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Anni Icon Divine Fury

Divine Fury is an Attack spell in Fable: The Lost Chapters, and Fable Anniversary, that is Infernal Wrath's 'Good' counterpart. This top-notch 'Good' spell creates a bright circle around the user. After a 2-3 second charge time, heavenly pillars will fall and do massive damage to any enemy in the target area. Upgrading increases area and power.


Fighting undead divine fury

This tremendously powerful spell channels the fury of the gods, drawing huge pillars of energy from the sky and striking all within a wide radius where they stand. Higher levels increase the damage inflicted.

You can't be a true Good mage in Fable: TLC unless you have Divine Fury. Perfect against multiple slow enemies like the Undead.


Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4
Cost 4000 9000 25000 66000
Damage 10 20 201 201
  1. Ranks beyond 2 will increase the frequency of hits instead of damage.


Time Fury
  • This spell hits for the listed damage multiple times.
  • Being 'good' will reduce the cost of this spell; being 'evil' will increase it.
  • If the 2-3 second charge time isn't enough time for you, you can use Slow Time in combination with Divine Fury.
  • Buy it with your experience as soon as you can so you can level it up faster and earlier.
  • Decide what type of mage you want to be (good or evil) and choose between this or Infernal Wrath.

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