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Anni Icon Drain Life

Drain Life is a Surround spell from Fable, Fable: The Lost Chapters, and Fable Anniversary.


A singularly unpleasant spell, Drain Life allows the caster to heal himself by sapping the life force of his enemies. Higher levels drain more from the victim with each use. Only the evil can master this Spell.


Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4
Cost 2800 6750 16500 44000
Damage 20 40 60 80


  • Since you cannot use other attacks while draining life, it is recommended that you only use Drain Life when there is one enemy left or if you have first used the Summon spell.
  • Can only be mastered by Evil characters; the Good alternative to this spell is Heal Life.
  • It can be a good alternative to the Heal or Physical Shield spells as it an extremely cheap spell mana wise. At higher levels, 4-5 uses can heal a considerable amount of health, and about 10 uses at level 4 can heal you almost completely while also harming the enemy and costing very little mana, the only downside is that you must wait for the "health orbs" to reach you and running around makes them have to travel longer before reaching and healing you.

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