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Eyes of a Killer
Type Book
Source Bowerstone South
Related Quests Book Collection
Base value 200

Eyes of a Killer is a book in Fable, Fable: TLC, and Fable Anniversary. It can be stolen from a bookshelf in a home in Bowerstone South.

This is one of six books which can be donated in Snowspire Village.

Contents of BookEdit

This handbook gives some tips on making yourself scarier to other people. Performing acts of great evil, have certain tattoos applied to your body and mastering a really nasty laugh are all considered winners.

Book CollectionEdit

In Fable: TLC and Fable Anniversary, this book can be donated to the school in Bowerstone South as part of the quest Book Collection. Once donated, Mr. Gout, the headmaster, will teach a lesson on the book, with the Hero's assistance:

Mr. Gout: Now, I really hope none of you follow the teachings of this book, but nevertheless you should learn to recognise the signs of evil. There are many ways a person can instill fear in others, such as covering one's body in tattoos and wearing dark clothes. But a truly scary person is able to express his evilness through actions alone. Let's see how this works. Hero, would you regale us with an evil sneer perhaps?

Hero: <Performs Evil Sneer expression>

Mr. Gout: Yes.. er... very effective. Now according to this book, you can also make yourself scary by performing terrible crimes such as... um... killing innocents. But... ah... I think we'll leave that chapter for another day. Now then class, let's all say thank you to the nice Hero.

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