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Trading in Fable is a simple affair once you understand the mechanics.

For a given item, regardless of your Guile level, you should aim to purchase items at no more than 60% of their base value and sell them at no less than that level. Armour and weapons are rarely a good item to trade as there are never enough of them in stock to be profitable. Guile will improve the cost and get you more profit, however, it is only about 3.5% per level. This will help most on higher priced items, but be near 0 on low cost items. It is always good to improve Guile, however, for trading purposes it is better done mid-game as early on you won't have much gold to buy with and not a lot of locations to trade between.


An Apple Pie should be purchased if its cost is 9 or less. It should be sold if its cost is more than 9. Apple pies should not be sold if the cost is 9, only above 9.

Trading TableEdit

Item Name Base Cost Buy/Sell Cost Potential Profit
Apple Pie 15 9 6
Beer Keg 46 28 18
Black Rose 300 180 120
Carrot 6 4 2
Chocolates 10 6 4
Cider Crate 52 31 21
Cooking Apple 300 180 120
Crunchy Chick 35 21 14
Diamond 800 480 320
Doll of You 250 150 100
Elixir of Life 2600 1560 1040
Emerald 700 420 280
Eyes of a Killer 200 120 80
Fake Wedding Ring 200 120 80
Fish 12 7 5
Fish 18 11 7
Fishing Rod 50 30 20
Flour Sack 35 21 14
Golden Carrot 160 96 64
Grain Sack 25 15 10
Green Apple 4 2 2
Health Potion 80 48 32
Jet 450 270 180
Making Friends 200 120 80
Moonfish 160 96 64
Perfume 120 72 48
Red Meat 14 8 6
Red Rose 20 12 8
Resurrection Phial 500 300 200
Ruby 600 360 240
Sapphire 550 330 220
Spade 200 120 80
The Sock Method 200 120 80
The Ugly Guide 200 120 80
Thunder Doll 200 120 80
Tofu 40 24 16
Wedding Ring 900 540 360
Will Potion 70 42 28
Windbreaker Rule Book 200 120 80
You Are Not a Bad Person 200 120 80

Selling ItemsEdit

When selling items you have three choices, sell to the nearest vendor, seek out a wandering trader to sell to, or sell to a tavern. Selling to a tavern has the advantage of "Sell All". The selling price won't change so you'll always profit. This has the disadvantage of a lower selling point, so an item you could sell for a higher value at a vendor will sell for less at a tavern owner. Conversely, selling at a vendor can increase your profit margin as they can have a higher selling price, but the price changes as you sell items to them so you have to monitor each sale. Wandering traders can have an even higher selling price than vendors, but must be tracked down. Time wise it is often best to sell as much as you can to a tavern owner at the lower price.

Profit vs Time SpentEdit

Unfortunately, while Fable's trading system is more dynamic than most RPGs, it does have one major disadvantage. That is that it is often faster for players to play the tavern games for profit, specifically the memory card game.

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