Echo Hills
Region of Albion
FableTheJourney E32012 03 Hills
Location Information
Featured in Fable: The Journey
Related Quests On Familiar Ground
Enemies Hobbes
Corrupted Balverines
NPCs Katlan
Exits Whitespire Mountains

Echo Hills is a region in northern Albion that is traversed in Fable: The Journey. Before the construction of Reaver's Reach, Echo Hills was situated along a major trade route into Albion from the north, but it has recently become a retreat for the more well-off inhabitants of the country.

North of the region, the Whitespire Mountains extend to the Ironwash River and the Edgelands. To the west lie Shalefields and Deepgorge, while the main road continues to the south-east around The Stumbles towards Oakfield.

Katlan's Halt Edit

Katlan's Halt is a campsite in the middle of Echo Hills, situated beside a cluster of Old Kingdom ruins. The small field contains a water trough, an apple tree, and a ruined tower.

Deepgorge Tunnels Edit

The Deepgorge Tunnels are a system of caves which pass through the hill range in the north-west of the region. They link the tranquil lands of Echo Hills to the industrial mines of Deepgorge.

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