Explorer outfit

The Explorer Outfit is a set of clothing in Fable II.


The intrepid explorers who have ventured beyond the lands of Albion have traditionally favored this outfit. Nobody knows how useful it is to the trade, since few of them come back alive.

Coat: Explorer Coat (Unavailable, see notes)

  • Stars: 3stars
  • Attractiveness: 5.0%
  • Base Value : 240

Upper Body: Explorer Shirt

  • Stars: 3stars
  • Base Value: 180

Lower Body: Explorer Trousers

  • Stars: 3stars
  • Base Value : 120

Feet: Explorer Boots

  • Stars: 3stars
  • Base Value: 60


  • The Explorer Coat has been removed but can be found under another name Highroller's Coat and can be obtained from the Fable II Pub Games by beating the three star gambler rating Fortune's Tower Tournament.
  • All items here with the exception of the Explorer Coat can be found at Bowerstone Market.

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