Fallen Fen
Region of the Edgelands
Hollow Army Journey
Location Information
Featured in Fable: The Journey
Related Quests The Fallen Fen
Enemies Hollow Men
NPCs Tibbles
Ghost soldiers
Exits Miremoor
Sable's Crossing

Fallen Fen is a rocky wetland region in the southern Edgelands, located southwest of Miremoor and south of Thorndeep. The fen is crossed during Fable: The Journey.

Stonehaven Edit

Stonehaven is an old fort located in the Fallen Fen, once home to a garrison of the Albion Royal Army. Their presence and the beacon of light they used ensured that the crossing of the fen was relatively easy. Unfortunately, the beacon was mysteriously extingushed, allowing the legions of hollow men found in the Fen a chance to come out, making travel through the area exceptionally difficult. The ghosts of the soldiers were cursed to maintain watch over the Fen, repeating the night of their failure for eternity.

Fable: The Journey Edit

WARNING: This section or article may contain spoilers!

Hollow Castle Journey
When crossing the Fallen Fen in an attempt to take a shortcut to Sable's Crossing and the River Ironwash, Gabriel explored Stonehaven and relit the beacon, banishing the hollow men and allowing the ghosts a chance to enjoy their eternal rest.

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