This is a list of Unseen Locations that appear on the map in Fable: The Journey.

Able's Halt Edit

Able's Halt is a campsite north of Kerr's Halt on the Albion Way in the Edgelands.

Caitlan's Halt Edit

Caitlan's Halt is a campsite in the southern part of Shalefields. To the south of the village is an unnamed fort.

Finn's Halt Edit

Finn's Halt is a rest stop near the coast south-east of Echo Hills. Directly across the bay to the south is Oakfield.

Grey Sea Edit

The Grey Sea is the body of water directly to the west of the Edgelands.

Hulkrest Edit

Hulkrest is a village on the western coast of Shalefields in northern Albion.

Kraken's Snout Edit

Kraken's Snout is a headland in the south-west of the Edgelands. It's counterpart, Kraken's Jaw, is a beach in northern Albion.

Mare's Teeth Hills Edit

The Mare's Teeth Hills are located between Fairwood and Thorndeep in the Edgelands. The Spirit Chambers are located within.

Naperidge Edit

Naperidge is a range of hills in the eastern Edgelands beyond Miremoor. The region also marks the eastern border of the Edgelands.

Shalefields Edit

Shalefields is a location found just south of the Edgelands in northern Albion. The Ironwash River and Reaver's Reach serve as the border between the two locations.

Shalefields is the destination for Katlan's Dweller tribe in their annual migration south.

North of Shalefields, below Reaver's Reach, runs Deepgorge, a channel cut by the River Ironwash that is run by Reaver Industries from the industrial town of Bastion.

Southalt Edit

Southalt is a campsite in the Mistpeak mountains, located south of Brightwall.

The Stumbles Edit

The Stumbles is a coastal region south of Shalefields in northern Albion.

Tumbledown Edit

Tumbledown is a coastal region in the western Edgelands. The Albion Way runs on the cliffside above.

Wreekdrift Edit

Wreekdrift is the body of water surrounding the Tattered Spire, found to the west of Albion.

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