This is a list of the Legendary Weapon Locations for Fable III. The weapons found at these locations are mostly random, so there is no one place to find a particular weapon. Only a few weapons such as the Bonesmasher or the Tenderiser are always found in the same place. Some listed weapons will not appear in any of these locations in any one game, and they must instead be traded via Xbox and GFW Live.

Each location draws a weapon from a certain list based on their rarity rating. However, glitches have been known to affect this (albeit rarely).

Weapon Shops

Up to 12 of the 24 available common weapons can be found in the main towns' weapon shops, four in each:
In addition, the following location contains the same common weapon in every playthrough:

Random Locations

7 of the 14 available uncommon weapons can be found in the following locations:

Rare Locations

3 of the 8 available rare weapons can be found in the following locations:
In addition, the following two locations will contain the same rare weapon in every playthrough:

Relic Locations

Two of the four relic weapons are assigned to your profile. They can be found in the following locations:
  • Bowerstone CastleSilver Chest (50)
  • Sanctuary Treasury – In the chest with the riddle "You must climb a mountain of gold then lose it all to know me." This is at the bottom of the gold pile. See here for how to open it.
You'll always get the same weapon from these that you got on your first playthrough.

Notes Edit

Glitches Edit

  • Sometimes any weapon may appear in a shop or random location.
  • Sometimes a random weapon may appear in a rare location.
  • Sometimes the same weapon may turn up in two places; this often applies to shop and random weapons, but has also happened (rarely) to relics, where the Treasury and the 50 Key chest have held the same weapon.

Please see this page for an investigation into which weapons appear in each location.

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