Fable Trilogy
Fable trilogy
Type Game Bundle App
Developer Lionhead Studios
Publisher Microsoft Studios
Platform Xbox 360 (XBL Marketplace)
Release Date 7 February 2014

Fable Trilogy is a game bundle app created by Lionhead Studios which is available on the Xbox Live Marketplace. The bundle includes full versions of the Xbox 360 releases of the three main games in the Fable series: Fable Anniversary, Fable II and Fable III, at a discounted price over separate purchases. These are identical to the individual games already available on the Marketplace, and do not include any DLC.

Once purchased, the games must be downloaded from within the app, as you will be charged again if you attempt to download them directly from the Marketplace. If you already own one of the games, you will not receive a refund or discount for that game by purchasing this bundle. Downloading this app and all three games requires 16.9 GB hard drive space.

Marketplace UKMarketplace US

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