Dye Hippie, Dye
Achievement icon Achievement Information
Gamerscore 5 Gamerscore
Description Dye each part of an outfit you're wearing a different colour and have long hair.

Dye Hippie, Dye is an achievement you can get in Fable III.


  • Unlock a Dye Pack chest on the Road to Rule.
  • Own at least 1 "long" hair style.
  • Apply the hair and an outfit in the dressing room.
  • Dye each article with a different colour dye.(Upper Body,Lower Body,Feet, and Hands or Head depending on outfit)

The Achievement award will unlock right there as you are standing next to the dye cabinet.


  • A player particularly into customization can acquire this achievement by accident.
  • This achievement is believed to be a reference to the South Park episode, "Die Hippie, Die."

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