Ethan Kreel
Species Human
Gender Male
First Appearance Fable: The Balverine Order
Last Appearance Fable: The Balverine Order
Status Deceased

Ethan Kreel is a character in Fable: The Balverine Order. He is first mentioned by Robert Mullins when he tells Thomas and James that he is the one to talk to if it is balverines they seek. Upon arriving in Sutcliff, James gets his coin purse stolen by a cutpurse. After a chase, Thomas, James and Poxy corner the thief and a struggle ensues. The law is brought in on the situation and starts questioning it.

The thief tries to proclaim her innocence by blaming the boys for accosting her, but soon after, she is determined to be the criminal. After the Sergeant attempts to cut her right hand off as punishment, Thomas intervenes. A duel breaks out while James is just an onlooker.

However, a guard threatens Poxy and James is instantly in on the situation. He immediately takes control of the situation and afterwards, the three end up in prison. During their trial, it is revealed that the thief is someone of importance and in turn, the Sergeant is shot and killed for his actions. She is freed while the boys are sent back to their cell. Later, a powerful looking man enters their section and reveals himself as Laird Ethan Kreel. The thief is brought in to thank them for saving her hand. She is revealed to be Ethan's daughter, Sabrina.

Ethan takes them to his mansion, which is more like a castle, and gives the boys a room. He is happy they have agreed to go on a Balverine hunt. After giving them fancier clothes, he invites them down to dinner with his guests, who will also tag along for the incursion.

WARNING: This section or article may contain spoilers!

While in the woods, it is revealed that Ethan Kreel is in fact a white balverine and a member of The Balverine Order. The goal of the Order is to capture and turn influential and wealthy people into "special" balverines, who are able to turn at will and retain most of their mental abilities. Their ultimate goal is to spread the balverine hunting grounds and get them out of hiding from humans, who love nothing more than to slay balverines. The captured Thomas and James are then taken to the Balverine Temple, where the other balverines, including Lugaru, are preparing the ritual to turn the duo into balverines.

After a narrow escape and with the help of Quentin Locke they attain the legendary weapons of the Heroes of Strength, Skill and Will.

After their return to the temple to save the remaining prisoners, James gets mortally wounded. Luckily for him, Kreel comes to him to finish the job. Because he now has the power of the Hero of Will, he uses Drain Life on Kreel, causing his wound to heal, and Kreel to die.

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