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Fellow citizens of Albion,

I'm playing Fable III on PC for couple of weeks and somehow I'm looking into gaining all the achievements there are. I managed to get all local achievements, but still there are plenty of others requiring the cooperation of another Heroes (such as Mistpeak demon door, Fashion Victim etc.).

Once finished the game for the first time (prince), I started playing the game again as a princess. Now I would like to put these two together. On Xbox the co-op is pretty straightforward - just press the Start button on the controller (as far as I managed to google). But what about the PC version? I didn't find any menu item, that would resemble this.

And yes, I tried to join another player's world through LIVE, but there are so few players online, which makes me try this locally.

Is it possible to install the game on the second computer and play with both of my Heroes locally (with or without connecting to LIVE - dunno), since there are so few Heroes online?

OR is it possible to play co-op on one computer using the splitscreen or something? And no, I don't have an Xbox controller (but would purchase one should it help me play with both of my Heroes at once).

Thanks a lot for any suggestion! —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) . Please sign your posts with ~~~~

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