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Hello, bear with me as I am new to this forum. In Fable:Lost Chapters I have reached the point where you have to obtain a soul in the quest The Souls of Heroes. Since I beat Jack of Blades for the first time, my alignment meter has not changed at all from max good, despite the fact that I have been killing innocents and stealing willy-nilly. I also just killed Thunder and took his soul to clarify that the plus 100 evil points wouldn't have any actual affect on my alignment, and they didn't. I'm still getting the little devil icon and the plus however many evil points I'm supposed to be recieving, but my meter just isn't changing and I still have the butterflies and the halo above my head which I'm presuming are either from destroying Jack's sword or from being max good. I have been messing about in Fable Explorer recently, but as little as I know about editing the game.bin I doubt this has caused my problem as I have only been editing the hero appearance morph and all I've done is delete the blonde hair files and old aging effects. If for some reason this is meant to happen after choosing your path and destroying or taking Jack's sword, well, then I apologise for wasting your time. If anyone can tell me how this might be fixed or whether or not I should be reinstalling my game, it would be much appreciated.

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