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Species Wisp (formerly Human)
Gender Male
Home The Forge of Fire (Location)
Relationships Bob (Fellow Wisp)
First Appearance Fable: The Journey
Last Appearance Fable: The Journey
Status Alive

Finley is a character in Fable: The Journey. He is a wisp and guardian of The Forge of Fire.

A former member of the Enlightened, Finley was forced to join Bob in watching over the Forge of Fire, a temple built in the Edgelands of Albion to house the Willstone of Blaze, one of the greatest of the Three Heroes of the Old Kingdom before his death at the hands of the Crawler.

Predictably, the centuries of isolation, combined with Bob's penchant for chatty conversation and games of I Spy made Finley relatively bitter over his eternal duty. However, fifty years after the defeat of the returned Crawler, Finley was finally able to perform his duty when the Dweller known as Gabriel arrived at the behest of Theresa, who sought the Willstone in an attempt to defeat The Corruptor. Although Finley was much more willing to leave Gabriel to his own devices when it came to solving the puzzles, the laziness of the two Wisps, combined with Bob's overenthusiastic nature, allowed Gabriel to solve many of the riddles and press on. While this initially irritated Finley, he revealed at the end that ultimately, he was simply happy to have someone to talk to who was not Bob. After Gabriel destroyed the infestment of Rockmites and Balverines that Bob and Finley did absolutely nothing to deal with, the Dweller bid the duo a fond farewell, and the temple was left silent once more.


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