The Divinity Gems is a collective name for the three most precious gems in all of Albion during the time period in which Fable II takes place. The Hero is able to obtain each of these precious items through their travels of Albion. The three gems are believed to be the Diamond of Sorrow, the Stone of Myr'Bregothil and the Archon's Dream. Oddly enough, only the Archon's Dream is explicitly stated as being a Divinity Gem. Due to their rarity and divinity, these gems sell for huge sums of gold.

These gems have a history that dates back to the time of the Old Kingdom. After the destruction of the Old Kingdom, the gems were scattered throughout Albion. Though they have often been dismissed as nothing more than mere legends, thousands have devoted their lives to finding them.

Trivia Edit

  • All Divinity Gems share the same in-game image as other less valuable gems.
  • Even if you give the Stone of Myr'Bregothil back to the Hollow Man in the Shelley Crypt, it will remain in your inventory. It will be as if you gave it to him, as you'll get the good ending and the good points, but you still keep the stone, which you can then sell.

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