriously. Jack of Blades is DEAD! Accept it." I'm a little confused, you said to accept he's dead, yet your plot idea includes Jack coming back? Xxkatie wxx 15:46, April 5, 2011 (UTC)

I´m the one who wrote that Jack is dead and that people should accept it. What I mean is that he won´t come back in Fable games that take place after the Hero of Oakvale. But if it plays out before the event of Fable I then he can be back and we can all be happy. —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) . Please sign your posts with ~~~~

OH! I see now, sorry, didn't really understand! I think It'd be great to go back in time, there's only so far they can go before it's present day, and that would suck... Only thing I'd hate about it going back, is that the crossbows are annoying and take ages to fire, whereas guns... But then I remember, guns weren't invented. Xxkatie wxx 15:41, April 10, 2011 (UTC)

Hey JoshofBlades here! I think Lionhead has done a really good job keeping the ideals of fantasy and magic even in the age of Industry, but a Fable game thats modern no thank you! But here me out I think a good idea for a Fable game would be back in the Old Kingdom maybe playin as William Black and trying to overthrow the Court? The battle aginst the court were epic and Lionhead owes it to the fans to let us expierence that!! Let us make the choices as William (Sycthe) Canon to the story or not we should be able to see every aspect of the game from choices to quests, or at least in Fable 4 have Theresa as the main enemy. In some way she's been using all the heroes in the games all the way from the Hero of Oakvale all the way to the Hero of Brightwall. Maybe she wants to do something incredibly evil and used her brother to kill Jack because it got in the way of her vision? Lucien's idea for the world would have made her work substantionly harder so she activated her ancient bloodline thus starting the hero of Bowerstones quest. Then she got her vision of the Crawler, and it caused her to convince the Hero of Bowerstone later known as the Old Hero King/Queen to unite Albion under a Monarchy because that loose confederation of City-States and Albion Guards wouldnt be enough to stop it. So she started th Revolution got the Hero of Brightwall to wear the crown, stop the Crawler maybe because she's trying to stop the evil coming from the Void beacause it gets in the way of her evil intensions? Tell me what you all think! —Preceding unsigned comment added by JoshofBlades (talkcontribs) . Please sign your posts with ~~~~

At JoshofBlades: Playing as William wouldn't allow much ending choice. Fable and Fable TLC allowed you to either keep the Sword or toss it, or become Jack or kill him. Fable II allowed you to be a great hero, get your loved ones back or be greedy. Fable III allows you to either save your kingdom by ruining their lives or save them out of your own pocket, or let them almost all die. Playing as William would just be "Defeat the court and blamo game over"--Alpha Lycos 12:39, April 15, 2011 (UTC)
At Alpha Lycos, true but I'm sure wheather canon to the story or not im sure there were choices William had to make (good or evil) that shaped his destiny and his place in history. I'm sure he also went on quests for people just like any other hero, and Lionhead could do something with that don't you think?—Preceding unsigned comment added by JoshofBlades (talkcontribs) . Please sign your posts with ~~~~
The games are very unlikely to go back to before Fable or Fable II. Lionhead has admitted in an interview that they have already planned out up to Fable V. Also yes William may have gone on quests, but the ending would always be the same with no choice for good or bad endings--Alpha Lycos 14:01, April 15, 2011 (UTC)
Like i said weather canon or not they would put those endings like they did with all the Fable games before, like in Fable TLC you can become Jack of Blades but it's obvious the Hero of Oakvale didn't do that. Just stuff like that we know William didn't do that but it would be interesting to see what Albion would be like if he did somehow join the Court. Now do you see what I'm saying?—Preceding unsigned comment added by JoshofBlades (talkcontribs) . Please sign your posts with ~~~~
yes but what I'm saying is that since its already been told what he did they can't really go back without retconning almost the whole series. They didn't make Fable and TLC then suddenly go back and make it again with a different story, they just picked the ending that best suited making a new game and played with that.--Alpha Lycos 14:13, April 15, 2011 (UTC)
Any ending could have been suitable for a new story it would just be another Jack of Blades fight for Fable II (a better one obviously) but that doesn't change the fact that that's an important part of Albions history and I don't think players would be dissapointed with playing that era their own way.—Preceding unsigned comment added by JoshofBlades (talkcontribs) . Please sign your posts with ~~~~

Albion would have been destroyed as the only people powerful enough to stop Jack would have become him, thus stopping Hero of Bowerstone's birth, or were too weakened with age(scythe) to stop him. And Jack would have had the powerful weapon the Hero used to slay him, granting him his own powers and the Heroes powers bringing the end of Albion thus no Fable II.--Alpha Lycos 16:08, April 15, 2011 (UTC)
I love how people assume that Albion will follow the same timeline we did. Why do I love it? Because of the fact that there is Magic(or Will in Fable I and II.) They don't need all this technology. For all we know, there laws of physics can completely from ours. It never will go into the age of Automated weapons, however it will go further in the future. Didn't anyone realize that even though Horses was the form of transportation for us from the early days of Civilization to the early 20th century. But in Fable you don't ONE! ONE! The only animals I saw in the series are, Chicken, Dogs, Sparrows, Rabbits and Humans. So guys quit fretting about Cars. All I am worried about is if Microsoft publishes the game before Lionhead is down with fixing glitches and making the game. AKA the infamous Understone DLC. K'jal'mar ( The talk| Contribs) 18:40, April 16, 2011 (UTC)
Also I forget to add this. I think that it isn't that the Archon blood is thining out but that their is no way to learn forms of magic. The gauntlets just give them the knowledge for the time being. It seems that The Hero Of Brightwall might actually be a stronger Will User then the Hero of Bowerstone. But of course the Gauntlets are probably just an excuse to be able too do spell weaving. Which is a very welcome feature. How ever the amount of spells are... limited. They could in theory create a reason why they would need to create another guild.
Their is no reason too believe that they're is less people with Heroes Blood. But that their is less chances to discover their power. The Guards are well equiped so not many times where you need too protect yourself. Ben Finn seems to a Skill Adept. Look at all the "leaders" of the revolution. I would agree that their are far less people of the blood line though. Heck maybe it's possible that some higher being controls who has powers. K'jal'mar ( The talk| Contribs) 18:52, April 16, 2011 (UTC)

hi new here i agree with the idea of a 4th game set in a time before fable 1 and i dont think that jack o blades should come in to it but coz its set in a time jack o blades is alive there can still be reffrences or hints of his existence but it would ruin the storyline if he became a main character plus i heard about the dragon idea i think that would be ok but they shouldnt be a common enemy maybe make a cave or something were thers like a seriusly hard dragon to beat not for the main storyline but as a side quest or even just to explore i mean there dosnt have to be an important reason a dragons there but just to make the game a bit more whats the word explorative i guess pluss they should make more enemys and put theme in proper places i mean in past fable games hobbs and hollow men just pop out of nowere theres not even a cave or camp or any evidence they were ever there plus i think they should do something about the sandgoose the mystery of the sand goose is eating away at every one what dose it look like what what dose it eat where do i find it these are some questions loads of people are wondering theres been reffrences but everyone wants the real thing also i still think they should keep on there easter eggs random reffrences coz there one of the best things in the games i also think they should keep those journal notes that you can find also about the genocide quests sure its fun to run around shooting gnomes and gargoyles but lots of people get bored with it half way through but the book hunter quests is an exeption coz wen you get the book go goes to the library wer you can go read it wenever you want and the flower quests after you find the flowers you can change the color of your tattoo rather than shooting a statue ... thats about it and i think there should be more side quests and a longer storyline the storyline is great but i think they should make it a tiny bit longer and the side quests well i mean the storyline is great but lets agree that without the side quests the game wouldnt be nearly as good as it is they i think they should make more side quest i mean real side quests not those short pointles ones like escort the trader to brightwall or hobnobing with hobbes i mean real ones like reavers umentionables or a key to a greater key or the red harvest those are real quests the other escort ones are just to make it look like theres more quests and there not fun i think they should get rid of the whole repair the house thing you have to do in fable three and go back to the it was done in fable 2 without the trouble of having to reapair a house every half an hour and i also think they should have weapons work the same they did in fable 2 rather than fable 3 were every weapon is legendary it just dosnt feel that special imean what if you could just walk down the street and buy a daichi or something in fable 2 it should go back to buying rust iron steel clockwork ect ect but maybe add a few more materials and every shop have a blade look diffrent coz in fable to every store you went to the weapon looked exacly the same and maybe add a few more weapon types like dual daggers or staff and bring back the bows i think they should also think about adding daggers,axes,polearms,spears,throwing knives and hatchets plus shields and i think people should be able to dual wield without ristrictions like shield sword or knive staff or watever you want and also the dog yes the dog its been one of the trademarks of the fable series but seriusly they need something new like maybe put a pet shop in the game or something were ya dont just have to have a dog like maybe a cat or bird or even better they should but some magic pets in there like pegasus and griffon and maybe a bat or even a serpent just a few ideas plus theres the demon doors actualy i have nothing to rant about the demon doors there perfect al i have to say about them is i think they should keep up on the really awsome ones like the skeleton bar or the demon door retirement home for some of you who have completed the cheeze demon door in fable 2 and demon door riterment home if you go to one of the demon doors in the retirement home hell tell you a story and i think by the end youl relize you just met and old friend ok going off the subject gotta get back on track ok the last thing id like to say is i think if they take my idea and make or enemys you should include some classics like vampires and werwolfs or goblins even make a transylvania sort of place wer you can get slayer gear and fight them thats all i have to say thanks for reading this EXTREMELY long portion of the page and its fine if you take up my ideas and use them ass your own i dont really care. —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) . Please sign your posts with ~~~~

Those aren´t some bad ideas, I totally agree with the weapon thing, but I don´t think the werewolf and vampire stuff is such a good idea, I mean we already got balverines. Also they should also add some new spells, like in Fable: TLC, there were like 40 of them! But in the new Fable games it´s only like "Congratiulations! You got your 4th (and last spell) which makes laserswords or whatever pop out of nowhere!" Seriously Peter, you really need to correct that! —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) . Please sign your posts with ~~~~

yea i totaly fergot about balverines and on my last post fergot to rant on spells that is a good idea coz this thing thier doing in fable 3 with the potions as spells idea is really anoying and the werwolf vampire thing wasnt a request just an example of new monsters but i guess fable wants to make thier own unique monsters like hobbes and hollowmen id also like to say it would be cool if they had the music box in the game not as a big part of the game but just like a reffrence this isnt a request im just saying it would be cool. —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) . Please sign your posts with ~~~~

Dude all of their monsters are based on myth, legend and folklore. Examples, Nymphs: Fairies(originally they were malicious and plain evil), Werewolf: Balverine. Hobbe: Gobin. Troll.... troll. Well almost all. However I will go and say that they don't have enough magic. But I think they were going somewhere with the Gauntlets. I really like spell weaving. But it needs attack spells and defense spells. Like assassin Rush... that is my favourite spell. I was really disapointed when they completely took it off. But like my previous post said, I find it curious that people randomly think fable will follow our timeline. IT'S FANTASY GUYS. This wake up call is brought to you by Kajalamorth. All rights reserved. K'jal'mar ( The talk| Contribs) 11:33, April 18, 2011 (UTC)

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great now heres a wake up call for you dude 70% of people hate the gauntlets the only good thing about them is spell weaving wich i agree is awsome but not for the price of having gauntlets in other fable games you could do like 5 spells at a time and the only hollow man and hobbe ive ever heard of is the movie and the tiger if you never heard of it google image search it but they would of gotten some idea from the populer myth and also dude alot of people would start thinking that itle keep going to our timeline not saying it will but at the pace time moves in the game it would come to mind also i totaly agree they should bring back rush and the rest of the spells and make a few new ones like the only spells you can do in the games is for combat perposes like maybe make some for just plain fun like turning villagers into pigs i also think theres some good spell ideas to be taken from the wheel of mistfortune (fable 2) and if they do make some new spells for combat or fun let us combine them WITHOUT GAUNLETS. —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) . Please sign your posts with ~~~~

Please remember to sign your posts with ~~~~. Personally, I don't mind the concept of the gauntlets, I just wish they had more available spells and that you could choose which order to unlock them in. I would use Blades a lot more if it was available earlier on. --Enodoc(Talk) (User Space) 16:53, April 20, 2011 (UTC)
Seventy percent? I think 70% like them. I hate that people want Fable III to be Fable II. Guys a game needs to change once in a while. I do wish they kept the expression wheel though... The Right Bumper isn't used when your not buying stuff or in the sanctuary.... same thing with the trigger buttons. What they should have done is the touch expressions for greater effect but keep the expression wheel so you can befriend more people but at a slower rate. It will never go to our timeline because it's in a different universe. They are in the industrial age in terms of technology, but for exploration they are pre-colonial age.
I only wish that your magic can evolve in the way you use it. Defensive or Offensive or Neutral. Perhaps you can make a great wall of fire around you for defense. But the reason I see it. Is that Will is a weapon like Firearms and Melee Weapons. You have to go to the menu to get these weapons, so why not the gauntlets. All I want is that they... fix the AI? The AI is not horrible but I find the villagers and the dog is retarded. I constantly lose the dog... and I go married once but my husband kept getting stuck in the door. Also to add tons of sidequest.... Fable II lasted me a couple of weeks while Fable III lasted me a couple of days. (Still playing both) K'jal'mar ( The talk| Contribs) 13:48, April 23, 2011 (UTC)
you got it wrong dude or ... dudet alot of people hate em not becouse of the whole equipting your spells idea just the 2 spells at a time idea i mean weaving is awsome and two spells at a time does balance it out but in other games you could do like 5 at a time maybe just make it you can only weave 2 spells but can equipe 5 ??? and how do you know if it wont come to our timeline you think how much the game changed over 3 games the massive time leaps and just speed that the game changes there are possibilitys and the changing the way of the game idea its stupid people like the games the way they are sure theres a few things people would change but no games perfect imean wen i rant about these things there not requests just ideas the game is fun however they make it.—Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) . Please sign your posts with ~~~~
Actually you never could equip 5 at a time. In the original games you could equip up to 3 different spells at a time(xbox), Fable II you could have different charge levels of 5 different spells but required charging to that which technically isn't the same as equipping them at the same time. To class as equipped at the same time it would mean being able to use them either at the same time or without charging from one to the next. As for the game progressing into our timeline, I highly doubt it will since the world has magical beasts yet our world has none.--Alpha Lycos 01:08, April 25, 2011 (UTC)
I know about the timeline thing because I have a thing for history... and Doctor Who xP. They have no need for advanced technology. Just because the series passed through time doesn't mean it will follow our timeline. How many times do I have to explain this? It's a fictional universe. Molyneux doesn't want to make a shooter, so he won't. Fable is an Action Role Playing Game (Even Fable III).
In response of the spells, I never used more then a couple spells on the Fable II. On Fable I I used about 6 and the others on rare occasions. On Fable III, I only use Fire and Shock weaved together. (I like seeing the bones of my enemies xP). On Fable II, I only used Shock, Inferno and Blades. On the Original game I only used Fireball, Assassins Rush and Time Control. So the Gauntlets fit me needs. If they take the gauntlets off now it will be a fan service. I dislike it when they always try to please the fans. That means they are not making the best game they can. K'jal'mar ( The talk| Contribs) 01:47, April 25, 2011 (UTC)

Whatever it ends up being I think the next Fable game should include armor and health upgrading. Also the dying in Fable 3 sucks bad Fable 2 had better dying and a lot of colors to choose. The whole stores being interactive I dont like too much and the menu should be optional to have 2d or 3d menu. Same with the road to rule thing should be 2d or 3d. I miss the town cryiers and the gambleing from fable 2. Also the fast travel in the old game was much better since you could choose where to travle to exactly cuz in fable 3 its somewhat random. I havent really liked the one on one friend making setup but i think they should keep it when trying to marry someone. Yet again i prefer fable 2's friend making. Im not trying to be negative and I just want to get some ideas out there. Negatives aside i do like the ledgendary weapons in fable 3, being able to hold hands, hero talking, spell weaving, flourishes, being king, and the basic storyline. Oh and all the other oddities of fable. "There is a chicken feather in my beer" —Preceding unsigned comment added by Ytypo123 (talkcontribs) . Please sign your posts with ~~~~

fable 4 should be set in the past way way before fable 1 it should be set back in the time of the old kingdom because the only game i really liked was TLC the rest of them were not as good. the reason i like this game is because it was set in the past. As it started to get more and more modern it kind of lost its taste —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) . Please sign your posts with ~~~~

It dont need to go so close too our time,this is Albion,not the real world,so the technology does not have to move so far.Ohh...CUPCAKES! 23:12, May 22, 2011 (UTC)

Three Words To Peter. KEEP. YO. PROMISES. Too long have we suffered your delusions of grandure, only to be let down when it comes time to launch the title. >:( SeraphiKratos 15:54, May 31, 2011 (UTC)

Whats up. Have to admit enjoyed reading some of the ideas that people have here and it got me thinking. I bought an xbox 360 for the sole reason of playing the fable series. And although i have really enjoyed the series (save for peter's perpensity for over exaggeration) The two primary issues that i have had with the 2 and 3 has to do with the final battle sequence and the morality, which i believe others also have issue with. (forgive if this is a repeat statement). Fable Lost chapters final battle with the dragon was the first time an awesome challenge which left me, at least, feeling like a truely powerful hero after. even tho i chose to wear jacks mask after. This said it took me 2 more plays of the game before i mastered it enough to take him out unclothed, no health potions and smacking him with the stick. Which at the time was awesome fun. But I degress,

My real reason for typing here is to make a comment about the ideas. Now with all said and done i am not certain about the 4th installment being placed in the past and i have to admit that there is only one potential way that said idea can actually play out which will work in the recent fable. That is If as Prince or young ruler of Albion, a decendant of the current hero, play out any general beginning that LionHead can make up and it ends with the primary villian of the story, some arch whatever of evil, who finds an Old Kingdom device that takes him back in time into the Old Kingdom. Then in a Fable way an explosively awesome cinematic follows that see's the whole of Albion change before your very eyes into a evil looking Old Kingdom style controlled by the Minions from fable 1 but better.. However due to your Hero blood you are saved or something and then Theresa comes to you and throws you back in time through some or other temporal displacement spell or device weave. and your task is to stop him from destroying your future, Or you can take his place as ultimate ruler. So Yes this is the only way that i can conceive that the Fable 4 Old Kingdom will work. However that being said, I agree with Alpha Lycos, Fable is about moving forward.

Instead I believe it should be set a few decades in the future which, although i don't want to have my hero from fable 3, i wouldnt mind it is they could create a world that is affected by my heroes choices, such as they do in mass effect. As in if having chosen the evil or good choices on the promises, have them set the world in which you now belong. I would like to have it that you are the estranged or bastard child of the king. But the there are others who are after the throne. And maybe even have a story whereby it is not so much of thrown works. Let me explain. So either the story for fable 4 could be based on the ruler having been murdered leaving Albion in ruins, and Jasper comes to you holding the legitimate will of the Ruler leaving the throne to you. However after you are not the only one after the throne. Maybe a cousin or something is also after the throne. In addition maybe there is a senate or something that is also trying to seize power, (similar too Rome, sorry if it sounds unoriginal) But what this does is add a further dynamic to the game. Maybe giving people a choice whether to rule benevolent or tyrannical or neutral, or to be democratic and in this sphere whether to be corrupt or pure in the dealings with the senate. I am not sure, What do you guys think. The primary part of the game is about stabilising the kingdom before the attack of the DragonQueen or King, which is also dependant on what gender you choose. The dragonruler is evil and powerful, and so in the final cataclysmic battle sequence you battle through dragon born and ascend the SerpentsCravas into the throneroom of the Ruler. Where you battle them and eventually in the beat them into submission, which in the end they will try and seduce you with the title of Dragonruler. You can Spare there life and with Theresa's or some other hero's help seal them away, bringing peace in a good way or you can kill them, or you can marry them, or you can kill them and take the throne anyway. lol. Well yeah i know that this is a long comment, but an interested in your thoughts. (Not a User but name is Nex)

A very "anti communist" thing to say. I'm not a communist but that is quite offensive, imagine russian people reading this. Think about how they feel rather than saying it's like something which it isn't. Fable III is not some way to glorify our nation's killing people just to say "Hey, this system is better.". It is a fun game, not comparable to Communisim vs capitalisim. —Preceding unsigned comment added by Bladesofsdoom (talkcontribs) . Please sign your posts with ~~~~This post was directed at the first paragraph.

Hmmm... I don´t actually think any of the ideas here are really that good. It´s true that Fable is going forward and that the Old Kingdom probably won´t be present in Fable 4, but c´mon seriously? Travel in time? War over colonies against Reaver? A republic? I mean are you actually thinking or are you just writing random stuff? (Sorry if I appear to be mean). Is Fable 4 evem such a good idea? In my eyes, Fable is nearly already ruined. Fable:TLC was amazing! Fable 2 was alright but Fable 3 was RUBBISH! Bad story, boring and easy gameplay and it takes like 3 days to beat the entire game! If Lionhead is going to rescue Fable then they need to create something incredible. In my opinion Fable IV shouldn´t even play out in Albion, there´s to much modern technology there. Wouldn´t it be much cooler if Fable 4 played out someplace far away from Albion? Where magic is much more casual and without guns and crap? Like in The Elder Scrolls where it takes place in a different location every single time? Oh and by the way, Lionhead needs to make some radical changes about gameplay if they are going to make a Fable 4. —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) . Please sign your posts with ~~~~

(kovacs.1123) - Tbh i think most of the idea's you are thinking are to far featch tbh what i think will happen if there make the 5 games is that the crawler ( incoming evil) was just the start of the plot, what i think is jack returning is somehow linked to this, maybe he get ressurected again, Thessares the searer is obv the hero of the 1st game sister. I know you will saying that cant be right or im wrong because of the time frame well tbh it makes sense in a way jack, syche, the guild headmaster cant rember his name the one who finds the hero of fable 1 these people all have if you not notice a really long life span so why cant his sister who if im not mistaken is also a blind searer like thessares is. Right this is where its get into the main idea so try to keep up...... Thessares now holds the spire from the 2nd game which will be a main factor in my idea we all no its powerfull on a major scale, i think jack will return though the incomming evil and thessares forsaw this so she made a plan.... if you notice it tells you the hero on fable 2 ansestor is the hero of fable 1, right back to her plan i think she will use her bloodline to resurect her brother maybe also the old kingdom etc with the spire, i dont think just her would have been enough so she found someone in her bloodline from the moden day (you) , on fable 1 her brother and her bloodline was at the strongest when it was togther so if she can make you into another him teamed up with her maybe your and her bloodline could allow to reopen the void as if it was being done by her and her brother but though the power boosting her and your powers allowing you to ressurect her brother to fight against the evil to come. You may ask if this is true why didnt she do tht on the 2nd game at the end, this answear is fairly simple because this would have been to soon have you seen how long it took for the crawler to get here the king died and his kids where adults, that why she prepared the kid of the king to take the place of the king to summon her brother she trains you so ur in sync with her brother hero/dna/bloodline what ever you want to call it. I dont think the hero will return till the end of the 4th game if this was to happen as it let the world be ruined by jack giving the 5th game the whole game to stop and kill jack. OOOO idea just hit me she may sacafise kings kid fable 3 hero to bring him back you know to take there place allowing you to get her brother for the full 5th game and not having to worry about using fable 3 hero again , it make sense in a way as thesaser would do anything to stop the evil for the greater good..... so what you think and sorry if this is confussing in my head its so simple if you want to talk more about this please feel free to contact me on :)

I have three ideas:

1. There should be a prequel Fable that focuses on the Old Kingdom sometime before the Archon destroyed everything with the Spire. It would be a lot like the original Fable with a lot of beasts and ancient stuff.

2. Second idea is that it should take place just after the Archon destroyed the Old Kingdom. You would be an old hero trying to rebuild Albion, and somewhere along the way the Hero's Guild would be established. Perhaps you could even be playing as the Guildmaster from the first Fable (that wouldn't really work if you were evil).

3. Final idea is that it takes place just a little after Fable III. This is my most undeveloped idea. The king from the third Fable decides to rebuild the Hero's Guild and you are a new hero.

—Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) . Please sign your posts with ~~~~

Don't worry about Fable entering into more modern times. If they do Lionhead will make it work, and besides that there are many reasons it might not enter it. Throughout the games your heroes are shown to be generous, but not idiotic. I doubt they would call the canon ending the one where you bought every house, collected income from them while getting followers, and then donated it to the treasury. It seems more that you would take more of a neutral ground, helping as many as you can while also borrowing money from wealthy citizens. Through this it is very likely that the nation would fall, and with it Aurora would also collapse(Aurora joined Albion after you become king) bringing the world into another dark age, or into a horrible recession halting research. 12:04, July 3, 2011 (UTC)

Perhaps instead of Jack of Blades we could have somebody like Reaver [ example only] leading a Rogue heroes guild. The hero decides to remake the heroes guild, but instead of being able to do that the hero finds that Reaver was able to enter the sanctuary and Heroes guild [ him being a hero]!

So the hero retakes the Guild and sanctuary with Hammer [ who comes back to meet the heroes son because she lost contact with him] So then with the help of the warrior monks you go to Samarkand to get Garth to help Remake the heroes guild. But when you arrive, you find out that Garth is seriously ill following being shot by Reaver. [ and being left for dead.] Reaver finds out and sends rogue heroes [being gifted but evil] to kill you, you kill them all but they kill off Garth.

Next you visit Theresa to ask her to help. Theresa is happy to help and leaves you a hero weapon to help you.

You visit Reaver at his house and he trys to kill you but teleports to the guild, you then kill him.

My other idea is that you'd be set in the old kingdom in your childhood and you survive the Spire somehow, then you try to rebuild the Old kingdom and make a New kingdom. You meet the guildmaster along the way. Bladesofsdoom 18:35, June 14, 2011 (UTC)

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I think Fable 4 should star out in a modern age, and it starts off with some person waking in bed(thats kinda how Fable 3 started out, but..) And he has weird visions of amcestors, and gains a Magic abbility sometime later. Meanwhile a Evil is... You know I just realised all I am trying to say has already been done in Fable 3. >:\ —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) . Please sign your posts with ~~~~

Bring back Oakvale everyones thinking it —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) . Please sign your posts with ~~~~
What I was thinking is that maybe they could start Fable 4 right after Fable: The Journey(Which looks like crap but I think people are being too hard on it). Maybe the thing Theresa was trying to get to was...A baby! And she has a vision of what the baby is going to look like which is where you can completely customize their looks(Skin tone, hair colour, eye colour, ect.) I got that idea from the Journey trailer which said that heros have to be made which made me think that it would be awesome to customize what my chacter looks like (as much as I love Lionhead's hero designs, the Fable 2 and Fable 3 male heros look almost exactly the same. And since we have no idea where the baby came from we don't have to worry about genetics affecting their appearance). Then Theresa raises the kid to be a hero because you learn that the hero from Fable 3 is dying from an illness (it's about 10 years after Fable 3)and none of their kids will ever be a hero. When you get to the point when the kid is about 18 (The age where the storyline starts) you learn that Jack of Blades is returning and they are the only ones that can stop him. Then the main story starts. I also would like it if there was another Elise/Elliot type of character in the game because I liked the idea of possibly saving the life of and then marrying the childhood sweetheart(But i wouldn't want that to be the evil choice in Fable 4. In what way is being with your true love evil, Lionhead?!) Well that's just my thinking. Finchelquicklover 23:03, June 25, 2011 (UTC)

WHY DOES EVERY ONE HERE ALWAYS WRITE ABOUT FREAKING JACK OF BLADES!!?? Sure he was a great villain and all, way better then Lucien and the Crawler could ever be. He's dead, ok!? His SOUL was DESTROYED by the Hero of Oakvale in Archon's Folly, just how is he suppposed to come back, huh!? Does some evil Skorm worshipper or something find a magical flute that can bring Jack to life? I understand why you all want Jack back (Hey, look! It rhymes!) :-), since Lionhead obviously can't think of a new kickass villain, but to bring him back would be so not canon. And these ideas about a new Heroes Guild wouldn't work either since most heroic bloodlines were destroyed after the fall of the guild and those heroes who still exist in Albion are not even aware of their powers. And then of course there is Reaver... I know that he's a dirtbag and all but he's far to cowardly to actually dare to confront a trained hero with all three disciplines openly. Plus he wouldn't suffice for a decent boss fight. If Lionhead actually wants to save Fable, going further in time will only ruin the entire series. If Lionhead wants to make an awesome, epic fantasy game, then they MUST go back in time, there is no other option! If Lionhead actually makes either Fable IV or a spinoff game that takes place during the old kingdom or the Fallow Wars, I would with out a doubt get the game, play non stop until I beat it and be thankfull towards Lionhead for making a great game. But if Lionhead actually has Fable IV play out during 1900, with trains and early cars, then I'll be SPITTING on Lionhead. If you read this you probably either agree with me or you think that I'm an over cynical idiot, but I don't really care what you think, these are just my own opinions. —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) . Please sign your posts with ~~~~

hey gang im back been a while since my last post anyways im back to rant so ive read some of these posts since i left and some of them look awsome and some of them (sigh) not so much yea i love the idea of seting it before fable 1 ive been thinking about it alot and i agree with the idea of boss battles bieng more epic and fulfilling also as you can already see above me WHY IS IT ALL ABOUT FREAKING JACK OF BLADES!!?!?! i mean they already put jack o blades in fable 1 and the TLC so if they but it in fable 4 it would seriusly damage peters rep but once again i still think it would be cool if they put some jack o blades easter eggs in there i think it would fit real nice also i agree with the not coming too our timeline thing i strongly recomend that the next game comes before the 1st because that would be awsome umm i also think that the create your own wepon thing in fable 3 was sick but it was not as detailed as i wouldve liked so i thought it would be cool if they put a forging system in the next game so players can forge their own truly unique wepons instead of it coming from a direct set of wepons also the combat system could do with a bit of tweaking its mostly the same mechanics every game X=swing sword XX=swing sword x2 XXX =swing sword x3 and so on and same thing with guns and magic i like the 3rd person combat and the button system just think they could throw in some XXYBYX combo action in there. PS. i still stick with all the stuff i said in my 1st post ya know about the dragons and the wep combining and sandgoose ect ect ect. —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) . Please sign your posts with ~~~~

SOMONE REPLY! this place is desolate its been like a week and no ones said anything hello! *echo* —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) . Please sign your posts with ~~~~

i was thinking about this, a few years after Fable 3 a guy walks into the Spire and accidently unleashing its powers. Albion is destroyed and the inhabitants are forming small groups fighting for survival. Because albion is destroyed there's no industry more, making it abit more Fable 1. The guy who activated the Spire is consumed by the the power and seeks for more. You play as the child from the Hero of Brightwall abd have to stop the guy. 13:48, August 4, 2011 (UTC)

hi everyone, im new here, glancing through the comments i think a prequel is the best thing to have for fable 4, either that or as someone said, have some spire accident turn albion back to the wilder, less developed world of 1 and 2, what do you think? The Sandgoose 12:30, August 10, 2011

FINALY!!! ppl are talking again this is great but that is a horrible idea sorry but people in fable want to move forward (metaphore) the idea of using the same character in the next game just isnt in the fable spirit and no one would be able to acces the spire anyways cos theresea is there and i dont think lion head would agree with the idea of destroying most of the albion they have worked to achieve no i still hold firm that the next game must be a prequel in the time of the old kingdom i mean how much does anyone know about the old kingdome? seriusly there have only been a few hints of it existing e.g music box.legend of the new world ect ect. a prequel is obviusly of choice! and since its in the old kingdome i think there would probly be alot more spells like in fable 1 or more? plus there would be alot more fantasy since its in that time line there would be dragons and god noes what else also because its the old kingdome we could learn so much more! like how hobbes are made or we might see the sand goose ect there would be more adventures and exiting quest unlike the boring 5 min add on quest in addition i think since it will be a new game they might be able to improve some of the old stuff like wepon costomising,AI personality inprove ment and interaction the simple and actualy rather boring combat system ect ect ect.

p.s im going to sighn my post with my nickname now so ppl now that its my post and not other ppls lol .tiremi —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) . Please sign your posts with ~~~~

You may sign your posts with your nickname to your heart's content, but you still need to sign all your posts at the end with ~~~~. Thanks. -- TheIndifferentist 02:31, August 13, 2011 (UTC)

Hmm, i don't think that fable 4 will be a prequel, since the mainly about moving forward in time. However, i'd love to have a huge fable spinoff game in the past. But instead of the old kingdom, I think it should be about the Fallow Wars. Like it starts of with the protagonist being some random kid in a small nomad community, about a hundred years after the old kingdom fell. The community is later attacked by bandits and everyone exluding the hero are killed. However, just as the hero is about to get killed, a mysterious warrior appears who slaughters the bandits in an instant. The warrior calls himself Nostro and asks the player to join him in his endeavor to change Albion. The hero agrees and becomes one of new Albion's first heroes. As the hero grows in age and power, the player will have the oppurtunity to see how Albion slowly changes for the better, the Arena is built and Bowerstone becomes the largest city in Albion. However, as you can read in Tales of Albion, the joy is short lived as the Heroes Guild is slowly corrupted. The hero can then oppose these changes (good) or simply flow along (evil). Later in the game the Heroes Guild is separeted into two factions, the bad one and the good one. The hero must then choose side and eventually lead that that side in an AWESOME ALBION HERO CIVIL WAR!!!!!!!!!! —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) . Please sign your posts with ~~~~

well i like the idea of joining an evil or good group of heroes and the civil war idea mmm dunno i mean yea its a good idea to have a fight between good and evil heroes but i think it should be on a smaller scale .....and i still think it should be a prequel .tiremi —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) . Please sign your posts with ~~~~

i absoultly love the fable games i was very dissapointed when the next fable game is a kinect game they shouldnt be wasteing their time, i think it will be terrible to be honest, but anyway i cant wait for the next fable game (fable 4) to be released, i was reading some of the ideas above and some of them are really good :) i love the idea of jack of blades returning and having to have to remake the guild, its pretty interesting, but also i really think lionhead should do what microsoft has done with the first halo game and remake it, i think it would be so good if they remade fable the lost chapters but with updated graphics etc. what do you think? i think it would be possible halo 4 is being released in the same year as the remake of halo 1 is, so maybe they could release a remake of fable 1 before releasing fable 4 as a anniversery kinda thing ... miitcheee—Preceding unsigned comment added by Miitcheee (talkcontribs) . Please sign your posts with ~~~~

Actually the remake of Halo CE is being released in November. Halo 4 is said to be released next year.--Alpha Lycos 09:59, September 13, 2011 (UTC)

I have always wanted a Fable game that could take place in the "old kingdom" where you play as the old Archon, starting as the child archon livining under the opression of "The Court" I think it would be great if you discover your Will abilities as a child and progress through a story line fighting all of the terrible beasts of that time while developing your skills to eventually take on "The Court" one by one, also you could add a fable feature in where you can build up your kingdom, start from pretty much scratch and strech your kingdom over albion leaving an impact that would be the structures in the Fable 1 and 2, of course you add the feature that makes fable, fable. The morailty factor, but in this one its a much greater extreme to chose from, like do you support the beasts in that time and have them available for summonning, or do you save the innocent and recruit them as heros in your guild to be trained as a will hero, or skill or might, i know i have a lot of empty spots but i think the general idea would be great —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) . Please sign your posts with ~~~~

NOOOOOO! DO NOT ADD JACK BACK IN! Do not ruin his image. Use some weaker version, like the Knight of blades, or maybe the queen this time. But the scythe idea is great and it could bring in him being the archon and all that. I would love maze and thunder though, and garth is ok. I just hope they use a good boss cuz lucien was shit, logan would have been a better side character, and the crawler didnt make much sense. But PLEASE dont make them go into our age. PLEASE! OH AND BRING THE TWO KIDS FROM THE BALVERINE ORDER IN! —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) . Please sign your posts with ~~~~

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hey guys iam new but i think it would be awsome for fable 4 to be like 2 years after fable 3 and like logan is back and he is like well if my little brother is a hero that means i am two so logan goes to sutcliff and conquers it and turns the old guild hall in to an evil heros guild and you the hero of bright wall starts your own guild in millfields or add a new region of bowerstone called bowerstone guild district and like you order as the king that oakvale be rebuilt and the halting of technolgy and you apoint binn flen as your guildmaster since he is the hero of skill unknow fact —Preceding unsigned comment added by Milk117 (talkcontribs) . Please sign your posts with ~~~~

I like the idea of a shorter time span. However I'm not sure if the Logan idea would be practical, particularly if you had him executed. The concept though is a good one, and it would be nice to bring Sutcliff into the picture. --Enodoc(Talk) (User Space) 22:44, September 19, 2011 (UTC)

Ok so the game could start a few years after the end of fable 3 and your character could find out that the Heros Guild was never actualy overthrown they just let the world believe that they were , and they have been ruling albion from behind the scenes like a iluminati kind of thing and you would have to overthrow them and free albion from their grasp. Then after that your character ( which you could import from Fable 3) would then have to balance their time between being king or queen and the new guild master and if you had a family them too. for example if you decide to go on too many quests for the guild then your castle would be ruled by your wife, or son (who would be less expirenced and make less good choices and make more self indulgent ones),if you had one, and if you didnt no one would be ruling and your castle would fall into disrepair and your subjects would become unhappy. the antagonists for the second chapter could be the court who older-double-brackets" data-rtimposter heroes and will desieve the masses into believing that you have become a tyrant, and will lead a rebelion against you and for every member of the court you defeat, more people of albion will think they were martyrs and join their cause, and after you defeat the first two members of the court the people will have completley believed you have become a tyrant even if you have kept your people happy until this point, and all of albion and aurora except your soldiers, guards, and closest friends will rebel and you will be overthrown, and then in the third and final part you must find a way to retake the castle, and guild then defeat the final member of the court who has become the ruler of albion and is doing horrible things to the country but out of the public eye.Along the way you could make discisions that will impact albion and eventualy return to being king and guildmaster. —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) . Please sign your posts with ~~~~

Oh i take back what i said bout jack. I meant it will ruin the first and GREATEST heroes name, the Hero of Oakvale. And i think the idea below about Logan being already dead is not good because theresa could have been killed in fable 1 or tlc. LONG LIVE KING LOGAN! —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) . Please sign your posts with ~~~~

From what I remember, Theresa may only have been "struck down". It doesn't mean that she was actually killed (obviously open to interpretation of the statement). Logan on the other hand is definitely actually killed if you make that choice. --Enodoc(Talk) (User Space) 09:27, September 29, 2011 (UTC)
Besides, Logan wasn't even evil nor greedy nor ambitious. He just wanted to protect Albion by doing bad things for a good cause. AND IF you let him live them he says it himself that he's glad to be rid of the throne. —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) . Please sign your posts with ~~~~

In fable 4 it won't have Jack of Blades and i don't want it to, i don't want to defeat an enemy i have already defeated twice before. It won't have cars or any other form of automated transport because it's a different universe and won't follow are timeline. I don't want to play as our hero from fable 3 because you will have all of your powers and it will take the fun out of the game. I want the weapon tiers back like iron,steel, master, clockwork etc. For everyone saying they want fable 4 to be in the old kingdom or in the past it won't happen because fable is all about moving forward in time. As for ideas about the game i don't have any apart from how to have heroes in it because as theresa said in the journey trailer the age of heroes is over so there being made. Lionhead could do this by setting it like 200 years in the future and the hero from fable 3 has had kids then they have had kids and so on, so the hero bloodline has started again and the hero from fable 3 has restarted a heroes guild where their hero blood can be awakened. I agree that Lucien was a terrible enemy especially considering you don't get a proper fight just hold a button for a bit then kill him in one attack. I think there should be more types of weapons like in fable 2 and 1 where you had greatswords, axes, katanas, cleavers etc. unlike fable 3 where you had either hammer or sword and pistol or rifle. Fable will defiantlly be in Albion because that is where the fable series is set. I want expeience back not the crappy road to rule, i know it was used to mimick your progress to becoming ruler of albion but i hate it. The idea of the sanctuary is a good idea, the idea of walking around your pause menu.I would like it if they added in new weapons like staffs because we know they exsist because Maze and Whisper used them in fable 1 and TLC.I also want the physical changes dependingon what route of combat we take like if we pick will we get blue lines etc.I didn't like that in fable 3 nothing changed when you upgraded will,skill or strengh. I would also like for there to be noticable effects on your apperance dependin on your morality. Obviously Max and Sam will be back because they never leave you alone.Oakvale won't come back because it has become wraithmarsh and there is no way that is being reversed.I didn't like the gauntlets, they look cool but it ruins the point of being a hero because heroes can just use will not need some gloves to use it, sure they were good for spellweaving but if you were good enough you should be able to do it anyway.x All the full stops and badly organized ideas (as soon as thought of something i typed it without worrying where it was) probally made you pretty bored but thanks for reading.
HubbaBubba41 17:13, October 9, 2011 (UTC)

Friends. Fable 4. First of all, I'm 21, i've followed the fable lore since i was like, 13, and i have played all three to death. I have my own personal connections to each but there isn't one i specifically prefer. I love them all, and i'm certain i will love the 4th. First of all, making Fable 4 a fable history game, going back and playing as william or scyth and fighting jack is just.. well, it ruins the mystery you find while reading books or the loading screens. Reading books and piecing the history of Albion is the best part about fable. Second, i do not like the idea of Fable 4 taking place RIGHT after 3 as 3 did after 2. We must look at the history to see how things have played out. Pre-Fable 1 we have an era of Kings, Knights, Magic and Monsters, this is the Dark Ages in real life history. Then, DURING the events of Fable 1, we have the after effects of the Dark Ages/Medieval where society is beginning to rebuild itself after a harsh crumble. By the time we get to Fable 2, Fairfax Castle represents the dawn of the coloniel era where the monarchy has been set in place, a la the 1700s where France, Britain etc all had Kings but also had wagons, housing and a more modernized lifestyle. In fable 3 even though its only 50 years after 2, its more like the 1800s with steam powered engines and factories, not to mention firearms of course. So, the games have definitely had varying gaps between them, but i think the gaps are meant to represent each important era of our Earth's real history. Fable 4 would definitely be about the revolution of democracy, freeing of slaves, each town having their own mayor/law system. Streets with actual roads for old time cars, trollies, etc. I think Fable 4 should be most similar to the 1920s, where theaters have been established, primititve cars, etc. I UNDERSTAND WHOLEHEARTEDLY that people are very against Fable becoming a "modern game" but the 1920s are almost 100 years ago, it's history, and is drastically different than the times today. Fable 4 should be about Albion's discovery of democracy, war with other nations around the globe, building larger cities, power plants, gasoline, oil, and everything that was going on in the early 1900s. As for Fable 5 obviously that would come into our modern day, ending the long 5 game story and catching up with our modern times.
—Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) . Please sign your posts with ~~~~
What I was thinking for fable 4 is that it is after fable TLC ( after killing jack as a dragon) and that you are Jack, and your soul went back into the Void, and there you see both Avo and Skorn ( your guide) and tell you you have second chance to kill the hero of Oakvale and you should not mess it up, but you need to start from the begining of the stats and will. The hero of Oakvale became maire of Bowerstoneand killed Lady Grey. The first part you need to do some small quest and at the end of that part you need to kill the Hero of Oakvale and win the sword of Aeons, and because the Hero find all of the hero's doll, before dying he places them in all part of Albion and you need to find them on the second part by killing the heros of the doll because every time you get a doll you win the weapon of the hero of the doll, but you need to a spacial power to do so and there only Theresa has it, so you need to pretend like Palgan and take this power of her. then there some bosses (the Heros) in the part 2.
During the game you learn that your mask was broken in 50 pieces and as a side quest find them, but in part 3 you learn by Skorn that there one missing in albion and it is in Aurora, so you get teleport there by Avo you find out that the laste piece is keeped by the sandgoose which you need to ask if she can the puzzle of your mask, she will do that only if you beet her on a duel, youu just need to hit her once and you beet her, so she do your mask, she do in 5 second because she is a genius, but she fallin the temptaition of wairing it, and you become one with her, you now look like The Crawler. And then part 3 is over and then in the After story you wear a cap so people do not see your face. 02:47, October 20, 2011 (UTC)

Here's an idea I have for fable 4, I don't know if it's good or not so please tell me what you think. The plot takes place in Albion, 200 years after the events of Fable 3. The Abion royal dynasty have declined in power drastically since the death of the Hero of Brightwall, for none of his descendants have unlocked the true power of their bloodline. Also, in the last decades, Albion has been ripped apart by diseases, hunger, banditry and royal family to weak to stop the process, the chaos has also greatly prevented technological advancemt. The people no longer believe in their rulers and dismiss the great victories and power of their ancient ruler as stories and rumour spread by their kings in a desperate attempt to kling to their former glory. Aurora has completely seceded from the kingdom of Albion, southern Albion has been taken by outlaws and rebels and from across the mountains to the east march a powerful, newly risen empire, Camoria, whose emperor intends to invade the crippled kingdom with the aid of a traitor to Albion's court, Reaver. The current king is a mad man called king Richton, a man who lives in an illusion and atcually thinks he's a Hero, while his vassals plot to take power for themselves. Also, in the midst of all the chaos, not just Albion, but the entire world is dying, due to the lack of Will in the world, which serves as the world's lifeforce. Theresa, in an attempt to prevent the world's utter destruction, uses the Spire's power to create a rift in the barriar that splits Albion and the Void, hoping that the immense Will from the Void will flow into Albion without it's creatures being able to wreak havoc. However, it backfires and the rift becomes to great by mistake so that the creatures from the Void can enter Albion. Theresa tries to correct her mistake, but it does no good and the rift slowly grows so that more and more demons may leave their marks in the mortal realm. Scythe, who has been an observer all these years, decides to enter the fray to combat the threat alongside an immortal and powerful sorceress, who goes under the name Rose. To procced with his plans, Scythe summons the Sword of Aeons from the Netherworld (or wherever it is right now) and binds the essence and power of the sword into a newborn child, a child that posseses the most "pure" blood in Albion and is thusly the only one the sword will accept. 8 years later, the rift still isn't large enough for people to see the difference and smaller battles have occured at the border between Albion and Camoria. The child is about to celebrate his/her 8 year old birthday but he is attacked by a demon from the Void, who slaughters the child's family and attempts to kill the child. The demon is however, intercepted by Rose, who destroys the demon through her magic and takes the child to the ruins where the Heroe's Guild once stood. There the child is greeted by Scythe and Theresa who are intent on training the child, so that he/she can master his/her godly, yet corrupted power, and destroy the legions from the Void, return Albion to it's former state, and revive the age of Will in all it's splendour! 21:01, October 20, 2011 (UTC)

I think you have a Molyneuxesque idea there. I like it. How are King Richton and the child connected to each other and the bloodline (since the Hero of the story is always a member of the bloodline, and Richton must be somehow otherwise he wouldn't be king)? --Enodoc(Talk) (User Space) 21:46, October 20, 2011 (UTC)

Peoples I have good news and bad news right the good news is that Ive got the link to the begining of fable 4 and the bad news for every one that loves Albion! Albion is being invaded by darkness or shadows not quit sure wich right now but any way yeah every thing will die if you don't stop it. You have a hourse instead of a dog. Im not sure if there is any one there for a long time in the beging not to worry Im sure they might put in a hero team up or any one that we can find. Oh your a dweller by the way ;)
Heres the link I told you about earlier
—Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) . Please sign your posts with ~~~~

That's not Fable 4, that's Fable: The Journey. --Enodoc(Talk) (User Space) 18:27, October 25, 2011 (UTC)
I like the whole Richton idea, reaver betrayer, new chosen thing but what would happen next... So the hero get train then what who's the major bad guy. That's what was wrong with Fable 3 "The Crawler" not that scary and I believe you need to think about the small details of the plot too. Great Idea anyhow hope they bring back the whole childhood gameplay but when the hero gets to around 21 stop ageing it's just annoying after then the character you spent hours getting stuff just changes and you have start all over. Near the start ageing good, ageing bad later on in game. To explain a story reason for it they could curse the hero after death and theresa or someone bring back to life after some trials then you're like the undead for the rest of game and have to make morals decisions like---- A) Stay undead and destroy B) Stay undead and help C) pass over D) become a living immortal again but make it like super hard. Also make so that the hero can go the spirit realm of dead and do stuff there maybe even become king/queen of the Spirit Realm or Albion or any other places or even all of the places. Keep the story more open ended and make the technology revert back a few decades because of the hardships on the land. Then make the invading country super advance tech wise and then Albion can win a war against them using good will. 12:41, October 26, 2011 (UTC)Elle
Personally, I'll be happy as long as it isn't Kinnect dependent, and I get to finally kill Reaver. I really hate that guy, and I'm sick of not being able to give him his comeuppance.Liam Sionnach 18:41, October 26, 2011 (UTC)

What if fable 4 where to take place in a new country. a new land was disconvered and albion is looking to expand. your character is one of the people who goes there to get away ov the overindustrialization of albion. what happens to this new land is up to your actions. it could become industrializes and the natural environment gets wiped out or you cauold fight to preserve it. magic comes in when the new hero finds a cullis gate in the middle of nowhere and is able to activate it and it takes you to a hidden hero's guild possibly built by king from 2 or 3 (2 seems to be the wiser leader) where you find Therisa who teaches you to wield magic over time. adding some new spells and i don't care about the gauntlets, i just would like to keep spellweaving. maybe the types of spells you can use depend on how the storyline goes. you could learn to communicate with nature by fighting to preserve it or learn complete destruction spells by destroying the nature of the new land. i am just a fan of learning all spells with exp. for the economic standpoint you could buy raw land and decide what kind of house would get built there. as for the enemy, it would depend on the alliances that you make. ally with businessmen just trying to expand thier profits or the natives and fight for preservation. in the end you would either kill the head of the corperation. or you kill the leader of the natives. if you want balance you could get them to cooperate with each other or rule it all by killing them both. for melee weapons, add some spears, staves, maces, anything i am just sick of hammer or sword. i miss the kanta though. maybe you could mine for ore and make your own weapons. another possible connenction would be to the old kingdom. the natives could actually ancient decendants of people from the old kingdom who were trying to colonize the new land but lost contact with albion once the old kingdom was wiped out. thus they learned to live with what they had there. this could also explain finding the cullis gate. maybe therisa would not be the one to teach you of the ways of the hero, but a new teacher who preserved himself/herself with a spell to keep themselves to be able to teach new heroes once they arrived. therisa would get linked to the game some other way. maybe she got smuggled aboard the ship and was looking for this cullis gate. ranged weapons could go anywhere from classical bow and arrow to finding an advanced weapon of the old kingdom. a new land also means new creatures. no more fighing the same old hollow men, bandits, and hobbes. this being a different land could also mean that the dragons here are still alive.

~~tychill XBL~~

I would like to see Fable4 with an all new main zone. I wouldnt even care if it ws in the same time frame as 2 and 3. I loved the good and evil in Fable1 the best, 2 was a joke and 3 was dumb I think. I know that the last Fable is 5 and if they take anyone of them to the past it should be Fable5, best timeframe IMO, also with the richest history. I think it should be an XBL MMO. Heros doing there own thing when the guild was at its best or even before that. —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) . Please sign your posts with ~~~~

I like the Idea of being Jack of Blades, and be able to get revange of both your death,because I think thats what Fables' story line is prety much all about, but I like the sanctuary but I did not understoode whereit come from. Anyway, you as Jack should be able to see the cration of some city you see in Fable 2, and be a major part of the destruction of Oakval, you know that where your enemit came from.And the Crowler to be at the beging the sandgoose is a good idea who ever wrote this idea. —Preceding unsigned comment added by Sandgooselover28 (talkcontribs) . Please sign your posts with ~~~~

I know exactly how Fable 4 is gonna end up like. It starts of 50 years after Fable 3 in a city called Bowervale (or Oakstone) and the main character is a 40 year old guy referred to as the Buddy. One day the Buddie's friends and family are slaughtered by the Sandgoose, who turns out to be Lucien's bastard son and who went mental after the death of his childhood hero, Thunder. The Buddy must then find the music box to destroy the Sandgoose, however Lionhead will have forgotten about their own lore due to being forced to listen to Peter Molyneux and his bullshit every day, so the developers either hanged themselves or turned into alcoholics, so they think the music box is an ancient spaceship that can control people's eating habits. The Buddy can only fightwith a stick that upgrades the more you fight with it and will eventually become an exact copy of Yoda's lightsaber because of Lionhead's lack of ideas. There will be no unique NCPs anymore, instead there will be 5000 NCPs that look exactly the same and does nothing except blocking the way for you and talk about how awesome Lionhead is in an attempt to brainwash the player.After you defeated the Sand goose using the magical spaceship, the sandgoose will transform into a black version of king Cailan from dragon age, but in this game he is called "Failan". Getting from the beginning of the game to the final boss takes 20 minutes since all you have to do is get through Bowerstone Market, which is filled with 5000 god damn NCPs and defeating the Sandgoose takes 5 hours since the battle is a dance-off using the most irritating game mechanics ever invented. After the battle, Failan appears alongside Banakin Flywalker and Muriel Neptim who do nothing except mocking the player until he shoots them, which ends the game. However this is impossible since you don't have gun, but you CAN get a gun if you buy the "Free Gun!" dlc for 199.99 euro, the "Aim" dcl for 259.99 euro and the "Guildmaster!" dlc for 1.99 euro, the dlc forces you to listen to the Guildmaster while he lectures you for 3 hours and the only thing he does is saying "Try to get your amount of dlcs even higher" and "There is an important dlc for you". After completing the game, the only thing you can do is hand around in a castle full of retarded NCPs and solver puzzles that are so insultingly easy it's like they were designed for daycare children. Oh! One last thing, when you start create your character you can choose to be an elf, a dwarf or a hobbe, however hobbe will be the canon choice... —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) . Please sign your posts with ~~~~

That is unfair but mildly amusing. --Enodoc(Talk) (User Space) 11:03, November 1, 2011 (UTC)
I like the idea, but what happen if you have a child, because if its only one type of NPC, your wife will cuddle a 30 years old women,this would be just slicy AmusingSandgooselover28 22:44, November 2, 2011 (UTC)
No, the child is one of the things that Lionhead will actually work on, well it's appearence anyhow. The only things that the child will do is running around and saying "Tommy's dad bought a new dlc two weeks ago, why can't we buy a new one? It's only 99.99. —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) . Please sign your posts with ~~~~

I love all the fable games.i think there great but im afraid that if they put it to far in the present it will be ruined but i dont think it should end.its one of the best rpgs ive ever played so i think they should make a fable 4 but thats just my opinon.If they made one i dont think you should be born a hero i think like maybe later on when your guy is like 14 then something will turn you into a hero.agin thats just my big FABLE FAN—Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) . Please sign your posts with ~~~~

As was already stated by Alpha Lycos,speculation about Fable 4 is pointless because LIONHEAD has already decided the direction Fable is headed,I just would like to make a few observations. Why does everyone think Theresa is good? She has always had an eerie motive about the Hero's actions and incentive in F2 and F3. Why is she so insistant that the Spire is hers? Could it be that she plans on using it like some "Genesis Device" like in Star Trek? Isn't that what Lucien was trying to do?Also many people think the hero in F2 killed Lucien when it could also have been Reaver.Maybe Theresa has Jacks' Mask and The Sword of Aeons and will be the villian of F4 or F5.

I also keep reading people dont want F4 to have more recent technology than the current Fable series. Didn't Fable 2 also have guns?If you want to talk about battle mechanics maybe you should play some Final Fantasy or Star Ocean RPGs.Lionhead could learn something from games like FF VII FF X FF X-2 FF Tactics and other RPGs.Maybe try a Weapon,Magic,Armor System. 13:03, November 10, 2011 (UTC)

hey newbie at forum here, just read the whole thing and i just realised that isnt thereasa or how ever you spell her name, the sister from F1 and the chick that takes the spire in F2? i havent played F3 yet as i dnt like how there are guns in it (there are guns in F2 but the only one i used was hal's gun, unlocked in the mystery gift shop , also happens to be a weapon from halo) i loved jack of blades and i think he should come back and the using of the spire to kill him is good, although i think thereasa should turn evil, and help jack of blades. with that inmind she controls the spire so to kill jack you need to kill her. i was thoroughly annoyed when oakvale turned to wraithmarsh and it was something like oakfield? in F2. the demon doors arent as hard to open in F2 though which sucked. thats my opinion anyways Troy November 11/11/11

Theresa helping Jack of Blades? Yeah, just because he slit her eyes out, slaughtered her family in front of her and practically PISSED on her bloodline, it doesn't have to mean that she doesn't like him. She tried to stop him once, but maybe she realised how much she loved Jack because of his beautiful hair, which for some strange LIonhead reason is blond. 22:45, November 11, 2011 (UTC)

You guys are missing a big part of fable series: Easter Egg. We all know that in fable 3 we can see the Spire, it's for a reson. Ok I am very serious so don't lagh. Whene you finishe the first quest in driftwood they (Eco wariors) said that they'll use their houses as boat, so maybe there going to take the Spire and use a wish to destroy Albion becaus Albion is not enough Eco friendly. The only reson why Theresa did not see this type of future is becaus they put a type of poisone in the water so Theresa won't sleep, Eco frindly of cours.When they took the Spire they kick Therasa out of her precious Spire and ftj would be helping her get it back.

But in Fable 4 Scythe and Rose ( who start looking like a joung Briar Rose) will find the son of Logan ( wich now live in the old quater) so they'll take the spire before Therasa because Rose has the same power then Therasa exepted she can see the future when awake and asleep. You are the son of Logan ( the one they are surching for) and need to save Albion form being wished out because of the Eco warior. And so ftj and Fable 4 will be in the same time period.Sandgooselover28 23:29, November 11, 2011 (UTC)

Another newbie to the forum here, I've played and beaten all of the fable games and am getting anxious for a fourth in the series. I've got a couple of Ideas, just throwing 'em out there:

1. You continue on as the king/queen from the third game battling a new threat to your kingdom (Return of J.O.B etc)

2. As above but as the king/queens son/daughter.

3. Going before Fable and TLC and battling to save the old kingdom. Have a war between good and evil heroes which you have to recruit.

Fable four should also let the player choose their pet, have there children grow older than 8, keep a menu like the sanctuary and keep the whole thing where you have to convince people to take your side.

I don't think that fable four should go much further forward than it already is as it is already getting too close to now. They should bring back some people like Jack but none that are dead and are now ghosts. Thereasa has been in all he games and it would be a shame to kick her out now or to make her evil.

PS. some of you guys need to use spell check. —Preceding unsigned comment added by Maffleck21 (talkcontribs) . Please sign your posts with ~~~~


Combat: more spells. Lay off the "charge up the spell" idea and just let us use level 5 lightning like normal.

NPCs: More actions! More choices, more variety! Not just whore, salesman, villager. Give me more!!!! MORE EXPRESSIONS!

Quests: More that give you actual rewards for shit. Yes the tiny experience is nice but i want REAL rewards for optional quests.


Stores: Same as above.

Realistate: Maybe a bit more creative than just "buy and rent out" or "buy and move in" ???? Maybe idk like, the option to turn a house into a store, or a store into a house? The option to customize the look on the outside, or inside?

Marriage: Adoption for lesbian couples would be nice. Maybe the option to get pets for the family, or THE KIDS ACTUALLY AGING FOR REAL. I want to see a baby become a child, then an adult. I WANT TO SEE MY SON MOVE OUT OF THE HOUSE AND MARY HIS OWN WIFE AND FOR THEM TO HAVE CHILDREN!!! I want to see NPCs have children, and have them grow up. I want to see change. I want to see houses have new owners after certain amounts of time. I want to see Jr take over Father's shop. ETC!

Alignment: Good and Evil are great. Purity and Curruption are.. annoying. Just saying. Fable 1 was fine with just good and evil.

Enemies: Hobbes Balvarines and Bandits are great... but CMONNNNN give me something waaaacky

Weapons: SWORDS AXES SHIELDS ARMOR! Wait.. Shields? SHIELDS?!!!?!?! SHIELDS!!!!!!!!!!

Clothing: My god, add something more than just high class outfit, low class outfit! Where's my damn plate armor? Why are most of the clothing sets INCOMPLETE in fable 2 and 3? WTF is that?! Where's my god damn black leather trenchcoat and sunglasses? Fuck you, i wanna be Neo!


I want to burn down the forests of albion, smash peoples houses to pieces, tear through entire villages, cutting off heads, cutting off arms, legs, hands and feet! I want to boil water, melt ice and burn trees! I want to be able to PICK UP an object off a table, and throw it at an npc. YES. I want to walk into a bar, order a damn beer, then dump it all over a whore's tits and watch her cry!!!!! YES SSS YESS YES

Also, i wanna be able to REALLY be evil. If i'm evil, i dont want bandits to attack me, i want them to allow me into their clan. I want to be bitten by a balverine and then be able to PLAY as a balverine and have them not attack me!!! I want to be able to ALLY a certain type of enemy! I also want more stuff for humans! There should be a swordsman guild, and archer's guild. Places where i can meet other heroes with similar talents that i can perhaps learn from or take with me on my quests.

I WANT TO BE ABLE TO MARRY/SCREW IMPORTANT CHARACTERS. Yes, that fat bitch in fable 2, i wanna hit that JUST BECAUSE THE GAME WONT LET ME. Sure i can get that alex chick easily, but i'm SUPPOSED TO. I wanna be able to seduce monk women and make them sin all over my COCK. I wanna blow Reaver's fuckin face off. I want to be able to VIOLENTLY screw Theresa and then KILL HER FOR FUCKING KILLING MY DOG IN FABLE 2! YOU BITCH I DONT CARE IF LUCIEN SHOT THE GUN, YOU'RE THE ONE WHO SUMMONED HIM YOU FUCKING WENCH! I'LL KILL YOU!!!! I'LL KILL YOUUUUUU!!!!!! sob..sob.. my dog's dead... ;_;


Looking forward to fable 4. 16:38, November 16, 2011 (UTC)

maffleck21 again,

in contrast to what I said previously, i entirely agree to everything the user before me said, especially the whole environment destruction thing....that would be fun :D

the balverine thing gave me an idea; what if we could have other orc, elf, dwarf etc.

although, this is directed at the previous writer, if we don't return jack, or have a prequel, what would the next game be about? we cant go forward much, or back, or revive characters, unless we go to a completely different place from albion (which I don't really agree with) what can we do?

can't wait for it though, should be good

PS. not liking the look of fable: the journey

Elves? Dwarves? Orcs? Seriously...? Making games like that are the absolutly best way of utterly screwing the work of J.R.R Tolkien. I hate it when fantasy creators can't use their own f***ing imagination to make a game or book. For instance: Elder Scrolls is imaginitive which is why it's awesome. Dragon Age 2 is not imaginitve and so therefore it sucks. —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) . Please sign your posts with ~~~~

I think Lionhead Studios should make the next Fable based 200 years after Fable 3. You are a teen that is reckless, charismatic, ahletic and intrigued in History, mostly to the times of Fable 1, Fable 2 and Fable 3, His father told him stories of the hero King that ruled Albion over 200 years ago and of the Guild of Heroes. He was told of a great mentor known as the Guildmaster who guided a Great Hero to the defeat of Jack of Blades. And of a blind serees known as Theresa who was the sister of the Great Hero, and who also guided the Hero of Fable 2 and the Hero King in Fable 3. The teen then goes to bed and dreams about the Great Hero, the Hero King and the Hero in Fable 2. He is woken by a voice whispering in his ear. he finds himself looking at the ghosts of the Guildmaster, a vision of Theresa and the ghost of the Hero King. They get to explaining what is happening to ALbion, A new threat has arisen in Albion, deep, within Albion, evil stirs, Jack of Blades has been reborn as a titan of emmense strength, skill and will. They tell the kid that he must leave home because they will be attacked soon by Jack of Blades minions, He is searching for you because he believes, you are The hero of Old, The Hero that can fully master every Hero skill, The only hero that can stop him. He tries to run downstairs to get his father ut just as he walks up to his fathers door, he hears a sword come out of its sheath, he yells to his dad to wake up. you hear the father dodge the blade and fight the minion inside his room. you hear but do not see what happens, you hear a sword go through a body. The father walks out of his room. he says "we have to go, NOW" The kid is explaining what just happened to him, just when he's about to finish, the ghosts come downstairs and talk to his father and explains the situation. they explain his son is the only person to stop Jack of Blades and his minions from taking over Albion. The son and the father go with the ghosts and Theresa to the remains of the Guild of Heroes. They explain that the only way to defeat Jack of Blades is to gather more heroes, and the only way to do that is to rebuild the Guild of heroes. —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) . Please sign your posts with ~~~~

Who says Fable 4 needs to have any relationship to other Fables? Lionhead may just come up with a whole new world, new characters, and new lore. This may rattle a few cages, but Final Fantasy changes with every new game and doesn't suffer any loss of followers.(Good gameplay=Good sales) I'm not looking to cause trouble just pointing out that what Lionhead is going to do has probably been planned out already and there is very little good in speculation.

P.S. I always wanted to see the dog transform into a dragon or something and aid the hero in an unwinable situation. There must be some reason the hero is the only one being aided by fido.Garry Damrau 12:28, November 26, 2011 (UTC)

Please... everybody, just... just stop... writing down your own... "ideas". 14:47, November 27, 2011 (UTC)

What? This forum's only purpose is for your own ideas. There's nothing else about Fable 4 to talk about. --Enodoc(Talk) (User Space) 17:30, November 27, 2011 (UTC)

All I wold really like is another Fable game thats rather long. --Bullet Francisco (Want to see what I've been doing?) 18:17, November 27, 2011 (UTC)

Personally, I think Fable 1 & 3 were the best GAMEPLAY, but Fable 2's DLCs were miles better, I think that fable 4 should boast a much wider wepon, apparel and Job choice. As I am still fustrated at the lack of choice for wepons (e.g. staffs, daggers ect) Plus a choice that you don't even have to weild wepons altogether. (For pure magicians) Plus a return to Fable 1's experience spending will be a lot better as Fable 2's was more complicated and Fable 3's was just a terrible idea. Lionhead needs to design a wider array of clothes, as Fable 3's was rushed and boasted little choice. But the Dye system was brilliant (As you didn't have to keep waiting for a Dye trader to turn up at the Fairfax Gardens :P) Also a return to armour would be ideal, as many Warriors fell let down by the lack of choice that they had from Fable 2 (Compared to fable 1) I would also suggest interpretting Fallout's quest system, as you can choose how long you want the game to be (doing only main quests can be les than 4 hours, or doing side quests and building up followers can be almost a week) However I do like the idea of a changing enviroment, reflecting the hero's choices and actions, as that's what Fable is all about right? Choices! —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) . Please sign your posts with ~~~~

Really Gotta say fable can't continue forever in fable 3 the industrial revoloution was a big letdown and gave signs that fable will keep advancing and one day we might end up with grand theft auto with magic and mythical creatures and shadow worshipers and reaver who becomes more of a smug bastard every fable until he ends up humping and killing everything he see's. Also i have an idea for fable 4 maybe jack of blades returns from the dead after someone maybe reaver takes the spire from theresa and rebuilds it and wishes for the return of jack of blades and betrays him to gain his power at that time reaver forgets about his promise to the shadow court and the hero must kill reaver before the shadow court destroy albion —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) . Please sign your posts with ~~~~

For Fable 4 DLC, you should get a new demon door that says " I will only open for the Sandgoose and friend" and the only way to open this demon door is to dresse up as a chicken. Then inside is a big desert with a path that leed to a big, as toll as a house, goose with a lot of chicken next to it. Then whenne it see you it will say " Sandy you finaly came back. Wait, you are not sandy my freind, but you look like him" then it will give you a quest to search Sandy( his freind that made the gun call 'Sandgoose' ) Then it would give you some quest like to search a golden egg that it made in his cage in bowerstone and stuff like that, and for one quest you should go in a big manor and in there should be a wardrobe and in there will be a poster of Lionhead logo ( get that easteregg). And for each queat you do you would will somthing from the Sandgoose ( its gun, sword, custume...) 03:00, December 2, 2011 (UTC)

Here is my idea. Maybe Theresa ends up being corrupted by the restless spirit of Jack of Blades. Obviously, he'd be pissed that the hero kills him. So in Fable 2 he has been plotting, looking for the right moment. Fable 3 he knows he wont beat the Crawler. Cant fight darkness( xcept the hero did lol) but then he realized that his answer was under his nose the whole time. Theresa. Of course she wouldexpect it since she was a little girl gifted with her visions of the future but as she quotes constantly that you cant stop the fututr you only choose it. And then its a test for the new hero. Maybe the new one could be a decendant of the old hero king. Only problem with this is that the Fable games are running out of time till we reach current age. So how about that we make it towards somewhere like the christiphor columbus times, which means that you can go explore the world in other places other than Albion, which is in current day Europe. Maybe this may be a good idea but it may not be either. Probably you people could find flaws in this idea. —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) and (talk). Please sign your posts with ~~~~

From what we know Therasa doesnt think that there is a nother person in the bloodline, But maybe she is wrong. Because she might think that no child of the hero of Bowertone might have will, but she might have forget about the brother of the Hero of Bowerstone, yes he is in the blood line.

So maybe the son of logan use will to sacrifes his big sister and have the sword of Aeons. The swword might say " I can grant you one wish what is it' and because he is ment for evil he says " I want to have jack's mask and wear it." and afterword he became jack of blades and you, the third silblig, need to find scythe and rose so they can train you in will. —Preceding unsigned comment added by Sandgooselover28 (talkcontribs) . Please sign your posts with ~~~~

alright im going to clear sum stuff up for u guys and girls right now. ever since the sequels of fable started they used the story line of ypur previous character as if he was good so i dont think lionhead will change that so that means yes thats right JACK IS DEAD. if u say u are a fable fan u would read the history its not the man its the mask that is jack it also says and proof in game that knight and queen of blades are dead. now your thinking ohhh wheres the proof in game well as it says when u meet jack and when u fight him for the first time u see two masks on his body one on his chest which was queen's mask and one on his waist which is knights so they are definetly dead.

now second is scythe if u know who william black is or archon guess wat thats sycthe so playing as him when he was "a great hero" means your playing as the most powerful hero ever to live and the beginning of the bloodline now that doesnt seem fair now does it it will make the game boring and less mysterious.

now third fable is about moving forward so playing as the same person as u did in fable 3 or a prequel ruins the nature of the game. now this is my guess is because lionhead has been progressing fable so slowly after fable 2 is because they are getting close to modern times and i think that they think that would also ruin the nature of the game.

now fourth lots of u are saying maybe not jack or queen or knight as the enemy in fable 4 but another enemy from the void well guess what u know the crawler thats was from the void

fifth the oracle says in tlc avo and skorm dont exist the two temples were built above two invisble hole things that let of powerful magic light and dark and soon peole started praising dietys that they thought created this magic. so if skorm doesnt exist how can he use his power to remake a mask that isnt even from his world.

sixth u say bring dragons back. u fight one dragon and its a partuclary boring fight so no offence but i think bringing a dragon or dragons back is a horrible idea

and finally seventg this is only a rumour i heard but fable: the journey and fable 4 will be the last fable games lionhead makes so nobody needs to worry about the game progressing so far that laser guns exist in the world of albion. also i know this to be true lionhead has already come up with the plot of fable 4 and have teams preparing for it right at this very moment —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) . Please sign your posts with ~~~~

I need to corect the persone that above me.

It is for sure that your in the blood line of the the Archon. Second your not sure that the picture you see on jack's body are the true mask of the Queen and Knight of baldes. Third the Crowler is still not said to be from the void. Fourth ( this is for the NPCs in Alibion in the video games) A marchant did find two place fill with great wiil power but maybe its Avo and Skorm that created those place, or maybe there just one god, Eggtor, the chiken god.

It isn't because there are preparing the game that the plot hase been writen.

Oh ya one a other topic there were a theard a few month ago, I got that easter egg, very clever.Sandgooselover28 12:52, January 3, 2012 (UTC)

LOOK GUYS YOUR ALL THINKING TOO BLACK AND WHITE. Yeah it would be cool to play as William black, maybe even to see how the guild got destroyed, but fable II and fable III were both good games, the timing not so good, the first fable was awesome but you cant have a time machine....However back to my original point why should we have to play as 'the hero' why not play as a character who helps 'the hero' or better yet have a choice as to what sort of character you can play as, all being heros but not the main one; 'the hero', 'a sidekick', 'a different type of hero with different magic from a secret ancient village that keeps to the old ways' guys are all jack of blades jack of blades that, and the ones trying to correct you, who are they to say anything, who am I to say anything, but Lionhead are great at what they do and I think the next game no matter what will be awesome, I have my own theories and ideas, but whatever happens it will surprise us all. They have so many questions to be answered they could pick up wherever :) theres the time of William black, the rise of heros, archon, the fall of the guild, the void, the shadow court, ago/skorm, who jack of blades really was, where auroura come from, what happend to the last two heros, could go on forever, but one thing I would like to see back is knothole glade, what happend to it in the third one, did it just dissapear and what happend to the map! It went all dodjy and looks nothing like it did in the first one, anyway getting sidetracked but like I say just try not to hope to much as we all know Lionhead never fails to surprise us :) Ohwell will check back soon to see if anyone has a comment for me, If you got live add my gamrtag; Mr X Grumpy X.... Hope you all enjoy the rest of the fable series! Your sincerely Jake Foster :)

I'd personally like it to be set around the fable 2 period. there would be a cult which the hero stumbles upon as a child. they see him and then cast a mystical curse apon his family. They all die except him. And the hero soon swears revenge! He grows up and hunts them downhe finds one cultist and manages to defeat him, the cultist says that the cult willl have their revenge and will resurrect skorm and The knight of blades. The cultist is then put to death. And he goes on a journey to bowerstone. he turns up and then the mayor greets him and asks him to stay at his house. the hero then has an option of being the kings executioner [a evil job] or the choice of being in a protest for workers rights. A certain combo makes a chant. in the executioner job the hero taps "A" and then it chops of the prisoner's head or alternately hangs them. then in the night the hero hears mystical chanting downstairs. he grabs the mayors iron cutlass and goes downstairs and sees a cultist. the hero silently kills him. Then he engages the cultists further down and the hero slays them all except one. who is actually the mayor, the mayor tells him that he will never succeed and the hero can spare or kill him. if spared the mayor gives you 100 gold. adding to this later so please bear with me...—Preceding unsigned comment added by Bladesofsdoom (talkcontribs) . Please sign your posts with ~~~~

How would it be linked to the bloodline? How would it progress the storyline of the Fable series? Lionhead has stated that the mainstream games of the Fable series will progress the storyline of the bloodline, so the main games can only be about the family linking back to William Black. Also, going with the style currently used Theresa would need to be involved in this to make it a true Fable story.--Alpha Lycos 03:57, January 9, 2012 (UTC)

Ok they LionHead know therre was going to be a Fable 4 during the creation of Fable 2. And knowing Lionhead they do not do stuff big for nothing.

in Fable 2 you learne that the Spire was made to stop coraption. And it is th same enemiethat in FTJ. So I tried to place the peases to gather. In Fable 4 you learne that th hero of Oakvale make a hore pragnete ( or one t=of the hero makes a persone pragnette) and nobody knew that exepe Scythe not even Therasa and he and Rose need to go search for the desendent wich live in the eastern kingdom ( or a place out of Albion( So the map will be biger)) and you learn that Therasa is going to the Spire to destroy Albion just like her ancitre did with the Old kingdom. And at the end of Fable 4 you have 4 boss

First theresa, one shot will work ( just like Lucien)

then the "Hero" of FTJ you'll need to batlle him like jack

then the coroption

And then you learn that Scyth was taking by the coraption by Rose, and you need to kill him before he finds back the 3 hero back.

And nobody find that Easter Egg in the WardrobeSandgooselover28 11:15, January 9, 2012 (UTC)

Honestly, I really want character customization. It can't be too much to ask for a character that doesn't start out as a white, brown eyed, brown haired sex god/goddess, right? Why can't there be an illegit child in the bloodline somewhere(with the manwhores my heros are; it's pretty likely, actually) and you customize them at the very beginning, and their other peasant parent resembles the way you designed your hero(hair color, eye color, race). Like in Fallout 3 where your character's father is made to look like you.

I would like some more clothing options, more dye colors, more hairstyles, customizable makeup, and better looking marryable NPCs(seriously, I have to keep Elise/Elliot alive every time just because they're the only NPCs that aren't homely). Speaking of Elise/Elliot, I can not be the only person that constantly has black children with them(I want to call shananigans), so I would also like a slightly less random children system that makes you have children that actually look like a combination of you and your spouse that can grow up.

I can live with the simplified weapons system but I don't really like Road To Rule guild seals. I'm tired of doing the tango with town guards to level up my melee! And I'm not going to predict a plot because Lionhead actually does a pretty good job at them despite what some people say. Krodaddams 03:02, January 17, 2012 (UTC)

You know what I want in a new Fable game? A game that makes SENSE! Seriously, why can't my character always immortal!? That way the game is no way challenging and thusly in no way fun or worth playing. The game is so ridicilously easy and simpel it's almost insulting and WHY are the f***ing NPCs so god damn annoying and emotionless! It sickens me to watch them gather around all the time going "OHHHHH, YOUR MAJESTY!" and "HERE'S A FUNNY THOUGHT, WHAT IF THIS IS ALL A DREAM!?" Well, here's a funny thought for you Fable 3, FUCK YOU! I just wanna punch somebody when they go all "BOO!" whenever I fart in public or "WOHOOO!" whenever I make a little dance for them! You'd think that every non major NPC in the world of Albion was mentally retarded. And WHAT exactly does that make my character for being exactly like them!!!??......................................... Sorrry, I got a bit carried away there... ahem my point is. Peter Molyneux and Lionhead, would you be so kind to fix your games (and all the NPCs involved in them), thank you. 21:26, January 21, 2012 (UTC)

I think they should make a MMORPG about Fable. Maybe set during the Old Kingdom. You could have different factions, like bandits, heros, and so on. Jack of Blades could be back as the main evil vilain and Archon as the main Hero. And you could pick which side you wanted to be on. I don't know, it sounds kinda like a cool idea. But as for Fable 4, if they keep going into the future, the less it's gonna feel like an adventure. I mean, there wasn't any Trolls in Fable 3. And Hollow Men are not even freaky like they were in the first one.. Or maybe i'm just being nit picky. They have a great series, they really could do anything in the world of Albion. But it's like they are trying to just mirror the events of real life world. Btw they need to bring back Giant Wasps. —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) . Please sign your posts with ~~~~

I agree NPCs are f***ing annoying and ugly! Every time I've had to keep Elise/Elliot alive so I can actually have children that don't look mentally retarded. I've done a bit of research on YouTube and found that Fable ' The Journey' which they don't like calling Fable 4 because ' It's going to be a lot more family friendly and lighs-hearted' Plus they are definitely making this one Kinect only because the dip-shits at Lionhead Studios think that because it's Kinect, it's better, which, it isn't. Personally, I think that the series is very good and should continue, but for the love of all that is Holy, don't keep doing what you always do which is make a sequel which fixes all the problems of the game before, but add a whole new catalouge of new problems. I've been an avid fan of the Fable series since Fable ; The lost chapters, but since then, Fable 1 has been the benchmark. The hierachy of wepons and magic, plus the armour ability made it great. However it was a bit too corporal at times, plus the humour was a little dry. But Fable 2 fixed most of these problems, but managed to keep a semi-complicated wepons system which meant that there was STILL choice in melee and Ranged, however magic was terrible in my opinion. Plus the DLC's were pretty good. Reasons for this are that the gap between Fable 1 & 2 was best part of 4 years, which meant that the producers had enough time to perfect them, however the gap between 2&3 was barely 2 years, which meant that a lot of the charm and ideology which made Fable great was lost. The combat was boring and monotonous, you couldn't die! (which although you didn't die in Fable 2, it wasn't as obvious) and the clothing looked rushed, The dye system was a bit sh*t because 1) you had to unlock dye, and 2) the colours were a little too plain, also Black dye needing to actually be purchased?! don't piss me off, how cheap can you be?! Plus earning money was too easy, and too boring! In Fable 2 it was a little more complicated and you had to be fairly focused to do it. But Fable 3, the sequence of buttons was easy and didn't require much in the way of focus. Plus the jobs were complete sh*t, pie making, lute hero or blacksmith? Bring back Taverning. —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) . Please sign your posts with ~~~~

in my opinion, fable tlc was and still is the best. fable 2 was fun but they mucked up the magic combat, got rid of sneak, stealing became even duller, npc,s are effortlessly noticable as being identical, and they also look like shit, but most importantly they got rid of the guild, which was the deal- breaker for me, the story and quests where good but the game had so much potential, fable 3 was absulute shit, hands down, almost all the wepons were almost identical with only minor changes, npcs, even more identical if possible, combat was dull and boring, magic combat was absulutly smashed, combining spells was a nice feature but cant possibly excuse how ruined it is, story line was shit campared to the other games, and also had parts stollen outa fable 1, the whole unlocking the chests to get stuff idea ruined the shops, some of the quests were nice but most were tedius for me, fable 4 or 'the journey' is going to be kinnect which is outrages and is going to make the series even shitier , i cant fathom how they thought it could possibly even remotly be a good idea, i think the only way to fix it (my opinion) is to take the series before fable 1 back to the old kingdome, because aperently the further back in time we go the less shit the games are, i think if theyd preffer to keep pressing forward they should bring in the queen or knight of blades (jack was obviusly destroyed) if you played fable the tlc youd know that the only way to kill jack is by breaking his mask?, but if you noticed earlyier in the game, jack is wearing the masks of the queen and knight of blades on his body, and they obviusly havent been destroyed *wink*, in sum fable tlc is awsome, fable 2 is good but not as good as fable tlc, fable 3 is a pile of shit, fable 'the journey' will ruin everything fable ever stood for, things can only get worst, lion head studios and peter molynx suck dick, the end. —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) . Please sign your posts with ~~~~

According to me fable 3 sucks!!! Why on earth did they bring a gun in a world filled with magic (they did this in fable2 but it was bearable). Magic and guns are a very bad combination. Some of the people are right fable should go back to the old kingdom days. God knows why they always keep leaping 500 yrs into the future (God knows why Theresa is still alive, did she sacrifice people like reaver to remain ageless??). The last game was pathetic because industries cropped up, Who the hell on earth wants to see industrialization of Albion???. The whole problem of the people behind fable is that they just messed-up a brilliant concept. Look at the other magic related games witcher, skyrim and kingdoms of amalur they didn't think it would be cool to introduce guns in their game did they? i mean come on who needs guns when u have magic that too was dying out in fable 3. Don't get me wrong i don't hate fable i totally love it but the reason was the first fable FABLE- THE LOST CHAPTERS. I still remember the game it was so magical. Every moment of that game was so enjoyable. It was perfect for me in every sense that a magical game should be. Heck i have the musical soundtracks of that game with me. The music was brilliant. According to me that’s how a game related to magic should really look and feel. SKYRIM is a very good game and has outstanding graphics but its all too real it never gives that same sense of standing in a magical world as fable 1 did. But now fable has a perfect competition in the sense of magic department due to kingdoms of amalur. If you have played that game it gives u the same sense of magic as fable 1 did. The people of fable need to understand that we want magic and even more magic, we want more ancient kingdoms, more villages and towns not cities nor industries and certainly not guns. They need to think creative like skyrim, witcher and kingdoms of amalur they gave people the option of creating their own weapons, armor, potions and whatnot! !! rather than think," hey let’s give the hero a GOD DAM GUN HOW COOL IS THAT hmm nobody carriers a gun around in fable". Why did they have the idea of starting industrialization in the first place is still a mistery to me. It’s a simple logical fact according to me in a world where there is real magic industrialization will never thrive. And if u wanted to show that in a game why the hell do u call the game FABLE???. The 3rd game was a slap to the face of fable 1 lovers. That sense of magic was dead the only place i felt which made me feel like fable was the place u go to unlock new powers (road to rule). Now fable 4 has to match the standards set by skyrim, kingdoms of amalur and witcher, the sheer size of these games is mind blowing!!!. And if it doesnot match up this time i think it will be over for the franchise. As i said before they should go back in time also thay can scrap that industrialization nonsense and i don't care about the communalis vs capitalism issues just give me the old fable back!!! why not say that the industries were destroyed by mages who were informed by ummm lets say the blind theresa that magic is dying because industrialization is thriving we need to reverse the equation. HA HA i think i got the idea as to how the new game should be. In this game u can show that ur the hero and ur main mission is to restore albion to its magical self. For this u have to destroy the industries croping up. ur enemies might be the capitalists and the main enemy ..any guesses ...that’s right should be REAVER!!!. I never did like the character but unfortunately u couldn't touch him in fable 3 so why not he is mad according to me anyway, heck i would buy fable 4 if they gave the option of beating up Reaver and then may be in fable5 u can show magic without guns for a change and bring the HERO'S GUILD & CULIS GATES BACK!!!

To the dude who likes to carry around a gun in fable there are other games out there like GTA, SAINTS ROW, SPLINTER CELL etc for that which actually make sense to me, now how would u like if there was magic in these games in the same given settings???. The bows and arrows are way better than guns in any magic related games. They should go back to the old kingdom since may people here want jack of blades and since the first game implies that jack of blades is as old as the old kingdom so he can be one of the many villains of that time. And because of this he might not be that powerful as he was in the first game maybe he is gaining powers or maybe he is becoming the infamous and powerful jack of blades of the first fable. —Preceding unsigned comment added by Rfgtyuiihk (talkcontribs) . Please sign your posts with ~~~~

Hey Everybody This is Arch Dragon Emeror, New here.

I've Read just about every post on this page and I've noticed quite a few this, First off to the person who said that Fable 3's Rebellion was like Communism vs Cappitalism you were mistaken, you see communism holds people to their social classes, opposses individuality and denies both Religious beliefs as well as freedom of choice, in return for free food and lodging, in other words you have no right to express yourself, believe in any God or Gods or choose just about any aspect of your life in return for recieving a free home to live in and rations to eat(Food), Cappitalism by Contrast allows people to believe in and express themselves as they will as well as choose their own life style (these freedoms reasonably controlled by laws in order to prevent anarchy) but in order to obtain certain things; Food, a home, furniture electronics ETC, they require money, which as just about anyone knows can be aquired through work, real estate, royalties, stocks, natural resources ETC, naturaly this causes diversity in social class based on the amount of money a person holds, NONE: Homeless, LITTLE: Poor, Moderate: Middlemen/Middlewomen ALOT: Rich, this may not seem entirely fair but its still gives far more liberty than any other form of government currenty known.

Second off the actual form of government used by Logan is dictatorship, while your own character the PRINCE/PRINCESS when acending the Throne is given the option to be (A) An Economicly Cunning or Economicly Delirious Benevolent Monarch. (B) A Tyranical Dictator who happens to either Ruthlessly aquire the required wealth and uses it to stop the crawler or Ruthlessly aquires the required wealth and blows it all on himself/herself. (C) Something in between.

Third off many of you seem to see the only way the that the old Albion can return is to go back in time, well here is a different idea for Fable 4, in the opening scene you see flashes of the rise of the oakvale anti hero league, the actions that lead TO, and eventually the fall OF the Heroes Guild, then you see flashes from fable 2 and Fable 3, the main hero/Heroine from both is absent in these flashes, all the while you hear a childs moaning (Gender Indistinct) at the end you hear Sythe's Voice: Young one, some of what you've seen is to come and others what could be, but nothing is certain, I wonder what you will do seeing what you have... you then come to a selection screen where you hear Sythe's voice once again; you've seen what is to come but I wonder if you know what has come before, you then see a split screen with TWO Version of the Hero of Oakvale, both in Archons Battle Armor and both broad, tall and pulsing with arcane power, on the left you see the Hero with a halo on his head, surrounded by butterflies and wielding Avo's Tear with a serene background, on the Right you see Red Glowing eyes, a malevolent aura and the Sword of Aeons, with a background of Hellfire. these two versions of the Hero of Oakvale Dictate the Hero of Oakvale's Choices from the First one rather than choosing one as canon (Of course Jacks Mask was destroyed regardless of the Hero's Morality, lets just presume that the Dark Hero was too smart or vengeful conserning Jacks Temptations within Archons Folly) next you hear Sythe's voice again; So you do know the truth, but I wonder who you are... from here you see A young Boy and a Young Girl, this is simply your where you choose your gender, when you've chosen your Gender you hear Sythe's voice one last time in the intro before leaving the screen; Of course, the Heroes Son/Daughter. from here you hear a young Boys/Girls voice (Opposite of your Gender) and wake up, where exactly is dependent on the choices your father made, If you Choose Good then you wake up in a large manor in OakVale built on the site of your Fathers old Family home, you find a young farmboy/farmgirl standing over if you, a Friend who just casualy waltzed into your home and woke you up, curious if you want to play, just then your mother walks in this case Briar Rose, tells your friend to give you a chance to wake up, your friend then apologises and walks outside the manor, thus begins on of two possible tutorials, the one in oakvale. If you chose Evil however as the Hero of Oakvale's path then you wake up in Bowerstone Manor, standing over you is a servantboy/Servantgirl gudgedly trying to wake you up, insisting that the your mother has ordered the servant to wake you up stating that its time for your private schooling and that she will be cross with the servant if you don't get up, slowly you get out of bed and get dressed ( the Servant turns their head since their both children as you aproach the dresser and the screen blacks out indicating that your getting dressed) after which the servant leads you to the library where both your mother Lady Elvira Grey and your private teacher are waiting, your mother scolds you for being late insisting that you should start getting up sooner at which point she bashes a very large bookcase sending a large tome crashing down on your Private Teacher knocking him unconcious, she scowls and tells you since your teacher isn't in any condition to fulfill his duties your lessons are cancelled for the day, at which point the second of Two possible tutorials begins.

The events within the two tutorials both lead you to be sent to the heroes guild, In the First Tutorials case your farmboy/farmgirl friend decides to join you ( you the player learn that he's/she's an orphan adopted by the people of her hometown oakvale who works odd jobs for food while living in her parents shack.) and goes to live in the heroes guild taking up odd jobs as before to earn his/her living, in the second Tutorials Case your Mother ordered the Servantboy/Servantgirl to go with you and see to your needs, and pays the guild to cover the servants basic nessessaties. Note: that neither tutorial demands you stick to your Fathers moral/Imoral choices meaning that there are Good and evil choices in both Tutorials.

From here you learn the Basics of being a Hero although your childhood and teenage years within the guild are quite a bit longer that those of the hero from the First Fable, ( More time spend in the Guild as both a Child and Teenager.) after you grow up and graduate from the guild you go off into the world and your Friend/Servant is left to wander, your friend no longer seeing a need to being in the guild and the servant being fired by your Mother on account of no longer being needed, at first you take on quest of a simple nature ( that being not affecting the whole of Albions future) this if the first of three parts of the game, I wont get into specifics ( Leave something to Lionhead) but with path your father chose and which path you choose have a profound effect on how people see you , meaning Evil Father Good Child and people think of you as the hero they longed for and your father (yes you do see him and he does talk although he never removes his helmet) sees you meaning same senario as before and youre father will think of you as a spineless weakling, while and Good father Evil son senario will have people refusing to believe your actually your fathers son and your father calling you a monster and blaming himself while same alignment resulting in people seeing you in the same light as your father and your father being proud of you, and towards the end of this chapter of the game your can engage in a series of quests that ends with the option to marry your old Friend/Servant (the Friends personality responds more positively to a good character and the servant responds more positively to a Evil Character, though neither divorces you for being the other, just stands against it somewhat but accepts you regardless.) although it isn't forced and is basicly just a series of quest to whoo them, of course they aren't the only people your character can marry and have kids with.

The Second chapter revolves arround the attack on the heroes guild and the rallying of the heroes guild, you warn the guild of the attack and tell them of your dream from childhood and at that point you must take charge of the guild (while both the Guildmaster and your father live, the guild master believes the guild needs a young strong leader while your father departed albions shores on a quest of his own (Its nature dependent on his Morality.) at this point your given a series of quests to rally the guild and end infighting between the Good and Evil members of the heros guild (The neutral ones are already standing at the ready to face the Army of Non heroes trying to destroy the heroes Guild) from here you must pick a side, and the side you choose will affect the heroes guild for a long time to come, once done the Third Chapter begins.

Here in the final and third chapter the Hero and the guild wage war against the Army of Non heroes created by the OakVale Anti Hero League and commanded by its mysterious leader, Sword,Bow and spell against Gun and Cannon, Magic and Tecnology Power against numbers, after a long series of quests testing the heroes moral nature ( whether or not to Spare enemies, accept surrender, destroy whole village and towns suspected of aiding the Oakvale Anti Hero League, burn crops and poison water supplies ETC) the Hero finally reaches the Leader of the Oakvale Anti Hero League, A Mad Scientist, when faced with the Hero this Madman drinks a concoction made from Liquide Magic, Darkness elemental Essensce and the Tainted Blood of Jack of Blades Two Previous hosts and transforms into an inhuman abomination that appears to be a cross between a dragon, a greater darkness elemental and A Creature of the Void, the Final Boss proves to be Extemely, Strong, Enduring, Fast, deceptive as well as able with a varriaty of powerful magics, demanding that the Hero face this monstrocity in FIVE FINAL BATTLE'S ONE AFTER THE OTHER, each one testing the full Strength,Speed and Cunning (Not to mention a Brutal Toll on Health and mana potions) of the player As the Final Bosses Grows stronger, Faster and more capable of Destructive and protective as well as summoning feats of Magic, when the Hero finally defeats the Final Boss the leave the Bosses Lair the find Every one of the Heroes guild (Their Father included, thats right for once the great cliche that the father dies doesn't happen...) celebrating their victory and their Champion. (Varying in nature according to their morality)

I've left the Story for the most part up to Lionhead ( If they Choose to Take this story for Fable 4 or 5 that is) hence the lack of side quest suggestions and the main plot mostly with exeption of the main structure up to lion head studios and peter molynieux, They have my full permission to use this idea as they see fit, and i wish no form of compensation save thanking me via Credits or E MAIL.

Signed Arch Dragon Emperor 12:30, March 4, 2012 (UTC)

I completely agree with most of you and i have been a loyal follower of fable since the beginning, what do you guys think of a side story line where you choose to follow scythes story and learn major events in his life or you could choose Jack of Blades and find out why he became evil, it goes along with the choosing good or evil and in the process you learn different abilities known to thos characters like spells jack used. Just a thought, anyways GO Jack of Blades!!!!!!!! 03:12, March 24, 2012 (UTC)sincerely Angel Soft

I havent read all of the posts but from what I've seen not many people understand whose who. They've said about Scythe telling the the story but I say screw that I want to play as scythe, I want to play as the first archon, I want to deafeat the court, I want to play as the first hero, William black

I envision Fable: The Old Kingdom or Fable: The Court or Fable: The First Hero/ Archon.

slap any bullshit on it give it 1000x hype I want to live the story.

I really dont care I love the fable story but the stories arent in the future they are in the past. —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) . Please sign your posts with ~~~~

I have an idea for Fable IV or V. It's from my fan fiction thing on Fable Fanon. You are the Hero of Brightwall's son. The Cult of Blades (a religious group that worships the Court) finds out about three artifacts scattered across three different countries, those countries are Albion, Samarkand, and the South Islands. Each one can resurrect anyone. They have one thing standing in their way, though - the bloodline. They assassinate the Hero of Brightwall, and his family, except for you. You seek vengeance. After a little bit, you find out who killed your dad. You spy on them and find out their plan. A time limit starts. You have to go to all the countries and get the artifacts before the Cult of Blades do. If you don't, the Court will come back to life and threaten all of the countries in the Fable universe. You would have three choices: Kill the Court, join the Court, or let them torture the countries. If you get the artifacts in time, you can do four things: Destroy the artifacts, use them to resurrect anyone off of a long list (including your family and the Jack, Queen, and King of Blades), or give them to the Cult of Blades. The long list of people could be people from the other games like the guildmaster or Garth (maybe even William Black). If you give them to the Cult of Blades or resurrect the Court you can do the same things that you would do if you didn't get the artifacts. - Danny Akenson 8:41 P.M. (US time) —Preceding unsigned comment added by Danny Akenson (talkcontribs) . Please sign your posts with ~~~~

Fable 4 should return to it's dark based storyline. I liked the gameplay in fable 3 but the story was lacking that disturbing element that made the first two so great. In the first one you see your village raided and burned down, later you are imprisoned and tortured. In Fable 2 you see your sister murdered, a man loses his child to hobbes, your family is murdered (if you start a family, and don't bring them back at the end), you join a crusade that lasts seven years and you go through horrible torture, and you have a terrifying nightmare where you are on the farm with your dead sister and run away to find firey dead bodies and the creepy sounding music box that started your whole journey. So it seemed that the games would get more and more disturbing. Until the third one where the only even remotely dark part was when Walter was possesed by the darkness and temporarily blinded, but that was disappointment because you're character didn't go through the pain and suffering that previous heroes did, you were just nearbye as someone else suffered and never got any details to the event. That darkness stuff wasn't scary it was just black smoke that supposedly did something awful that you never experienced. Fable 4 needs to be disturbing in a way that sticks in your head and makes you think about it at night, it makes your jaw drop and say outloud "oh my god". Something visually and mentally disturbing in alot of ways.

Whatever you are fighting in the fourth installment should scare the king so that he needs a higher level of soldier to fight alongside the army, a super soldier that has to go through horrible training like Spetsnaz soldiers, tortured to ensure you will be able to endure pain from the enemy, and put through realistic sequences of war so you know what it's like to be in a horrifying war, enduring alot of pain and suffering right off the bat of the game. Maybe a man who you grow to like in the training is wounded and suffering during training and you have to make the choice to put him out of his misery or not. Shooting him would show strength and not would show weakness (that's another thing choices shouldn't be differed from good to bad every time. some decisions don't have a right or wrong answer.) And in training you realize your full potential in strength skill and will. So you are put in charge of the super soldiers team. Then later you are captured and put under torture and enslaved by the enemy. Then later you have to make a hard decision at the end where you can risk yourself and the people you love for the greater good.

—Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) . Please sign your posts with ~~~~

An interesting idea I had was to start off in the near future, a city where it is always dark and corperations rule or rather just one, you work as a researcher or something doing work with pieces of the spire. Its actaully a project to restore part of the spire so that reaver (who of course owns the corp) can go back in time to make a change in the timeline. Once you finish the project he steps in, goes back and then the spire shards explode killing you. You then see a brief history of the heros bloodline as your (bloodlines) life is flashing before your eyes, it goes black then you hear therasa explaining how there are many different possible albions based on the decisions of each hero, mutliverses and that the spires can see all of them, however in the present (a few years after fable 3) the darkness has taken the spire and made the world a dark place. You then set off on a series of adventures to collect resources and artifacts to destroy the spire, and stop the future. Reaver has actually made it back though time, his younger self works for the darkness beliving it will make him more powerful and he has come back to stop himself becoming its slave, as in the future he is just a puppet for the darkeness who actuallys controls the world though the corporation. I thought it would be cool that everytime reaver intervenes with things the whole world drastically terraforms violently around you. As an additional plot bonus by going back in time, he shattered relality and destroyed the world. I thought the end would be a cinematic that showed the bloodline difusing (ie there are heros everywhere) in their own way followed by you waking up again in oakvale in the fable 2 timeline as a young boy hearing of lucians death. - Allan Connor 12:27AM (GMT) 23:28, June 10, 2012 (UTC)

Fable 4: Fable 4 should never be a prequal to the first game, another series that did this is star wars! And fans are torn but any true fan states the newest films are not true starwars, if you wanted a prequal it would have to be called something like Fable 0 or X and itd be a spinoff series, you should naver take a series backwards, jack pf blades was epic but he is dead, twice dead, if you really wanted to see him again how about a new villian "Hollow Jack"

The series should continue forwards amd keep being new, altho i would be more concerned about potions, fable 3 stole our experience, and i hope fable 4 doesnt steal our potions too as diablo3 did, companys make these changes to entises new gamers but what drew me to the rpg games was for the indepth control other everything, i dont want health orbs to spawn to fully heal me every time i kill a tiny monster, The next real fable game needs more, fable 3 was very cut back, crap hair, crap tattoos, crap and very few outfits which only looked good when an entire outfit was worn, being able to customise gives the player a deeper sense of envolvement, go back to more weapons, not just sword and hammer, i want clevers, daggers, axes, pistols, bows, rifles, shotguns, knuckle dusters, and away with the silly magic gloves that dont match anything, More continents and places to visit, More jobs, maybemore physical jobs not just button combos... Farmer - lift sacks, pull cart to field, unload, come back later Civil engineer - sewers are blocked find the source, repair damage/machine Carpenter - select material, select object to make, select desired quality and then maybe button combo to decide the outcome, if you fail you make crap, (pretty much how youd make money anyway but with added choice)

Wallpaper for decor mode in houses, how can you really put 5* furniture into a house with walls that are all torn up or with paper hanging off them??

Better choice in hero creation, skin colour, voice (if required), and if there is tattoos dont make them change colour depending on the evil/good decisions,

All these are what have made other rpgs great, so dont cut the corners just to get the game out quickly, between fable and fable 2 took 4 years, between fable 2 and fable 3 took 2 years, and this is clear to see why, fable 2 was a better game fable 3 just looked nicer, and i hate the lack of downloadable content.. We are alwayes lied to most indepth game ever and that there will be bundles of content, at most you get two places, 5/6 missions, a dog breed, and a new potion, then the rest is sill dog or cat suits, instead of rushing a new game out after 2 years how about pump out more and more content for one game ober say 4/5 years adding 20+ quests, several outfits and regions, and why not different pets, does it always have to be a dog? A dog that gets in the way, why not ferrets, rats and cats also, parrots and crows? These could give added bonuses such as birds eye views of dungeons and show hidden enemys and targets, drop bombs or bring potions to your aid if you run out, And a better good and evil system not everything is black or white, id like to see a subtle merging of choices that would be harder to spot to the eye, not everyone whos evil is pale afterall,

I liked the temple of skorm idea but you dont have to take the series backwards to implament such an idea,

Ash.887 Xbox profile opend goi

Hiya! Squibman here...

I just wanted to add an interesting piece of information i found about the time that Fable 3 came out, I was looking around on the wiki and I came across the page about a book called The Northen Wastes which is found in Fable and Fable: The Lost Chapters, heres what it says;

"The nine seas surround Albion, but to the North is the Wasteland. Some say there's nothing, and others that it is Jack of Blades true home. The old Scribes say that it was once a mighty empire before the glaciers came. Libraries of arcane knowledge still exist beneath the ice, and those who once lived there sleep deeply beneath the cold blanket, ready to reawaken when the time comes and Albion is ruled again by one man."

The last part is the bit that interests me because clearly Albion is now ruled by one man! Maybe this means that the Northern Wastes have slowly been waking up and regaining power? Another thing is that the surviving dragons are said to have escaped to the Northern Wastes after the humans slaughtered their race so if Fable 4 does happen to feature the Wastes maybe dragons will be re-introduced to Albion? What do you guys think?

I remember that. I think that would be a very good link-in to reintroduce the area. --Enodoc(Talk) (User Space) 17:25, July 19, 2012 (UTC)

hey, Iv been playing fable since the first game came out, i loved fable1, and Jack of blades, but I dont thinck that he should return. If he were to come back, that would mean that the hero of oakvale falde, and then his father and mother would have died for nothing. And i dont want fable to be in our time, that would ruin the game. I thinck that the game should be the story of the hero of brightwalls kid, sex is your choise, and you should start as a kid, those were one of my faverit part of the first two. I also think that there should be a real threat, and i would like to know more about the old kingdom, like someone was diging in some of its ruins and found the mask of the queen or knight of blades, and they were going bring jack back, Theresa and scythe would not be able to defete them, the HoBW was killed by the court befor he/she could fight them, right infort of you, and logen, page, or maybe even benn finn takes you to the spire as a kid, which would give you the need for revenge agenst the court. Theresa or scythe would train you, and as aways you can be good, evil, or just inbetween, a faw years pass and you are now a young hero, when the court takes the spire, and Theresa takes you wall scythe fights , and possably dies, the queen to give you a chance to escape, but the knight gets to you and Theresa off with the GS and mans bestfriend, to somewere in arora, were the guild had a base that no long has heros, this is where you find that the HoOV knew the court would return, and you are not yet strong enouth to kill them. so know you must find a way to others to be heros, to rebuild the guild. In the first part of the game the Knight is the boss, and then you kill his body, take his mask so he will not return. second half the queen, after defeting her uses scythe, rose, someone inportent to bring jack back, he is not the same as befor, he is more powerful, and is insane after haveing altamet power but trapped in the void, he thinks you are the HoOV and gose mad, oness agien wildeing the SoA and he kills you, i know its been done before but i like it, all the hero apper as roded feggers, they guide you though death and you come back after a year ppassed you find the queen who dieing, she says the resion she wounted to bring jack back is because she loved him, but in his madness he stabed her and left her to die, the spirit of the kinght talks through the mask you took from him, the two say that jack is not the jack they knew and want you to defete him, they let you use, but not keep, there power. jack has killed all life theresa is about to kill her when you apper, defete, and take his mask, the queen, knight, and theresa us there power, as well as jacks, to make the would as if the hero had defeted jack the first time, theresa takes the masks and returns to the spire and the main quest ends —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) . Please sign your posts with ~~~~

I THINK fable main characters are the same person but forgot all of his memorys in his past life. —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) . Please sign your posts with ~~~~

Heres an idea. There could be a total reboot of the series instead, maybe combining the best aspects of the games? —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) . Please sign your posts with ~~~~

I'm a huge fan of the Fable series,and it seems as if the games have got worse with each new one,i mean,Fable 1 and TLC were great,basically my childhood and Fable is still a huge part of me and i hate to see them getting shitter and shitter by each new release,and this new one on kinect;the journey,WHAT THE FUCK!,yes ok,the magical features are cool,but lionhead shouldve adapted the game so that it was a 1st person AND 3rd person gaming experience,now lionhead are facing an immediate backlash from fable fans such as myself,and have lost the interest over the new one coming,people are already looking to lionhead to say,'well,whens fable 5 coming out?',when weve just literally heard about the fourth!,but i mean,on the new one,you cant roam freely,cant have sex,cant use weapons,cant swear,cant use expressions and etc.,the only real thing that looks cool is the magic weaving,if lionhead designed the game as third person AND 1st person it would be a much better game,if people wanted something different by the magic standards then the magic should be in 1st person and the rest of the game in 3rd person!

Also,the storyline from 2 and 3 were'nt bad but not great,Fable 1 and TLC had by far the best storyline and features,if they do make a fifth,they should build it around 1st and 3rd person gaming,with a story that should relate to something more along the first fable and TLC,I reckon it would be so cool if there was a fable,where it was set in the old kingdom,where the likes of characters you hear from the first fable are in it,like;Archon,Skorm,Scythe,Avo or even the GUILDMASTER AND MAZE! and different heroes,but each have a different story and you must start from the childhood as it is so much better when you start out as a kid,anyway,they should call the idea i said something like:The fable series:Old Kingdom Chronicles,i think that would be wickedand would fill the hole left by fable 1,they should build the old kingdom around towns from the first one plus new ones,oakvale would be good to see again,and knothole glade,if not this idea then still they should build a new fable around the first one because that was the best one,even feature old characters in modern time but as ghosts?but yeah,hope a new one is made to 1st and 3rd person gaming and hope it is built around the first:D92.236.71.177 22:19, September 6, 2012 (UTC)

some of you may not know but the hero of brightwall is imprisoned in Samarkand. do u think this links to his descendants starting there and leaving to go to Albion? 22:09, September 7, 2012 (UTC)

That would imply a morally corrupt Hero which, based on info I've seen, is incorrect if the book canon is followed. For the Hero's descendants to come from Samarkand, he would have to cheat on his wife, whom is still in Albion from what I've heard.--Lycos Devanos Drop me a line 04:39, September 8, 2012 (UTC)

I, personally, hope that Fable 4 gives us back some of the things we lost after Fable 1. Particularly, I consider Will-Users; the mana system gave a challenge that was fun, and the spell variety was amazing; Fable 2 introduced directed/AoE spells that, while it sounded cool at first, just felt lacking. That aside, I would also like to see the return of clothing with utility, other than fashion sense; even if not all, there should be at least some costumes that offer utility, like bonus to health or defense, or protection from magic-based attacks, etc.
Dead Tom (talk) 18:00, October 3, 2012 (UTC)

Fable 4 Return Of Will

I see people really want Jack of Blades back, but I want to see Theresa evolve into the role she was meant to play the main antagonist. Theresa has been very manipulative and sinister since becoming a Seeress. I can see her objective to prevent the world from being destroyed to be selfish. Theresa could be doing all this so she can be the one to rule the world and is manipulating will users to keep from exhausting her own abilities.

The title character should be the Heroine, granddaughter of Rose who has been raised by Scythe. The Heroine could be a young teen fighting Imperfect Ones, humans forcibly infused with Will to serve Theresa in the Spire. Scythe will save the Heroine from certain death and set her on a quest to regain the full powers of his bloodline that have dwindled greatly over the ages.

The Tyrant of Samarkand descendant of Garth and Hammer (it was hinted they liked it each other) who is aligned with Theresa ruler of the Spire, and Reaver ruler of Albion (having killed the Hero of Brightwall). The Heroine could flee to Samarkand since she is a wanted fugitive in Albion. Theresa could task the Tyrant to capture the Heroine and deliver her to Reaver. The Tyrant could succeed since he is the only one powerful enough to stop her. The Tyrant can switch sides after reaching Albion and coming across rumors that Reaver killed many fellow heroes including members of the Tyrant's family (Garth and Hammer) to attain power. The Tyrant decides to help the Heroine but both Reaver and Theresa are immortal.

The Old Kingdom Ruins, the Heroine and the Tyrant arrive here to find the means to kill immortals. Many creatures of old could be found here since nobody has been to the Old Kingdom Ruins in centuries (pixies,ghosts,trolls,dragon) They naturally are met at some point by Scythe who reveals his past as William Black. The Heroine goes through a trial to obtain the weapon needed to kill Theresa and Reaver. First Scythe has grown weary of the world and wants to die. He goes all out against the Heroine and the Tyrant who don't want to kill him. Scythe dies and all his Will could transfer to the Heroine to put her on more even grounds with Theresa.

Albion, the Heroine and the Tyrant arrive intent to kill Reaver. They fight through Necro-Beasts and Machines that Reaver has favored over weak human guards. The Machines can be troublesome as they run on and absorb Will (melee attacks only) Necro-Beasts could be resistant to physical harm (magic attacks only). The Heroine eventually faces Reaver who is too fast for melee and magic so it's time for a good old fashion shoot out with him. The Tyrant could help tire the Reaver out and the Heroine will let the Tyrant get the killing blow to avenge his bloodline.

The Spire (greatly expanded from the second game) is the final location. The Heroine fights through Imperfect Ones and Imperfect Beasts throughout the Spire. The Heroine could also free other test subjects Theresa had in the Spire. Teresa should have time based focus able to slow the Heroine for a period of time and speed up her own abilities. The Tyrant and the Heroine go their separate ways. The Tyrant decides to rule his land in a different manner than taught by Theresa. The Heroine could settle down with a significant other or whatever

NOW....Fable 5 Legends

The story of William Black has been told through books as far as we know. The fifth Fable game needs to detail everything William did and show his fight with the Court, this will allow for Jack of Blades to be seen once again. I know I can't be the only one that wants to see the King, and Queen from the Void. There should also be an Ace of Blades that wasn't recorded in history. Abeyance (talk) 10:15, October 16, 2012 (UTC)

Talking about Fable 4 here, the thing is that Jack of Blades couldn't come back because in Fable: The Lost Chapters you destroy his soul (at least if your good, and thats what the games expect the outcome to be, hence The Hero of Oakvale is dead) Going back in time: good idea, same map as TLC? no. I want to see a new map (but in the old kingdoms) —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) . Please sign your posts with ~~~~

Fable 4 The Return Of Everthing Magical

Albion is peaceful at last, Balverines becoming more like dogs are bieng hunted for sport Hobbes are in hiding a long with everything else. You are The...(insert name) you are the decendent of a monarch but you have been denied your right to the throne because you are a Demi-god yep your dad f--ked a demon (demons exsited before everything magical was hunted down) you were considered a freak so you lived like a recluce people made comments like "theres the fiend from hell" youd reply (you have dialoge options) "theres the smart ass"  "theres the prig"  ETC. you wish to find the tomb of heroes so you track down the archeoligist who lives in the immortal plain of Glantuää hidden behind a demon door the doors fear only one so he says(shakily) " you must kill two innocent people of youre chooseing" so you can kill the town bully and criminal or the town monk/priest/vicar and local sherrif after the door will comment how well/poor the kill was then his human body seperates from the door which disintergrates it. The door human says "what...just happened thats not happened centuries since Will Black" you reply "What does that mean?"  he says "it means youre destiny is to control the spire and the world" and adds "save the other doors to" before leaving for the city. you enter Glantuää to find the Arch (short for the Archioligist) waiting "ah the demi-god good to meet you...(mumble) hold on wered i put my(normal) oh there it is the teleporter thatll get us to the tomb" "US?" you say "Yess us are you deaf or summat i hope not or your no use to me! (he preperas the things while talking) ready?" "for wha... before you can finish he teleports you and him to the tomb. You arrive to find yourself looking at the sep key you go to grab it before the arch says"WAIT! dont it is what is keeping this place together be ready to run" you hear something you look and its a grave robber he approtches you and says "Its all mine! i was here first" you reply "no they were" as you gesture your hand to a pile of skeletons the grave robber gives a smug smile and procedds to check the skeletons meanwhile you spot a broken sword you pick it up and it repairs itself but is weak you go to the key and look but the grave robber shoves you out the way and grabs the key but the tomb immediatly becomes a war zone skeltons jump up and start attacking while the Arch and the GR fight you stand transfixed as a white mask it put in place of the key as you pick the mask up you hear Jacks voice he laugh and says"HA HA HA HA HA HA you fools  HAVE   UNLEASHED   EVIL! go ahead put my mask on" you draw your blade and fight your wat out as you near the end you stop and look at the mask you have a choice A put the mask on and take on the role of JOB or dont if you do you will become JOB or if you dont the GR grabs it and puts it on and through the poor sod Jack wields his power. more tomorrow. 04:16, December 16, 2012 (UTC)

Fable 4 The Return Of Everything Magical continued

then you burst through the door with the Arch or your minions following (Minions or mins for short if u put the mask on) and if u put JOBS mask on the knight of blades(theresa teleports if u didnt put the mask on) rides up and says sir or hero (no mask put on) we found the ruins of A:the temple of avo theresas diologue B: the temple of skorm KOB knight of blades and both say and the heros guild if u good a band of wanna be heros say they will join if u bad minions say they will find more "volenteers" for you then the KOB or teresa says we will start a new religion from the rubble of the Temple Of Skorm/ Avo that worships you or theresa says you will start a new religion and that you demand "tribute"/gold and gems or ETC. and sacrifice or if u good then they worship heroes in general rarther than just you and instead of sacrifice love then you stir and tendrils come out of your body and start to form some thing in front of you then you get a choice of pet the default is screamers/dogs and are always with you 1:a raven or a group for extra 2:a hobbe or a group for extra 3: a hollow man or a group for extra 4:a balvirine or a pack for extra you can choose what type poisen or white or normal 5: a wolf or a pack for extra 6: a banshee a white one for extra or a normal one or 3 for extra they all cost sacrifices( you can get every type of animal but u can only take 3 or 4 if u count the default into battle and the other three can go on scavenge missions to get food or sacrifices or new recruits. then theresa if bad or JOB if good comes and says your efforts are in vain theresa says you will regret doing what you did and that the spire is hers JOB being JOB says trys to tempt u with offers then leaves but theresa on the other moreality (see what i did there? morality rather than hand oh forget it) attacks you and you defeat her and kill her (optional) if u kill her the Arch takes her place. ur next objective is (epic drum roll) getting the sword of aeons or SOA\avos sword if good you begin excevctions if evil you get followers of your religion to do it while u free roam "acuireing" volenteers or vols for mining or sacrifices or minions or to force them to join ur religion or tourture them for info u can tourture them or get a min to do it and you can do side quests or if u good you and your heros work together to mine when they are done a min messanger finds you and informs u that you have broken through to the main chamber when you enter weavers the old gulidmasters ghost appers and if u good he lets u past if u are bad he fights you your screamer/s ask if you want his soul trapped if you choose yes they enclose on him and give u his power ur first level up you guys think of what kind of perks fit in with the story all ideas welcome.more later —Preceding unsigned comment added by THEJOENATOR (talkcontribs) . Please sign your posts with ~~~~

Fable IV, The Old Kingdom, and the future of the franchise IMHO

If everyone is throwing out their opinion about what Fable IV should be, I figured that I should throw in my own two cents' worth.

First off, I absolutely love this series, it's one of my favourites so far, and I think it progressively gets better, not worse. Yes, I'm saying right now that I loved Fable III. However, that is for another forum on another day. The reason why I bring that up is because, what with everything that you did in Fable III, it would be a horrible mistake to suddenly, for no reason at all, dial it back to the Age of Heroes or the days of the Old Kingdom. One of the coolest things about Fable and it's world is that, unlike some trash like The Elder Scrolls or D&D or, Hell, even the world of Star Wars, the world of Fable actually progresses and moves forward. Things change. Tech gets better. Cities get bigger. Albion becomes more united. This is something that really makes Albion stand out, and is perhaps one of (many) reasons why so many people love the world of Albion. Dialing it back to a generic fantasy with Dragons and Trolls and big swords and armour and a un-united populace in a world where the roads are plagued by bandits and these are dark times and blah blah blah would be horribly uncreative.

I think that Fable IV should continue after Fable III, sometime perhaps in the late Industrial Revolution or perhaps around the era of World War I. It should take into account everything you did in Fable III, and expand upon it-for example, if I industrialised Aurora, I should see bigger, factory-centric cities and the looming clouds of pollution hovering over it. If I saved Bower Lake, well, it's still there (blah blah blah etc.). Somebody mentioned that the Hero from Fable III could make a return-bless you, sir or madam! However, if that isn't possible, it would be great if the Hero of Brightwall could at least make a cameo, or at the very least be mentioned more than the Hero of Bowerstone was in Fable II. Perhaps, following up on Fable: Edge of the World, the Hero is gone in Samarkand, and you get to go there to investigate the new land eventually (after all, the more lands, the better, right?). Maybe you have to deal with Albion under the control of Reaver (also detailed at the end of Fable: Edge of the World). Perhaps we learn that one of the old Archons, who ruled, remember, a VERY CORRUPT Old Kingdom is angry that someone else united the Kingdom of Albion and you have to fight him off. This is a world where you could make all sorts of cool stories WITHOUT dialing back in time-Hell, I've seen a good number of them.

As for those clamoring for a game in the Old Kingdom-well, why shouldn't we have that as well??? After the (relative) success of Fable: The Journey and the incredible success of the franchise so far (Fable II sold 3.5 million, Fable III sold 5 million-more than titles like Assassin's Creed or Gears of War), it would be fiscally feasible for Microsoft to expand the franchise. That way, we can see how the story progresses in the mainline trilogy AND we could also go back in time to see those eras and experience those stories that you guys want to see. Make it a real Fable title, sort of like what Halo did with the spinoff Halo: Reach, you know, the same gamestyle, but don't make it part of the main trilogy. That way, all that generic fantasy stuff: Dragons, Trolls, etc.-you could still get that in the spinoff, while ALSO continuing the story of the Bloodline into Albion's future.

As for gameplay, I wouldn't even change it all that much. My brother and I spoke at length about it, and for the most part, we just want to see elements from Fable II and Fable III combined into a really incredible Fable IV. For example, bring back the EXP system of Fable II (you would edit it in the Sanctuary, rather than the impossibly boring and long procedure of going through a thousand menu screens, which makes it inconvenient for co-op, which Fable III KICKED ASS in), have a system where you can do both "far" (traditional Fable/Fable II style) and "close" (the more intimate Fable III style) interactions so that way you could do both...these are just a few ideas. 17:26, January 20, 2013 (UTC)

Fable 4: Prequel

I have loved the whole series since I first found Fable 2. I believe that a good place to make the next one would be to use the storyline that Theresa speaks of while Gabriel is collecting the powers. The story of Sol, Blaze and Stone and the Crawler, right before the end of the Old Kingdom. Also a good one would be the Heroes Guild and the corruption of it by Magdalena.

~ABundridge~—Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) . Please sign your posts with ~~~~


Something else that would be really cool is if they did a prequel (like Halo Reach from the Halo series) that really ties up loose ends, and you get to play just a little after or before William Black dies. The old kingdom in Fable canon has always really facinated me, and having Lionhead do a little more explanation in depth of that time in Fable history would be ridiculously cool. To me Fable three sucked whilst 1, lost chapters, and 2 were amazingly good. Moreover the reason (to me at least) is because they modernized fable which was a pretty bad decision on Lionhead's part. Therefore to see a modern or as some other wiki users have said before a "colonial" Fable would really suck, and would drive the entire Fable series further into the deep, dark, inescapable hole of modernization.—Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) . Please sign your posts with ~~~~

Like maeby garths long life of dragons burning his home [this is a dream] story of how he found out about reavers deal with the shadow triads seal and his life showing all of his life then his death from reaver headshooting him after fable 3 ends starting different countrys investigating after all the magic keeping him alive is released into abovin  coursing a war over magic with muilt-countres [one savige like skyrim, one moden unlocked later, abovin magic steampunk, one classic steampunk, your own kingdom endgame] great setting for a war in next game. 03:00, March 29, 2013 (UTC)

A Few Story Notes

NOTE: This has all been established through the various post Fable 3 novels and through various short stories.

Jack of Blades was not killed at the end of TLC, as the short story 'Fable: Jack of Blades' illustrates. He is in fact, alive, and was masquerading as a traveling scholar named Xiro. Where he's been in the between time is anyone's guess, though he seemed to be less actively pursuing the end of the world at last sighting. He could simply be waiting for the Archon's bloodline to die out before making his move.

The Hero of Brightwall is a captive in Samarkand, held prisoner by the Empress of Samarkand. Garth, Ben Finn, Kalin, and much of the Samarkandian resistance are attempting to free him.

Reaver is the de facto ruler of Albion, and is holding Queen Layla hostage and using her as a figurehead to further his own ends.

Page is currently working to get the Bowerstone Resistance going again to depose Reaver.

If Fable 4 follows the current developments, it's likely that either a new Hero will rise to rectify some or all of the above developments, or someone not from the bloodline, such as Gabriel, will be tasked with it. 03:26, April 18, 2013 (UTC)

There is no confirmation that Xiro is Jack of Blades. In fact if I recall a dev member from Lionhead confirmed that Jack of Blades is in fact dead.--Lycos Devanos Drop me a line 10:48, April 18, 2013 (UTC)

Fable 4 preferences.

From what I've seen and am hoping they do with fable IV is combine all of the features that stood out in prvious games. Starting with fable III; the graphics were great, the spell combinations were amazing but selection was still limited, and lastly the weapon changing upon personality was a little short and simple, but the concept is deifinitely worth developing. Fable 2; tons of items and dlc for character customization down to height and weight including the dog, tons of personalized items with stories behind them, changes to the land were gradual and drastic depending on the severity of what you've done, the dog was great and I'm happy that carried on, and earning money was simple and easy, granted a little to simple at times, and lastly it had a large collection of side questing. Fable I; Large in depth story, Massive amount of items and WEAPONS, Huge map, cheats for tomfoolery, interactive expressions, an awesome way to select spells while fighting, and I still think the first good and evil looks were best in one. —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) . Please sign your posts with ~~~~

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