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A Dweller refers to an inhabitant of the Dweller Camp in Mistpeak. They were the autonomous owners of the Mistpeak lands until Logan started exploiting the resources there, claiming the land and forcing the Dwellers to live in the coldest and most unhospitable areas. An extremely nomadic and strong people, the Dwellers are also very wary of outsiders, such as when they initially meet the Hero of Brightwall. Trying to recruit the Dwellers into their army, the Hero runs into opposition in the form of the Dweller King, Sabine, who sees no reason to trust Logan's sibling. Seeing an opportunity to improve the welfare of his people and get revenge on King Logan, Sabine tasks the Hero with three challenges: proving their worth as a Hero by retrieving the Music Box in the Reliquary, permanently ending the mercenary attacks by getting rid of their leader, Captain Saker, and getting them more food and supplies. Once the Hero accomplishes all these tasks, the Dwellers completely set aside their initial mistrust and pledge themselves to the revolution, serving as frontline soldiers during the Battle for Albion and installing the Hero as Monarch. Once he/she ascends to the monarchy, the Dwellers only ask one more boon of the Hero – a formal recognition of their ownership of Mistpeak and protection of their right to dwell within the mountains. However, like any promise, the decision is up to the Hero.

Fifty years after Fable III, the Dwellers still exist, appearing in a primary role in Fable: The Journey. Tribes of Dwellers roam the wild northern reaches of Albion and the Edgelands, and their passing helped to bolster the economies of the many small towns and villages that scattered the land. However, like many of the native inhabitants, the Dwellers have deemed the Edgelands too dangerous in recent times, fleeing over the Ironwash River back to Albion. Katlan's tribe, the one that Gabriel belongs to, is among them.


  • "Dwell" is an Middle to Old English word meaning "To live or stay as a permanent resident".
  • They are also like the Gypsies from Fable II, in that they live in caravans away from civilization. Griffith Smith of the Albion Historical Restoration Society also refers to the old Gypsy Camp in Millfields as the "old Dweller camp", hinting that the two groups are related.
  • Gabriel, the protagonist of the title Fable: The Journey, is a dweller.
  • Their design was also strongly influenced by Cossacks.


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