For the collectable Auroran Flowers in Fable III, see "Temple's Treasure".

Flowers are a type of gift in Fable II and Fable III. They can be presented to any one to gain their love for you.

Name Stars Description Poshness Romance Base Value
Fake Flowers 1star They may look real, but prolonged exposure to the cheap alchemical materials used to make these flowers can lead to death. -20.0% 22.5% 25
Cheap Flowers 2stars Liable to wilt in your hand as you give them to your beloved. -10% 22.5% 50
Freshly Picked Flowers 3stars They smell of spring, but probably won't last your loved one more than a few days. 0.0% 22.5% 100
Honey-scented Flowers 4stars These alchemically treated flowers smell so wonderfully whoever you give them to will swoon with delight. 10.0% 22.5% 200
Gilded Flowers 5stars Their natural floral beauty simply not being good enough, this bouquet of roses has been gilded with 14-carat invisible gold. Your love interest's eyes are sure to glaze over with cupidity and avarice. 20.0% 22.5% 400

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