Dog Treat
Type Miscellaneous
Effects Heals dog and increases his happiness.

+1 Purity

Source General Goods Stores
Base value 20 gold
Stars 3stars

A Dog Treat is a bone-shaped snack for your dog in Fable II. A treat will heal your dog when he is injured and cheer him up when he is scared. Additionally, your Hero will receive a purity point for each treat given to the dog.

Description Edit

These tender, juicy morsels contain rare seasonings with taste frequencies too high for human tongues.

Acquisition Edit

Dog Treats can be purchased from General Goods Stores or found in chests and dig spots across Albion. The general goods store in Bowerstone Market, Bowerstone's Big Pile of Stuff, usually has dog treats in stock.

Usage Edit

To give your dog a treat, select the appropriate expression from the Dog category of the expression menu or press the corresponding button on the D-Pad when he is near.

When your dog is scared or injured he will cower or limp and will not be able to locate treasure or participate in combat. Treats can be used to calm or heal him so that he can find treasure and fight alongside the Hero once more.

Alternatively, the Praise Dog expression will cheer him up, but it does not have a healing effect.

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