Type Food
Effects Restores health and adds fat points
Source General goods stores
Fishing with a rod

A Fish is a type of food in Fable, Fable: The Lost Chapters and Fable II. It can restore some of your health and make you fatter.

Fable and TLC Edit

"Freshly caught" fish can be bought from traders in shops or on the road.

There is also a fish that can be caught using a Fishing Rod: the Moonfish. They are measured in inches and the bigger the fish, the more it's worth.

In Fable TLC, there is a Fishing Competition quest during which you must try to catch the biggest fish for prizes.

Fish can be mounted in house like trophies; to do so stand in front of the mount so it is highlighted and use the fish from the D-Pad inventory menu.

Fable II Edit

In Fable II, there is a wider range of fish available. They can raise your Will Experience and reduce your Purity, however, unlike other meat, it will not make you fatter.

Name Stars Description Healing Points Purity Will Exp. Base Value
Rancid Anchovy 1star You could use it as bait if only other fish were dumb enough to find it appetizing. 20 -15.0 0.0 7
Dubious Whitefish 2stars Anyone can fight Balverines. The truly adventurous scrimp on seafood. 40 -10.0 5 13
Westcliff Cod 3stars Caught off the coast of Westcliff where its bountiful presence should ensure it never goes extinct. 80 -7.0 25 26
Fresh Salmon 4stars Improves your Will and instills in you an inexplicable desire to swim upstream. 160 -5.0 125 61
Magnificent Tuna 5stars Caught exclusively by wizened old men, this dish tastes of epic struggle. Delicious, delicious struggle. 320 -1.0 625 172

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