Fable II Game of the Year Edition
Type Action Role Playing Game
Developer Lionhead Studios
Publisher Microsoft Game Studios
Platform Xbox 360
Release Date NA: 5 January 2010
EU: 7 September 2009

Fable II Game of the Year Edition is a version of Fable II. It has both downloadable content packs included, Knothole Island and See the Future, hence the writing on the top right hand corner of the box, "More Quests! More Locations! More Choices!"

Differences from Fable II Edit

The major difference from the original Fable II is that it has the downloadable content included on the game disc. This means that you do not need Xbox Live to get the Premium versions of the Knothole Island and See The Future quests and content. It is also the same price as the original game meaning that it saves you money too. It can be included in online orders of the Xbox 360 as one of the games available in some bundle packs.

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