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Fable II Downloadable Content or Fable II DLC is extra content released by Lionhead Studios for Fable II through Xbox Live.

Delivery Edit

Purchase Edit

Downloadable Content is delivered using the “Xbox Live Marketplace” that is included with any Xbox 360 gaming system. The original Xbox had a similar system, but was not as widely used. Content purchased via “Microsoft Points” which in turn, purchased using money. 80 Microsoft points is roughly US$1 (Depending on Location). Points are redeemed and are credited towards the users Gamertag, where they can be spent on anything. Microsoft Points can be purchased via Credit Card, or by purchasing a special card that includes a redeemable code.

Download Edit

Due to Fable II's co-op mechanic, Lionhead Studios decided to release Knothole Island and See the Future as free, and paid download.

Free Edition Edit

The free download will allow you to acquire a few items from the Knothole Island download. These are available from Gordon in the Bowerstone Market. The free download will also allow you to complete the entirety of the Knothole Island and See the Future downloads only as a Henchman, but you do not receive the DLC achievements. This means that you will not be able to keep any of the acquired items, and you will only be able to play it with someone who has purchased the Premium packs. An Xbox Live Gold subscription is required to download the free edition.

Premium Edition Edit

The Premium pack allows for the full set of features, achievements, and items. For Knothole Island, this allowed the player to go to the island alone and complete all the quests. This also allowed the player to bring another player along, so long as they have either the Premium Edition or the Free Edition. The Knothole Island Premium Edition is available for 800 Microsoft Points. See the Future also has a Premium Edition, which costs 560 Microsoft Points, which is equivalent to £4.67 or $7.00. An Xbox Live Silver subscription is required to download the premium edition.

Downloadable Content Edit

The released DLC for Fable II includes:

Name Edition Cost (Microsoft Points) Equivalent GBP Equivalent USD LIVE Membership Release Date Size (MB)
Knothole Island Free 0 0 0 Gold 13 Jan 2009 532
Knothole Island Premium 800 6.67 10.00 Silver 13 Jan 2009 532
See the Future Free 0 0 0 Gold 19 May 2009 484
See the Future Premium 560 4.67 7.00 Silver 12 May 2009 484

Note that Fable II Pub Games is not a DLC for Fable II. Rather, it is a stand-alone Xbox Live Arcade title tied to Fable II with item transfers.

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