Elijah Stane
Species Human
Gender Male
Home Ravenbeak
First Appearance Fable: Theresa
Last Appearance Fable: Theresa
Status Deceased

Elijah Stane is a character in Fable: Theresa. He is a former Hero turned drunk, residing the streets of Ravenbeak while contemplating his failure as a Hero before agreeing to join Theresa as a traveling companion and protector.


Born with the abilities of a Hero, the young, idealistic Elijah Stane offered his abilities as a sellsword, protecting those that traversed the dangerous roads throughout Albion before donating the majority of his funds to various charities and the like. One such early job came from a Bowerstone merchant who had fallen on hard times to protect his daughter, Gretta, who had, fortunately enough, caught the eye of another merchant who was far more well-to-do. While escorting Gretta, the pair were set upon by a number of Hollow Men. Unfortunately, Gretta was killed during the conflict.

Ashamed at failing his job, Elijah moved to the town of Ravenbeak where he resided on the streets as a drunkard. There, the former adventurer met the seer Theresa, who had made it her mission to attempt to find a cure for second sight in order to save Anne, a little local girl and a fellow seer whose visions were destroying her young mind. Although drunk and ashamed, Elijah finally capitulated to Theresa's request, resolving to have one last great adventure in an attempt to redeem himself.

Venturing in the Ravenwing Mountains, Elijah Stane and Theresa eventually encounter the mythical Will user Raven, whose mastery of that great power ascribed him legendary status. Knowledgeable of the cure for the second sight that was used by Theresa, but consuming the young Anne, Raven made a dark deal with Theresa; seeing as he fed on grief and misery for the source of his power, the seer could have the cure and save the child, but only if she was willing to let Elijah go to his death. Though Theresa wrestles with the moral ramification of the decision, Elijah charges the nearby swarm of Rockmites, proudly affirming that his sacrifice through Theresa's decision was the right call to make.

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