Duke of Southcliff
Duke of Southcliff
Species White Balverine (in human form)
Gender Male
Home Southcliff Castle
Enemies Hero of Southcliff
First Appearance A Hero's Tale
Last Appearance A Hero's Tale
Status Alive (if spared)
Deceased (if killed)
The Duke of Southcliff was the ruler of Southcliff. He lived in Southcliff's Castle and is the primary antagonist of A Hero's Tale. He was actually a White Balverine in human form. As a Balverine, he killed the Hero of Southcliff's parents and later kidnapped his wife. The Hero chases the white balverine after he kidnaps the hero's wife, fights him in a climactic battle at his castle, and defeats him. The Duke reverts back to human form, claiming that his curse has been lifted. The Hero of Southcliff either kills him, (evil decision) or spares his life (good decision). Either way, he is removed from power, thus the individual is granted the title of Hero, for overthrowing a Dictator.

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