Force Push Spell Gauntlet
Force Push
Weapon Information
Type Gauntlet
Damage See Base Damage
Base Value 40 Guild Seals
Acquisition Road to Rule Gate 7

The Force Push Spell Gauntlet is a gauntlet available in Fable III that can cast the Force Push spell. This will create a wave of pure energy that will push enemies away dealing a small amount of damage, which can be increased by throwing enemies into walls or other hard surfaces. It can be acquired from the seventh section of the Road to Rule, accessible after meeting with Page in the Bowerstone Resistance. It is a relatively weak spell compared with the others available, but makes a useful secondary spell for weaving.

Force Push and Shock complement each other nicely. It hits the enemy with a swirling ball of pure lightning and turns them into a conductor for the lightning that comes down from the sky. It also throws the enemy back and stuns them, which can allow for the build up of a higher level casting.

Description Edit

Force Push magically propels enemies away from you. Knock them into walls or off ledges for extra damage.

Base Damage Edit

Force Push Spell Damage[1]

Star Level 0 1 2 3 4 5
Charge Level 0 Aimed 4 5 6 7 13 18
Charge Level 0 Area-of-Effect 3 3 4 4 7 9
Charge Level 1 Aimed 26 17 22 27 47 66
Charge Level 1 Area-of-Effect 14 9 11 14 24 34
Charge Level 2 Aimed 69 50 30 38 65 91
Charge Level 2 Area-of-Effect 34 25 15 19 33 46
Charge Level 3 Aimed 156 125 80 55 94 135
Charge Level 3 Area-of-Effect 79 63 41 28 48 68
Charge Level 4 Aimed 311 217 184 127 148 208
Charge Level 4 Area-of-Effect 156 109 93 64 75 105

NOTES: This is based on the star level of the weapon. Does NOT factor in Magical Aura multiplier. Italicised figures are rounded to the nearest whole number. To see the exact figure, hover over the cell.

Notes Edit

  • Combining the Force Push Spell Gauntlet with the Fireball Spell Gauntlet will increase the knockback ability of both spells, sending foes that can be knocked back flying even farther.

References Edit

  1. Walsh, Doug and Epstein, Joe. (2010). Fable III Signature Series E-Guide. BradyGames. p. 310. ISBN-13: 978-0-7440-1302-3.

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